variant of 櫂|棹

to wash; to cleanse of evil

strokes 17
strokes after radical 14
祓濯 祓濯 fu2 zhuo2
to cleanse; to purify

灌濯 灌濯 guan4 zhuo2
to wash; to rinse

浣濯 浣濯 huan4 zhuo2
to wash; to rinse

牛山濯濯 牛山濯濯 niu2 shan1 zhuo2 zhuo2
treeless hills (idiom)

童山濯濯 童山濯濯 tong2 shan1 zhuo2 zhuo2
treeless hill; (fig.) bald head

洗濯 洗濯 xi3 zhuo2
to wash; to cleanse; to launder

濯盥 濯盥 zhuo2 guan4
to wash oneself

濯锦以鱼 濯錦以魚 zhuo2 jin3 yi3 yu2
to make the ugly beautiful (idiom)

濯身 濯身 zhuo2 shen1
to keep oneself clean (figurative)

濯濯 濯濯 zhuo2 zhuo2
bare and bald (of mountains); bright and brilliant; fat and sleek

濯足 濯足 zhuo2 zu2
to wash one's feet