swelling water

strokes 20
strokes after radical 17
波澜 波瀾 bo1 lan2
billows; great waves (fig. of a story with great momentum)

波澜老成 波瀾老成 bo1 lan2 lao3 cheng2
splendid and powerful (of story); majestic; awesome

波澜起伏 波瀾起伏 bo1 lan2 qi3 fu2
one climax follows another (of thrilling story)

波澜壮阔 波瀾壯闊 bo1 lan2 zhuang4 kuo4
surging forward with great momentum; unfolding on a magnificent scale

观澜湖 觀瀾湖 guan1 lan2 hu2
Mission Hills Group (Chinese hospitality, sports and leisure company)

澜沧江 瀾滄江 lan2 cang1 jiang1
Lancang River of Qinghai and Yunnan, the upper reaches of Mekong River 湄公河 of Southeast Asia

澜沧拉祜族自治县 瀾滄拉祜族自治縣 lan2 cang1 la1 hu4 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Lancang Lahuzu Autonomous County in Pu'er 普洱, Yunnan

澜沧县 瀾滄縣 lan2 cang1 xian4
Lancang Lahuzu autonomous county in Pu'er 普洱, Yunnan

力挽狂澜 力挽狂瀾 li4 wan3 kuang2 lan2
to pull strongly against a crazy tide (idiom); fig. to try hard to save a desperate crisis

推波助澜 推波助瀾 tui1 bo1 zhu4 lan2
to push the wave and add to the billows (idiom); to add momentum; to encourage sth to get bigger; to add fuel to the fire

杨澜 楊瀾 yang2 lan2
Yang Lan (1968-), Chinese media proprietor, journalist, and talk show hostess