to irrigate; to pour; to install (software); to record (music)

strokes 20
strokes after radical 18
春灌 春灌 chun1 guan4
spring irrigation

戳心灌髓 戳心灌髓 chuo1 xin1 guan4 sui3

倒灌 倒灌 dao4 guan4
to flow backwards (of water, because of flood, tide, wind etc); reverse flow; to back up (sewage)

滴灌 滴灌 di1 guan4
drip irrigation; to irrigate by drip feed

地面灌溉 地面灌溉 di4 mian4 guan4 gai4
surface irrigation

电灌站 電灌站 dian4 guan4 zhan4
electric pumping station in irrigation system

灌肠 灌腸 guan4 chang2
enema; to give an enema

灌肠 灌腸 guan4 chang5
sausage with a starchy filling

灌丛 灌叢 guan4 cong2
scrub; shrubland; undergrowth

灌溉 灌溉 guan4 gai4
to irrigate

灌溉渠 灌溉渠 guan4 gai4 qu2
irrigation channel

灌浆 灌漿 guan4 jiang1
grouting; (of grain) to be in the milk; to form a vesicle (medicine)

灌酒 灌酒 guan4 jiu3
to force sb to drink alcohol

灌篮 灌籃 guan4 lan2
slam dunk

灌录 灌錄 guan4 lu4
to record (audio)

灌米汤 灌米湯 guan4 mi3 tang1
to flatter; to butter sb up

灌木 灌木 guan4 mu4
bush; shrub

灌木丛 灌木叢 guan4 mu4 cong2
shrub; shrubbery

灌木林 灌木林 guan4 mu4 lin2
shrubbery; low wood

灌南 灌南 guan4 nan2
Guannan county in Lianyungang 連雲港|连云港, Jiangsu

灌南县 灌南縣 guan4 nan2 xian4
Guannan county in Lianyungang 連雲港|连云港, Jiangsu

灌铅 灌鉛 guan4 qian1
to weight sth with lead; (of a die) loaded; to pour molten lead into the mouth (as a punishment)

灌区 灌區 guan4 qu1
area under irrigation

灌渠 灌渠 guan4 qu2
irrigation channel

灌输 灌輸 guan4 shu1
to imbue with; to inculcate; to instill into; to teach; to impart; to channel water to another place

灌水 灌水 guan4 shui3
to irrigate; to pour water into; to inject water into meat to increase its weight (plumping); to cook the books; to post low-value messages (small talk etc) on Internet forums

灌阳 灌陽 guan4 yang2
Guanyang county in Guilin 桂林, Guangxi

灌阳县 灌陽縣 guan4 yang2 xian4
Guanyang county in Guilin 桂林, Guangxi

灌云 灌雲 guan4 yun2
Guanyun county in Lianyungang 連雲港|连云港, Jiangsu

灌云县 灌雲縣 guan4 yun2 xian4
Guanyun county in Lianyungang 連雲港|连云港, Jiangsu

灌站 灌站 guan4 zhan4
pumping station in irrigation system

灌注 灌注 guan4 zhu4
to pour into; perfusion (med.); to concentrate one's attention on; to teach; to inculcate; to instill

灌濯 灌濯 guan4 zhuo2
to wash; to rinse

灌醉 灌醉 guan4 zui4
to fuddle; to befuddle; to inebriate; to get someone drunk

海水倒灌 海水倒灌 hai3 shui3 dao4 guan4
saltwater intrusion

红灌木茶 紅灌木茶 hong2 guan4 mu4 cha2
rooibos tea

浇灌 澆灌 jiao1 guan4
to water; to irrigate

满堂灌 滿堂灌 man3 tang2 guan4
cramming (as a teaching method); rote learning

秋灌 秋灌 qiu1 guan4
autumn irrigation

全神灌注 全神灌注 quan2 shen2 guan4 zhu4
variant of 全神貫注|全神贯注

醍醐灌顶 醍醐灌頂 ti2 hu2 guan4 ding3
lit. to anoint your head with the purest cream (idiom); fig. to enlighten people with perfect wisdom; flawless Buddhist teaching

沃灌 沃灌 wo4 guan4
to irrigate; to wash with water

淹灌 淹灌 yan1 guan4
basin irrigation (e.g. paddy fields)

硬灌 硬灌 ying4 guan4
to force feed

淤灌 淤灌 yu1 guan4
to warp (fertilize land by flooding)