to crawl; to climb; to get up or sit up

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
草爬子 草爬子 cao3 pa2 zi5
tick (zoology)

吃里爬外 吃裡爬外 chi1 li3 pa2 wai4
to work against the interests of sb one derives support from; to double-cross one's employer; to bite the hand that feeds you

跌跌爬爬 跌跌爬爬 die1 die1 pa2 pa2
stumbling along

狗爬式 狗爬式 gou3 pa2 shi4
dog paddle (swimming style)

横爬行 橫爬行 heng2 pa2 xing2
to walk sideways; crab-wise

连滚带爬 連滾帶爬 lian2 gun3 dai4 pa2
rolling and crawling; trying frantically to escape (idiom)

摸爬滚打 摸爬滾打 mo1 pa2 gun3 da3
to go through challenging experiences; to become seasoned (in one's profession etc)

爬虫 爬蟲 pa2 chong2
reptile (old or common word for 爬行動物|爬行动物)

爬虫动物 爬蟲動物 pa2 chong2 dong4 wu4

爬虫类 爬蟲類 pa2 chong2 lei4
reptiles; also written 爬行類|爬行类

爬竿 爬竿 pa2 gan1
pole-climbing (as gymnastics or circus act); climbing pole

爬格子 爬格子 pa2 ge2 zi5
(oral) to write (esp. for a living); to spell out laboriously on squared paper

爬灰 爬灰 pa2 hui1
incest between father-in-law and daughter-in-law; also written 扒灰

爬犁 爬犁 pa2 li2

爬墙 爬牆 pa2 qiang2
to climb a wall; (fig.) to be unfaithful

爬山 爬山 pa2 shan1
to climb a mountain; to mountaineer; hiking; mountaineering

爬山虎 爬山虎 pa2 shan1 hu3
Boston ivy or Japanese creeper (Parthenocissus tricuspidata)

爬山涉水 爬山涉水 pa2 shan1 she4 shui3
to climb mountains and wade rivers (idiom); fig. to make a long and difficult journey

爬上 爬上 pa2 shang4
to climb up

爬升 爬升 pa2 sheng1
to rise; to ascend; to climb (airplane etc); to go up (sales figures etc); to gain promotion

爬梳 爬梳 pa2 shu1
to comb through (historical documents etc); to unravel

爬虾 爬蝦 pa2 xia1
mantis shrimp

爬行 爬行 pa2 xing2
to crawl; to creep

爬行动物 爬行動物 pa2 xing2 dong4 wu4

爬行类 爬行類 pa2 xing2 lei4
reptiles; also written 爬行動物|爬行动物

爬泳 爬泳 pa2 yong3
crawl (swimming stroke)

攀爬 攀爬 pan1 pa2
to climb

人往高处爬,水往低处流 人往高處爬,水往低處流 ren2 wang3 gao1 chu4 pa2 - shui3 wang3 di1 chu4 liu2
see 人往高處走,水往低處流|人往高处走,水往低处流

虾爬子 蝦爬子 xia1 pa2 zi5
mantis shrimp

糟齿类爬虫 糟齒類爬蟲 zao1 chi3 lei4 pa2 chong2
thecodontia (primitive dinosaur)