bright; clear; crisp; open; frank; straightforward; to feel well; fine; pleasurable; invigorating; to deviate

strokes 11
strokes after radical 7
报应不爽 報應不爽 bao4 ying4 bu4 shuang3
appropriate retribution (idiom)

不爽 不爽 bu4 shuang3
not well; out of sorts; in a bad mood; without discrepancy; accurate

干爽 乾爽 gan1 shuang3
dry and clean; clear and fresh

毫发不爽 毫髮不爽 hao2 fa4 bu4 shuang3
not to deviate one hair's breadth (idiom); to be extremely accurate

毫厘不爽 毫釐不爽 hao2 li2 bu4 shuang3
not to deviate an iota (idiom); to be extremely accurate

豪爽 豪爽 hao2 shuang3
outspoken and straightforward; forthright; expansive

宽爽 寬爽 kuan1 shuang3

凉爽 涼爽 liang2 shuang3
cool and refreshing

屡试不爽 屢試不爽 lv3 shi4 bu4 shuang3
well-tried; time-tested

清爽 清爽 qing1 shuang3
fresh and cool; relaxed

秋风送爽 秋風送爽 qiu1 feng1 song4 shuang3
the cool autumn breeze (idiom)

秋高气爽 秋高氣爽 qiu1 gao1 qi4 shuang3
clear and refreshing autumn weather

飒爽 颯爽 sa4 shuang3
heroic; valiant

身心爽快 身心爽快 shen1 xin1 shuang3 kuai4

爽畅 爽暢 shuang3 chang4

爽脆 爽脆 shuang3 cui4
sharp and clear; frank; straightfoward; quick; brisk; crisp and tasty

爽当 爽當 shuang3 dang1
with alacrity; frank and spontaneous

爽肤水 爽膚水 shuang3 fu1 shui3
toner (cosmetics)

爽健 爽健 shuang3 jian4
to feel well; healthy and carefree

爽捷 爽捷 shuang3 jie2
readily; in short order

爽口 爽口 shuang3 kou3
fresh and tasty

爽快 爽快 shuang3 kuai5
refreshed; rejuvenated; frank and straightforward

爽朗 爽朗 shuang3 lang3
clear and bright (of weather); straightforward; candid; open

爽利 爽利 shuang3 li4
efficient; brisk; neat

爽亮 爽亮 shuang3 liang4
clear; open; bright

爽目 爽目 shuang3 mu4
pleasant to behold; attractive

爽气 爽氣 shuang3 qi4
cool fresh air; straightforward

爽然 爽然 shuang3 ran2
open and happy; carefree; at a loss; confused

爽然若失 爽然若失 shuang3 ran2 ruo4 shi1
at a loss; confused; not know what to do next

爽身粉 爽身粉 shuang3 shen1 fen3
baby powder; talcum powder

爽爽快快 爽爽快快 shuang3 shuang3 kuai4 kuai4
in short order; straightforward

爽歪歪 爽歪歪 shuang3 wai1 wai1
to feel great; blissful; to be in bliss

爽心美食 爽心美食 shuang3 xin1 mei3 shi2
comfort food

爽心悦目 爽心悅目 shuang3 xin1 yue4 mu4
beautiful and heartwarming

爽意 爽意 shuang3 yi4

爽约 爽約 shuang3 yue1
to miss an appointment

爽直 爽直 shuang3 zhi2

天高气爽 天高氣爽 tian1 gao1 qi4 shuang3
see 秋高氣爽|秋高气爽

英姿飒爽 英姿颯爽 ying1 zi1 sa4 shuang3
(of a person) valiant and formidable-looking; to carry oneself tall

直爽 直爽 zhi2 shuang3
straightforward; outspoken