mad; wild; violent

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
暴露狂 暴露狂 bao4 lu4 kuang2

猖猖狂狂 猖猖狂狂 chang1 chang1 kuang2 kuang2
wild; hurried and confused; hell-for-leather

猖狂 猖狂 chang1 kuang2
savage; furious

倡狂 倡狂 chang1 kuang2
variant of 猖狂

嗔狂 嗔狂 chen1 kuang2
to be deranged

癫狂 癲狂 dian1 kuang2
deranged; mad; cracked; zany

颠狂 顛狂 dian1 kuang2

发狂 發狂 fa1 kuang2
crazy; mad; madly

疯狂 瘋狂 feng1 kuang2
crazy; frantic; extreme popularity

跟踪狂 跟蹤狂 gen1 zong1 kuang2

工作狂 工作狂 gong1 zuo4 kuang2

精神狂乱 精神狂亂 jing1 shen2 kuang2 luan4
delirium; mental illness

惊喜若狂 驚喜若狂 jing1 xi3 ruo4 kuang2
pleasantly surprised like mad (idiom); capering madly with joy; to express boundless pleasure

口出狂言 口出狂言 kou3 chu1 kuang2 yan2
to speak conceited nonsense; to come out with arrogant claptrap

狂傲 狂傲 kuang2 ao4
domineering; haughty

狂暴 狂暴 kuang2 bao4
frantic; berserk

狂暴者 狂暴者 kuang2 bao4 zhe3
berserker (fantasy role-playing)

狂飙 狂飆 kuang2 biao1
hurricane; violent reform or revolution; violent movement or force

狂潮 狂潮 kuang2 chao2
surging tide; (fig.) tide; craze; rage; spree

狂跌 狂跌 kuang2 die1
crazy fall (in prices)

狂顶 狂頂 kuang2 ding3
(slang) to strongly support; to strongly approve of

狂放 狂放 kuang2 fang4
wild; unrestrained

狂吠 狂吠 kuang2 fei4
to bark furiously; to howl

狂风 狂風 kuang2 feng1
gale; squall; whole gale (meteorology)

狂风暴雨 狂風暴雨 kuang2 feng1 bao4 yu3
howling wind and torrential rain (idiom); (fig.) difficult, dangerous situation

狂轰滥炸 狂轟濫炸 kuang2 hong1 lan4 zha4
to bomb indiscriminately

狂欢 狂歡 kuang2 huan1
party; carousal; hilarity; merriment; whoopee; to carouse

狂欢节 狂歡節 kuang2 huan1 jie2

狂乱 狂亂 kuang2 luan4

狂牛病 狂牛病 kuang2 niu2 bing4
mad cow disease; bovine spongiform encephalopathy, BSE

狂奴故态 狂奴故態 kuang2 nu2 gu4 tai4
to be set in one's ways (idiom)

狂怒 狂怒 kuang2 nu4

狂犬病 狂犬病 kuang2 quan3 bing4

狂热 狂熱 kuang2 re4
zealotry; fanatical; feverish

狂人 狂人 kuang2 ren2

狂人日记 狂人日記 kuang2 ren2 ri4 ji4
Diary of a Madman by Lu Xun 魯迅|鲁迅

狂三诈四 狂三詐四 kuang2 san1 zha4 si4
to deceive and swindle across the board (idiom)

狂甩 狂甩 kuang2 shuai3
to fling vigorously; fig. to reduce drastically

狂态 狂態 kuang2 tai4
display of wild manners; scandalous scene; insolent and conceited manners

狂妄 狂妄 kuang2 wang4
egotistical; arrogant; brassy

狂妄自大 狂妄自大 kuang2 wang4 zi4 da4
arrogant and conceited

狂喜 狂喜 kuang2 xi3
ecstasy; rapt

狂想 狂想 kuang2 xiang3
fantasy; illusion; vain dream

狂想曲 狂想曲 kuang2 xiang3 qu3
rhapsody (music)

狂笑 狂笑 kuang2 xiao4
to howl with laughter; to laugh one's head off

狂言 狂言 kuang2 yan2
ravings; delirious utterances; kyōgen (a form of traditional Japanese comic theater)

狂野 狂野 kuang2 ye3
coarse and wild

狂饮 狂飲 kuang2 yin3
to drink hard

狂饮暴食 狂飲暴食 kuang2 yin3 bao4 shi2
drunken gluttony (idiom); eating and drinking to excess

狂躁 狂躁 kuang2 zao4
rash; impetuous; irritable

狂战士 狂戰士 kuang2 zhan4 shi4
berserker (Norse warrior or fantasy role-playing character)

狂恣 狂恣 kuang2 zi4
arrogant and unbridled

力挽狂澜 力挽狂瀾 li4 wan3 kuang2 lan2
to pull strongly against a crazy tide (idiom); fig. to try hard to save a desperate crisis

恋物狂 戀物狂 lian4 wu4 kuang2
(sexual) fetishism

裸露狂 裸露狂 luo3 lu4 kuang2

屡出狂言 屢出狂言 lv3 chu1 kuang2 yan2
repeated gaffes

虐待狂 虐待狂 nve4 dai4 kuang2
sadism; sadist

偏执狂 偏執狂 pian1 zhi2 kuang2

轻狂 輕狂 qing1 kuang2

丧心病狂 喪心病狂 sang4 xin1 bing4 kuang2
deranged; demented; berserk (idiom)

色情狂 色情狂 se4 qing2 kuang2
mad about sex; nymphomania

杀人狂 殺人狂 sha1 ren2 kuang2
homicidal maniac

施虐狂 施虐狂 shi1 nve4 kuang2
sadism (psychiatry)

受虐狂 受虐狂 shou4 nve4 kuang2
masochism; masochist

疏狂 疏狂 shu1 kuang2
uninhibited; unrestrained; unbridled

偷窥狂 偷窺狂 tou1 kui1 kuang2
voyeur; peeping tom

妄想狂 妄想狂 wang4 xiang3 kuang2
paranoia; megalomaniac

欣喜若狂 欣喜若狂 xin1 xi3 ruo4 kuang2
to be wild with joy (idiom)

凶狂 兇狂 xiong1 kuang2
fierce; ferocious; savage

佯狂 佯狂 yang2 kuang2
to feign madness

臆想狂 臆想狂 yi4 xian3 kuang2

躁狂 躁狂 zao4 kuang2

躁狂抑郁症 躁狂抑鬱症 zao4 kuang2 yi4 yu4 zheng4
manic depression

躁狂症 躁狂症 zao4 kuang2 zheng4
mania; manic episode

张狂 張狂 zhang1 kuang2
brash; insolent; frantic

抓狂 抓狂 zhua1 kuang2
to blow one's top; to be driven mad; to become frantic

自大狂 自大狂 zi4 da4 kuang2
megalomania; egomania; delusions of grandeur