as if; (just) like; just as; still; yet

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
反犹太主义 反猶太主義 fan3 you2 tai4 zhu3 yi4

风韵犹存 風韻猶存 feng1 yun4 you2 cun2
(of an aging woman) still attractive

过犹不及 過猶不及 guo4 you2 bu4 ji2
too far is as bad as not enough (idiom, from the Analects)

毫不犹豫 毫不猶豫 hao2 bu4 you2 yu4
without the slightest hesitation

记忆犹新 記憶猶新 ji4 yi4 you2 xin1
to remain fresh in one's memory (idiom)

困兽犹斗 困獸猶鬥 kun4 shou4 you2 dou4
a cornered beast will still fight (idiom); to fight like an animal at bay

排犹 排猶 pai2 you2
to eliminate Jews; antisemitism

排犹主义 排猶主義 pai2 you2 zhu3 yi4

上犹 上猶 shang4 you2
Shangyou county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi

上犹县 上猶縣 shang4 you2 xian4
Shangyou county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi

虽死犹荣 雖死猶榮 sui1 si3 you2 rong2
lit. although dead, also honored; died a glorious death

虽死犹生 雖死猶生 sui1 si3 you2 sheng1
lit. although dead, as if still alive (idiom); still with us in spirit

言犹在耳 言猶在耳 yan2 you2 zai4 er3
words still ringing in one's ears (idiom)

夷犹 夷猶 yi2 you2
to hesitate

意犹未尽 意猶未盡 yi4 you2 wei4 jin4
to wish to continue sth; to have not fully expressed oneself

犹达 猶達 you2 da2

犹达斯 猶達斯 you2 da2 si1
Judas (name)

犹大 猶大 you2 da4
Judas; Judah (son of Jacob)

犹大书 猶大書 you2 da4 shu1
Epistle of St Jude (in New Testament)

犹女 猶女 you2 nv3
niece (old)

犹热 猶熱 you2 re4
overheating; popular (craze)

犹如 猶如 you2 ru2
similar to; appearing to be

犹他 猶他 you2 ta1

犹他州 猶他州 you2 ta1 zhou1

犹太 猶太 you2 tai4
Jew; Jewish; Judea (in Biblical Palestine)

犹太法典 猶太法典 you2 tai4 fa3 dian3
the Talmud

犹太复国主义 猶太復國主義 you2 tai4 fu4 guo2 zhu3 yi4

犹太复国主义者 猶太復國主義者 you2 tai4 fu4 guo2 zhu3 yi4 zhe3
a Zionist

犹太会堂 猶太會堂 you2 tai4 hui4 tang2
synagogue; Jewish temple

犹太教 猶太教 you2 tai4 jiao4

犹太教堂 猶太教堂 you2 tai4 jiao4 tang2

犹太人 猶太人 you2 tai4 ren2

犹未为晚 猶未為晚 you2 wei4 wei2 wan3
it is not too late (idiom)

犹言 猶言 you2 yan2
can be compared to; is the same as

犹疑 猶疑 you2 yi2
to hesitate

犹豫 猶豫 you2 yu4
to hesitate

犹豫不决 猶豫不決 you2 yu4 bu4 jue2
hesitancy; indecision; to waver

犹之乎 猶之乎 you2 zhi1 hu1
just like (sth)

犹子 猶子 you2 zi3
(old) brother's son or daughter; nephew

犹自 猶自 you2 zi4
(literary) still; yet