to catch; to obtain; to capture

strokes 16
strokes after radical 14
捕获 捕獲 bu3 huo4
to catch; to capture; to seize

不劳而获 不勞而獲 bu4 lao2 er2 huo4
to reap without sowing (idiom)

不劳无获 不勞無獲 bu4 lao2 wu2 huo4
no pain, no gain (idiom)

不求收获 不求收獲 bu4 qiu2 shou1 huo4
not expecting any reward; not asking for favors

查获 查獲 cha2 huo4
to track down and seize (a criminal suspect, contraband etc)

抄获 抄獲 chao1 huo4
to search and seize

重获 重獲 chong2 huo4
recovery; to recover

褚人获 褚人獲 chu3 ren2 huo4
Chu Renhuo (17th century), author of historical novel Dramatized History of Sui and Tang 隋唐演義|隋唐演义

大获全胜 大獲全勝 da4 huo4 quan2 sheng4
to seize total victory (idiom); an overwhelming victory; to win by a landslide (in election)

俘获 俘獲 fu2 huo4
to capture (enemy property or personnel); capture (physics: absorption of subatomic particle by an atom or nucleus)

获报 獲報 huo4 bao4
to receive a report; to receive intelligence, information etc

获暴利者 獲暴利者 huo4 bao4 li4 zhe3

获得 獲得 huo4 de2
to obtain; to receive; to get

获得性 獲得性 huo4 de2 xing4
acquired (i.e. not inborn)

获得者 獲得者 huo4 de2 zhe3

获嘉 獲嘉 huo4 jia1
Huojia county in Xinxiang 新鄉|新乡, Henan

获嘉县 獲嘉縣 huo4 jia1 xian4
Huojia county in Xinxiang 新鄉|新乡, Henan

获奖 獲獎 huo4 jiang3
to win an award

获救 獲救 huo4 jiu4
to rescue; to be rescued

获利 獲利 huo4 li4
profit; to obtain benefits; benefits obtained

获鹿 獲鹿 huo4 lu4
Huolu town, in Luquan 鹿泉市, Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄, Hebei

获鹿镇 獲鹿鎮 huo4 lu4 zhen4
Huolu town, in Luquan 鹿泉市, Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄, Hebei

获取 獲取 huo4 qu3
to gain; to get; to acquire

获胜 獲勝 huo4 sheng4
victorious; to win; to triumph

获胜者 獲勝者 huo4 sheng4 zhe3

获释 獲釋 huo4 shi4
freed (from prison); to obtain release

获悉 獲悉 huo4 xi1
to learn of sth; to find out; to get news

获刑 獲刑 huo4 xing2
to be punished

获益 獲益 huo4 yi4
to profit from sth; to get benefit

获益者 獲益者 huo4 yi4 zhe3

获赠 獲贈 huo4 zeng4
to receive; to be given; to be presented with

获知 獲知 huo4 zhi1
to learn of (an event); to hear about (sth)

获准 獲准 huo4 zhun3
to obtain permission

获罪 獲罪 huo4 zui4
to commit a crime

缉获 緝獲 ji1 huo4
to arrest; to apprehend

缴获 繳獲 jiao3 huo4
to capture; to seize

接获 接獲 jie1 huo4
to receive (a call, report etc)

截获 截獲 jie2 huo4
to intercept; to cut off and capture

虏获 虜獲 lu3 huo4
capture (people)

掳获 擄獲 lu3 huo4
to capture a prisoner; to take sb captive

拿获 拿獲 na2 huo4
to capture; to apprehend

破获 破獲 po4 huo4
to uncover (a criminal plot); to break open and capture

擒获 擒獲 qin2 huo4
to apprehend; to capture; to seize

人赃俱获 人贓俱獲 ren2 zang1 ju4 huo4
(of a thief, smuggler etc) to be caught with stolen or illegal goods; to be caught red-handed

荣获 榮獲 rong2 huo4
be honored with

如获至宝 如獲至寶 ru2 huo4 zhi4 bao3
as if gaining the most precious treasure

拾获 拾獲 shi2 huo4
to find; to pick up; to obtain

收获 收獲 shou1 huo4
variant of 收穫|收获

搜获 搜獲 sou1 huo4
to find; to capture (after search); to uncover (evidence)

稳获 穩獲 wen3 huo4
a sure catch; sth one is sure to obtain

寻获 尋獲 xun2 huo4
to find; to track down; to recover (sth lost)

一无所获 一無所獲 yi1 wu2 suo3 huo4
to gain nothing; to end up empty-handed

中子俘获 中子俘獲 zhong1 zi3 fu2 huo4
neutron capture

抓获 抓獲 zhua1 huo4
to arrest

捉获 捉獲 zhuo1 huo4
to capture