surname Zhen

to distinguish; to evaluate

strokes 13
strokes after radical 9
陶甄 陶甄 tao2 zhen1
to mold and educate people

推甄 推甄 tui1 zhen1
to recommend a student for admission to a higher-level school; to put a student on the recommendation track (one of several ways of gaining admission to a higher-level school in Taiwan); abbr. for 推薦甄選|推荐甄选

甄拔 甄拔 zhen1 ba2
to select

甄别 甄別 zhen1 bie2
to screen; to discriminate; to reexamine a case; screening (of applicants etc)

甄别考试 甄別考試 zhen1 bie2 kao3 shi4
to screen; to grade by examination; screening; placement test

甄录 甄錄 zhen1 lu4
to employ by an examination

甄审 甄審 zhen1 shen3
to screen and select (candidates etc)

甄试 甄試 zhen1 shi4
selection test; admission exam

甄汰 甄汰 zhen1 tai4
to eliminate by examination

甄陶 甄陶 zhen1 tao2
to make sth of clay; to appraise people of talent

甄选 甄選 zhen1 xuan3
to select; to pick

甄用 甄用 zhen1 yong4
to employ by examination

甄藻 甄藻 zhen1 zao3
to discern talent

甄综 甄綜 zhen1 zong1
to comprehensively appraise and select