to use; to employ; to have to; to eat or drink; expense or outlay; usefulness; hence; therefore

strokes 5
strokes after radical 0
搬用 搬用 ban1 yong4
to apply mechanically; to copy and use

办公桌轮用 辦公桌輪用 ban4 gong1 zhuo1 lun2 yong4

饱食终日,无所用心 飽食終日,無所用心 bao3 shi2 zhong1 ri4 - wu2 suo3 yong4 xin1
to eat three square meals a day and do no work (idiom); to be sated with food and remain idle

备而不用 備而不用 bei4 er2 bu4 yong4
have sth ready just in case; keep sth for possible future use

备用 備用 bei4 yong4
reserve; spare; alternate; backup

备用二级头呼吸器 備用二級頭呼吸器 bei4 yong4 er4 ji2 tou2 hu1 xi1 qi4
backup regulator; octopus (diving)

备用环 備用環 bei4 yong4 huan2
backup ring

崩坏作用 崩壞作用 beng1 huai4 zuo4 yong4
mass wasting (geology); slope movement

变质作用 變質作用 bian4 zhi4 zuo4 yong4
metamorphism (geology)

别无他用 別無他用 bie2 wu2 ta1 yong4
to have no other use or purpose (idiom)

别有用心 別有用心 bie2 you3 yong4 xin1
to have an ulterior motive (idiom); a hidden agenda

拨用 撥用 bo1 yong4

不可撤销信用证 不可撤銷信用證 bu4 ke3 che4 xiao1 xin4 yong4 zheng4
irrevocable letter of credit

不首先使用 不首先使用 bu4 shou3 xian1 shi3 yong4
no first use (policy for nuclear weapons); NFU

不信用 不信用 bu4 xin4 yong4

不用 不用 bu4 yong4
need not

不用客气 不用客氣 bu4 yong4 ke4 qi5
you're welcome; don't mention it; no need to stand on ceremony

不用谢 不用謝 bu4 yong4 xie4
You're welcome; Don't mention it

不用找 不用找 bu4 yong4 zhao3
"keep the change" (restaurant expression)

不中用 不中用 bu4 zhong4 yong4
unfit for anything; no good; useless; (of a sick person) beyond hope

采用 採用 cai3 yong4
to adopt; to employ; to use

拆用 拆用 chai1 yong4
to tear down and reuse; to cannibalize

常用 常用 chang2 yong4
in common usage

常用品 常用品 chang2 yong4 pin3
everyday implement; object of everyday use

常用字 常用字 chang2 yong4 zi4
everyday words

超距作用 超距作用 chao1 ju4 zuo4 yong4
action at a distance (e.g. gravitational force)

沉积作用 沉積作用 chen2 ji1 zuo4 yong4
sedimentation (geology)

乘用车 乘用車 cheng2 yong4 che1
passenger vehicle

持用 持用 chi2 yong4
to have in one's possession and use when required

触媒作用 觸媒作用 chu4 mei2 zuo4 yong4

催化作用 催化作用 cui1 hua4 zuo4 yong4

错用 錯用 cuo4 yong4
to misuse; to misapply

大才小用 大才小用 da4 cai2 xiao3 yong4
lit. making little use of great talent; to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut

大材小用 大材小用 da4 cai2 xiao3 yong4
using a talented person in an insignificant position; a sledgehammer to crack a nut

大用 大用 da4 yong4
to put sb in powerful position; to empower

单用 單用 dan1 yong4
to use (sth) on its own

盗用 盜用 dao4 yong4
to embezzle; to defraud; to use illegitimately; to misappropriate

登记用户 登記用戶 deng1 ji4 yong4 hu4
registered user

低费用 低費用 di1 fei4 yong4
low cost

抵用 抵用 di3 yong4
to exchange for (sth of equal value or utility); to use in lieu; to redeem (a coupon etc); to use to offset (an amount owed etc)

抵用金 抵用金 di3 yong4 jin1
store credit (credit to be spent at a specified retailer)

抵用券 抵用券 di3 yong4 quan4
coupon; voucher

典型用途 典型用途 dian3 xing2 yong4 tu2
typical use; typical application

电磁相互作用 電磁相互作用 dian4 ci2 xiang1 hu4 zuo4 yong4
electromagnetic interaction (between particles); electromagnetic force (physics)

调用 調用 diao4 yong4
to transfer (for a specific purpose); to allocate; (computing) to invoke (a command, an application etc)

顶用 頂用 ding3 yong4
to be of use

动用 動用 dong4 yong4
to utilize; to put sth to use

多用 多用 duo1 yong4
multipurpose; having several uses

多用户 多用戶 duo1 yong4 hu4

多用途 多用途 duo1 yong4 tu2

反射作用 反射作用 fan3 she4 zuo4 yong4
reflex; reflection

反用换流器 反用換流器 fan3 yong4 huan4 liu2 qi4
inverter, device that converts AC electricity to DC and vice versa

反作用 反作用 fan3 zuo4 yong4
opposite reaction

饭后服用 飯後服用 fan4 hou4 fu2 yong4
post cibum (pharm.); to take (medicine) after a meal

非对称式数据用户线 非對稱式數據用戶線 fei1 dui4 chen4 shi4 shu4 ju4 yong4 hu4 xian4
Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line; ADSL

费用 費用 fei4 yong4
cost; expenditure; expense

费用报销单 費用報銷單 fei4 yong4 bao4 xiao1 dan1
expense claim form

分解作用 分解作用 fen1 jie3 zuo4 yong4

风化作用 風化作用 feng1 hua4 zuo4 yong4
weathering (of rocks); erosion (by wind etc)

服用 服用 fu2 yong4
to take (medicine)

副作用 副作用 fu4 zuo4 yong4
side effect

改用 改用 gai3 yong4
to change over to; to switch to; to use (sth different)

感情用事 感情用事 gan3 qing2 yong4 shi4
to act impetuously (idiom); on an impulse

刚愎自用 剛愎自用 gang1 bi4 zi4 yong4
obstinate and self-opinionated (idiom)

割鸡焉用牛刀 割雞焉用牛刀 ge1 ji1 yan1 yong4 niu2 dao1
lit. why use a pole-ax to slaughter a chicken? (idiom); fig. to waste effort on a trifling matter; also written 殺雞焉用牛刀|杀鸡焉用牛刀

工矿用地 工礦用地 gong1 kuang4 yong4 di4
industrial and mining area

公用 公用 gong1 yong4
public; for public use

功用 功用 gong1 yong4

公用电话 公用電話 gong1 yong4 dian4 hua4
public phone

公用交换电话网 公用交換電話網 gong1 yong4 jiao1 huan4 dian4 hua4 wang3
public switched telephone network; PSTN

共轭作用 共軛作用 gong4 e4 zuo4 yong4

共用 共用 gong4 yong4
commons; public use

雇用 僱用 gu4 yong4
to employ; to hire

管用 管用 guan3 yong4
efficacious; useful

惯用 慣用 guan4 yong4
to use habitually; habitual; customary

惯用手 慣用手 guan4 yong4 shou3
dominant hand

惯用语 慣用語 guan4 yong4 yu3
commonly used phrase; idiom; colloquial usage

光合作用 光合作用 guang1 he2 zuo4 yong4

光化作用 光化作用 guang1 hua4 zuo4 yong4
photochemical effect; photosynthesis; photolysis

好用 好用 hao3 yong4
useful; serviceable; effective; handy; easy to use

核相互作用 核相互作用 he2 xiang1 hu4 zuo4 yong4
nuclear interaction

合用 合用 he2 yong4
to share; to use in common; suitable; fit for purpose; useable

花用 花用 hua1 yong4
to spend (money)

活学活用 活學活用 huo2 xue2 huo2 yong4
to creatively combine learning with usage; to learn and apply pragmatically

活用 活用 huo2 yong4
to apply (knowledge etc) creatively and flexibly; to use a word flexibly (e.g. a noun as an adjective)

即插即用 即插即用 ji2 cha1 ji2 yong4

急用 急用 ji2 yong4
to need sth urgently; urgently required

家用 家用 jia1 yong4
home-use; domestic; family expenses; housekeeping money

家用电脑 家用電腦 jia1 yong4 dian4 nao3
home computer

家用电器 家用電器 jia1 yong4 dian4 qi4
domestic electric appliance

俭用 儉用 jian3 yong4
to skimp; to be frugal

酵解作用 酵解作用 jiao4 jie3 zuo4 yong4

借用 借用 jie4 yong4
to borrow sth for another use; to borrow an idea for one's own use

禁用 禁用 jin4 yong4
to prohibit the use of sth; prohibition on use

经营费用 經營費用 jing1 ying2 fei4 yong4
business cost; business expense

举用 舉用 ju3 yong4
to select the best (for a job)

聚合作用 聚合作用 ju4 he2 zuo4 yong4

军用 軍用 jun1 yong4
(for) military use; military application

可供军用 可供軍用 ke3 gong1 jun1 yong4
having possible military application

客户应用 客戶應用 ke4 hu4 ying4 yong4
client application

宽打窄用 寬打窄用 kuan1 da3 zhai3 yong4
to give oneself leeway (idiom); to allow room for error

滥用 濫用 lan4 yong4
to misuse; to abuse

滥用权力 濫用權力 lan4 yong4 quan2 li4
abuse of power

滥用职权 濫用職權 lan4 yong4 zhi2 quan2
abuse of power

利用 利用 li4 yong4
to exploit; to make use of; to use; to take advantage of; to utilize

利用人工吹气 利用人工吹氣 li4 yong4 ren2 gong1 chui1 qi4
oral inflation

连用 連用 lian2 yong4
to continue using; use together with sth; use next

良苦用心 良苦用心 liang2 ku3 yong4 xin1
to ponder earnestly; to give a lot of thought to sth

两用 兩用 liang3 yong4

量才录用 量才錄用 liang4 cai2 lu4 yong4
to assess sb's capabilities and employ him accordingly (idiom); to employ sb competent for the task

零用 零用 ling2 yong4
incidental expenses; sundries; pocket money

零用金 零用金 ling2 yong4 jin1
petty cash

零用钱 零用錢 ling2 yong4 qian2
pocket money; allowance; spending money

另用 另用 ling4 yong4

留用 留用 liu2 yong4
to keep for use; to retain sth; to keep sb in his job

录用 錄用 lu4 yong4
to hire (an employee)

慢用 慢用 man4 yong4
same as 慢慢吃

冒用 冒用 mao4 yong4
to falsely use (sb's identity etc)

没用 沒用 mei2 yong4

民用 民用 min2 yong4
(for) civilian use

民用核国家 民用核國家 min2 yong4 he2 guo2 jia1
civil nuclear power

沐浴用品 沐浴用品 mu4 yu4 yong4 pin3
bath product

耐用 耐用 nai4 yong4

耐用品 耐用品 nai4 yong4 pin3
durable goods

挪用 挪用 nuo2 yong4
to shift (funds); to (legitimately) take funds set aside for one purpose in order to use them for another; to embezzle; to misappropriate

派上用场 派上用場 pai4 shang4 yong4 chang3
to put to good use; to come in handy

配用 配用 pei4 yong4
to provide; installed

聘用 聘用 pin4 yong4
to employ; to hire

起用 起用 qi3 yong4
to promote; to reinstate (in a position or job)

启用 啟用 qi3 yong4
to start using; (computing) to enable (a feature)

弃用 棄用 qi4 yong4
to stop using; to abandon; abandoned; deprecated

强相互作用 強相互作用 qiang2 xiang1 hu4 zuo4 yong4
strong interaction (in particle physics); strong force

强作用 強作用 qiang2 zuo4 yong4
strong interaction (governing hadrons in nuclear physics)

强作用力 強作用力 qiang2 zuo4 yong4 li4
the strong force (in nuclear physics)

侵蚀作用 侵蝕作用 qin1 shi2 zuo4 yong4

情趣用品 情趣用品 qing2 qu4 yong4 pin3
adult product; sex toy

趋化作用 趨化作用 qu1 hua4 zuo4 yong4
chemotaxis (movement of leukocytes under chemical stimulus)

取用 取用 qu3 yong4
to access; to make use of

取之不尽,用之不竭 取之不盡,用之不竭 qu3 zhi1 bu4 jin4 - yong4 zhi1 bu4 jie2
limitless supply (of); inexhaustible

任用 任用 ren4 yong4
to appoint; to assign

日用 日用 ri4 yong4
daily expenses; of everyday use

日用品 日用品 ri4 yong4 pin3
articles for daily use

溶蚀作用 溶蝕作用 rong2 shi2 zuo4 yong4
dissolving; erosion by groundwater; corrosion

弱相互作用 弱相互作用 ruo4 xiang1 hu4 zuo4 yong4
weak interaction (in particle physics); weak force

弱作用 弱作用 ruo4 zuo4 yong4
weak interaction

弱作用力 弱作用力 ruo4 zuo4 yong4 li4
the weak force (in particle physics)

三军用命 三軍用命 san1 jun1 yong4 ming4
(of a team) to throw oneself into the battle

三用表 三用表 san1 yong4 biao3
instrument console (diving)

杀鸡焉用牛刀 殺雞焉用牛刀 sha1 ji1 yan1 yong4 niu2 dao1
don't use a sledgehammer on a nut; aquila non capit muscam

杀菌作用 殺菌作用 sha1 jun1 zuo4 yong4

杀手级应用 殺手級應用 sha1 shou3 ji2 ying4 yong4
killer application; killer app

善用 善用 shan4 yong4
to be good at using (sth); to put (sth) to good use

商业应用 商業應用 shang1 ye4 ying4 yong4
business application

省吃俭用 省吃儉用 sheng3 chi1 jian3 yong4
to live frugally; to economize on food and clothing; to scrimp and save

施用 施用 shi1 yong4
to implement; to use

实际应用 實際應用 shi2 ji4 ying4 yong4
practical application

实用 實用 shi2 yong4
practical; functional; pragmatic; applied (science)

食用 食用 shi2 yong4
food product; to use as food; edible

实用价值 實用價值 shi2 yong4 jia4 zhi2
practical value

实用主义 實用主義 shi2 yong4 zhu3 yi4

使用 使用 shi3 yong4
to use; to employ; to apply; to make use of

使用价值 使用價值 shi3 yong4 jia4 zhi2
usable value

使用量 使用量 shi3 yong4 liang4
volume of use; usage amount

使用权 使用權 shi3 yong4 quan2
usage rights

使用数量 使用數量 shi3 yong4 shu4 liang4
usage (i.e. extent of use)

使用条款 使用條款 shi3 yong4 tiao2 kuan3
terms of use

使用者 使用者 shi3 yong4 zhe3

使用者中介 使用者中介 shi3 yong4 zhe3 zhong1 jie4
user agent

适用 適用 shi4 yong4
to be applicable

试用 試用 shi4 yong4
to try something out; on probation

试用品 試用品 shi4 yong4 pin3
prototype; trial product; test sample

试用期 試用期 shi4 yong4 qi1
trial period; probation

守信用 守信用 shou3 xin4 yong4
to keep one's word; trustworthy

手用 手用 shou3 yong4
hand-used; hand (tool)

受用 受用 shou4 yong4
to enjoy; to reap the benefits (of sth)

受用 受用 shou4 yong5
comfortable; feeling well

数字用户线路 數字用戶線路 shu4 zi4 yong4 hu4 xian4 lu4
digital subscriber line (DSL)

水陆两用 水陸兩用 shui3 lu4 liang3 yong4
amphibious (vehicle)

随插即用 隨插即用 sui2 cha1 ji2 yong4
plug and play (computing)

套用 套用 tao4 yong4
to copy a set pattern mechanically; to crib

烃化作用 烴化作用 ting1 hua4 zuo4 yong4

停用 停用 ting2 yong4
to stop using; to suspend; to discontinue; to disable

通用 通用 tong1 yong4
common (use); interchangeable

通用串行总线 通用串行總線 tong1 yong4 chuan4 xing2 zong3 xian4
Universal Serial Bus, USB (computer)

通用电器 通用電器 tong1 yong4 dian4 qi4
General Electric; GE

通用电气 通用電氣 tong1 yong4 dian4 qi4
General Electric (GE)

通用汉字标准交换码 通用漢字標準交換碼 tong1 yong4 han4 zi4 biao1 zhun3 jiao1 huan4 ma3
UCS, Chinese character coding adopted in PRC 1986; abbr. to 通用碼|通用码

通用码 通用碼 tong1 yong4 ma3
common coding; same as 通用漢字標準交換碼|通用汉字标准交换码

通用拼音 通用拼音 tong1 yong4 pin1 yin1
the common use romanization system introduced in Taiwan in 2003

通用汽车 通用汽車 tong1 yong4 qi4 che1
General Motors (car company)

通用汽车公司 通用汽車公司 tong1 yong4 qi4 che1 gong1 si1
General Motors

通用性 通用性 tong1 yong4 xing4

通用语 通用語 tong1 yong4 yu3
common language; lingua franca

通用字符集 通用字符集 tong1 yong4 zi4 fu2 ji2
universal character set UCS

同化作用 同化作用 tong2 hua4 zuo4 yong4
assimilation; anabolism (biology); constructive metabolism (using energy to make proteins etc)

图像用户介面 圖像用戶介面 tu2 xiang4 yong4 hu4 jie4 mian4
graphical user interface; GUI

图形用户界面 圖形用戶界面 tu2 xing2 yong4 hu4 jie4 mian4
graphical user interface (GUI)

土地利用规划 土地利用規劃 tu3 di4 li4 yong4 gui1 hua4
land use plan (official P.R.C. government term)

吞噬作用 吞噬作用 tun1 shi4 zuo4 yong4
phagocytosis (ingesting and destroying foreign matter)

外用 外用 wai4 yong4

万用表 萬用表 wan4 yong4 biao3

网路应用 網路應用 wang3 lu4 ying4 yong4
network application

网络应用 網絡應用 wang3 luo4 ying4 yong4
network application

网络用语 網絡用語 wang3 luo4 yong4 yu3
see 網絡語言|网络语言

卫生用纸 衛生用紙 wei4 sheng1 yong4 zhi3
toilet paper

无所不用其极 無所不用其極 wu2 suo3 bu4 yong4 qi2 ji2
committing all manner of crimes; completely unscrupulous

无所用心 無所用心 wu2 suo3 yong4 xin1
not paying attention to anything (idiom); to idle time away

无用 無用 wu2 yong4
useless; worthless

吴用 吳用 wu2 yong4
Wu Yong, character of 水滸傳|水浒传, nicknamed Resourceful Star 智多星

无用之树 無用之樹 wu2 yong4 zhi1 shu4
useless person (originally from Zhuangzi's "A Happy Excursion" 逍遙遊|逍遥游)

武器可用物质 武器可用物質 wu3 qi4 ke3 yong4 wu4 zhi4
weapons-usable material

物尽其用 物盡其用 wu4 jin4 qi2 yong4
to use sth to the full; to make the best use of everything

误用 誤用 wu4 yong4
to misuse

习惯用法 習慣用法 xi2 guan4 yong4 fa3

习惯用语 習慣用語 xi2 guan4 yong4 yu3
idiom; idiomatic expression; habitual form of speech (grammar)

习用 習用 xi2 yong4
to use habitually; usual; conventional

现学现用 現學現用 xian4 xue2 xian4 yong4
to immediately put into practice something one has just learned (idiom)

相互作用 相互作用 xiang1 hu4 zuo4 yong4
to interact; interaction; interplay

享用 享用 xiang3 yong4
to enjoy (i.e. have the use or benefit of)

效用 效用 xiao4 yong4
usefulness; effectiveness; (economics) utility

协同作用 協同作用 xie2 tong2 zuo4 yong4
synergy; cooperative interaction

心理作用 心理作用 xin1 li3 zuo4 yong4
psychological effect; subjective experience affected more by one's expectations than by objective reality; figment of the imagination

心无二用 心無二用 xin1 wu2 er4 yong4
one cannot concentrate on two things at the same time

信用 信用 xin4 yong4
to trust; credit (commerce); trustworthiness; creditworthiness

信用等级 信用等級 xin4 yong4 deng3 ji2
credit level

信用额 信用額 xin4 yong4 e2
credit limit

信用风险 信用風險 xin4 yong4 feng1 xian3
credit risk

信用观察 信用觀察 xin4 yong4 guan1 cha2
credit watch

信用卡 信用卡 xin4 yong4 ka3
credit card

信用评等 信用評等 xin4 yong4 ping2 deng3
credit rating

信用评级 信用評級 xin4 yong4 ping2 ji2
credit rating

信用社 信用社 xin4 yong4 she4
credit union

信用危机 信用危機 xin4 yong4 wei1 ji1
credit crisis

信用证 信用證 xin4 yong4 zheng4
letter of credit

信用证券 信用證券 xin4 yong4 zheng4 quan4
instrument of credit; letter of credit; see also 信用證|信用证

虚拟专用网络 虛擬專用網絡 xu1 ni3 zhuan1 yong4 wang3 luo4
virtual private network (VPN)

选用 選用 xuan3 yong4
to choose for some purpose; to select and use

学以致用 學以致用 xue2 yi3 zhi4 yong4
to study sth to apply it; study for practical applications

血债要用血来偿 血債要用血來償 xue4 zhai4 yao4 yong4 xue4 lai2 chang2
A debt of blood must be paid in blood.; Blood calls for blood.

血债要用血来还 血債要用血來還 xue4 zhai4 yao4 yong4 xue4 lai2 huan2
A debt of blood must be paid in blood.; Blood calls for blood.

循环使用 循環使用 xun2 huan2 shi3 yong4
recycle; to use in cyclic order

沿用 沿用 yan2 yong4
to continue to use (old methods); to apply as before; according to usage

养兵千日,用兵一时 養兵千日,用兵一時 yang3 bing1 qian1 ri4 - yong4 bing1 yi1 shi2
lit. Train an army for a thousand days to use it for an hour. (idiom); fig. extensive preparation eventually pays off

养兵千日,用在一时 養兵千日,用在一時 yang3 bing1 qian1 ri4 - yong4 zai4 yi1 shi2
see 養兵千日,用兵一時|养兵千日,用兵一时

养兵千日,用在一朝 養兵千日,用在一朝 yang3 bing1 qian1 ri4 - yong4 zai4 yi1 zhao1
lit. train an army for a thousand days to use it for one morning (idiom); fig. extensive preparation eventually pays off

药用 藥用 yao4 yong4
medicinal use; pharmaceutical

药用价值 藥用價值 yao4 yong4 jia4 zhi2
medicinal value

一心二用 一心二用 yi1 xin1 er4 yong4
to do two things at once (idiom); to multitask; to divide one's attention

移用 移用 yi2 yong4
to re-use; to adapt (for another purpose); to copy

异化作用 異化作用 yi4 hua4 zuo4 yong4
catabolism (biology); metabolic breaking down and waste disposal; dissimilation

意气用事 意氣用事 yi4 qi4 yong4 shi4
to let emotions affect one's decisions

易用性 易用性 yi4 yong4 xing4
ease of use; usability

抑制作用 抑制作用 yi4 zhi4 zuo4 yong4

引用 引用 yin3 yong4
to quote; to cite; to recommend; to appoint; (computing) reference

饮用 飲用 yin3 yong4
drink; drinking or drinkable (water)

引用句 引用句 yin3 yong4 ju4

饮用水 飲用水 yin3 yong4 shui3
drinking water; potable water

英雄无用武之地 英雄無用武之地 ying1 xiong2 wu2 yong4 wu3 zhi1 di4
a hero with no chance of using his might; to have no opportunity to display one's talents

应用 應用 ying4 yong4
to use; to apply; application; applicable

应用层 應用層 ying4 yong4 ceng2
application layer (computing)

应用程式 應用程式 ying4 yong4 cheng2 shi4
application; (computer) program

应用程式介面 應用程式介面 ying4 yong4 cheng2 shi4 jie4 mian4
application programming interface; API

应用科学 應用科學 ying4 yong4 ke1 xue2
applied science

应用平台 應用平台 ying4 yong4 ping2 tai2
application platform (computing)

应用软件 應用軟件 ying4 yong4 ruan3 jian4
application software

应用软体 應用軟體 ying4 yong4 ruan3 ti3
application software

应用数学 應用數學 ying4 yong4 shu4 xue2
applied mathematics

应用文 應用文 ying4 yong4 wen2
applied writing; writing for practical purposes (business letters, advertising etc)

应用物理 應用物理 ying4 yong4 wu4 li3
applied physics

用不了 用不了 yong4 bu5 liao3
to not use all of; to use less than

用不着 用不著 yong4 bu5 zhao2
not need; have no use for

用餐 用餐 yong4 can1
to eat a meal

用餐时间 用餐時間 yong4 can1 shi2 jian1
meal times

用场 用場 yong4 chang3
use; application; Taiwan pr.

用处 用處 yong4 chu5

用词 用詞 yong4 ci2
usage (of a term); wording; phrasing

用得其所 用得其所 yong4 de5 qi2 suo3
used properly; used for its intended purpose; to put to good use; to serve its purpose

用得上 用得上 yong4 de5 shang4
needed; to come in useful

用得着 用得著 yong4 de5 zhao2
to be able to use; useable; to have a use for sth; (in interrogative sentence) to be necessary to

用度 用度 yong4 du4

用法 用法 yong4 fa3

用饭 用飯 yong4 fan4
to eat; to have a meal

用功 用功 yong4 gong1
diligent; industrious (in one's studies); to study hard; to make great effort

用光 用光 yong4 guang1
out of (supply); spent; exhausted (used up); depleted

用户 用戶 yong4 hu4
user; consumer; subscriber; customer

用户创造内容 用戶創造內容 yong4 hu4 chuang4 zao4 nei4 rong2
user-generated content (of a website)

用户到网络的接口 用戶到網絡的接口 yong4 hu4 dao4 wang3 luo4 de5 jie1 kou3
User-Network Interface; UNI

用户到网络接口 用戶到網絡接口 yong4 hu4 dao4 wang3 luo4 jie1 kou3
user-network interface; UNI

用户定义 用戶定義 yong4 hu4 ding4 yi4

用户端设备 用戶端設備 yong4 hu4 duan1 she4 bei4
customer premise equipment; CPE

用户界面 用戶界面 yong4 hu4 jie4 mian4
user interface

用户名 用戶名 yong4 hu4 ming2
username; user ID

用户线 用戶線 yong4 hu4 xian4
subscriber line

用计 用計 yong4 ji4
to employ a stratagem

用间 用間 yong4 jian4
using spies

用尽 用盡 yong4 jin4
to exhaust; to use up completely

用尽心机 用盡心機 yong4 jin4 xin1 ji1
to tax one's ingenuity

用具 用具 yong4 ju4
appliance; utensil; gear; equipment

用来 用來 yong4 lai2
to be used for

用力 用力 yong4 li4
to exert oneself physically

用量 用量 yong4 liang4
quantity used; usage; consumption; dose

用料 用料 yong4 liao4
ingredients; material

用命 用命 yong4 ming4
to follow orders; to abide by; to obey

用品 用品 yong4 pin3
articles for use; products; goods

用钱 用錢 yong4 qian5
variant of 佣錢|佣钱

用人 用人 yong4 ren2
servant; to employ sb for a job; to manage people; to be in need of staff

用人经费 用人經費 yong4 ren2 jing1 fei4
personnel expenditure (accountancy)

用膳 用膳 yong4 shan4
to dine

用途 用途 yong4 tu2
use; application

用完 用完 yong4 wan2
used up; finished

用武之地 用武之地 yong4 wu3 zhi1 di4
ample scope for abilities; favorable position for the use of one's skills (idiom)

用项 用項 yong4 xiang4
items of expenditure; expenditures

用心 用心 yong4 xin1
motive; intention; to be diligent or attentive; careful

用心良苦 用心良苦 yong4 xin1 liang2 ku3
to ponder earnestly; to give a lot of thought to sth

用以 用以 yong4 yi3
in order to; so as to

用意 用意 yong4 yi4
intention; purpose

用于 用于 yong4 yu2
use in; use on; use for

用语 用語 yong4 yu3
choice of words; wording; phraseology; term

用字 用字 yong4 zi4
to use letters; to use words; diction

用作 用作 yong4 zuo4
to use for the purpose of; to serve as

有用 有用 you3 yong4

有作用 有作用 you3 zuo4 yong4
effective; to have impact

语用学 語用學 yu3 yong4 xue2

预期用途 預期用途 yu4 qi1 yong4 tu2
intended use

御用 御用 yu4 yong4
for use by the emperor; imperial; (derog.) in the pay of the ruler

御用大律师 御用大律師 yu4 yong4 da4 lv4 shi1
Queen's Counsel

援用 援用 yuan2 yong4
to quote; to cite

运用 運用 yun4 yong4
to use; to put to use

运用自如 運用自如 yun4 yong4 zi4 ru2
to have a fluent command of (idiom)

再利用 再利用 zai4 li4 yong4
to reuse

再使用 再使用 zai4 shi3 yong4
to reuse

造山作用 造山作用 zao4 shan1 zuo4 yong4
orogeny (geology)

占用 佔用 zhan4 yong4
to occupy

甄用 甄用 zhen1 yong4
to employ by examination

蒸腾作用 蒸騰作用 zheng1 teng2 zuo4 yong4

征用 征用 zheng1 yong4
to expropriate; to commandeer

正用 正用 zheng4 yong4
correct usage

知人善用 知人善用 zhi1 ren2 shan4 yong4
see 知人善任

终端用户 終端用戶 zhong1 duan1 yong4 hu4
end user

中国民用航空局 中國民用航空局 zhong1 guo2 min2 yong4 hang2 kong1 ju2
Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)

中体西用 中體西用 zhong1 ti3 xi1 yong4
adopting Western knowledge for its practical uses while keeping Chinese values as the core

重罚不用 重罰不用 zhong4 fa2 bu4 yong4
do not punish severely (and do not reward too generously)

中看不中用 中看不中用 zhong4 kan4 bu4 zhong4 yong4
impressive-looking but useless

重用 重用 zhong4 yong4
to put in an important position

专用 專用 zhuan1 yong4
special; dedicated

专用集成电路 專用集成電路 zhuan1 yong4 ji2 cheng2 dian4 lu4
application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC)

专用网路 專用網路 zhuan1 yong4 wang3 lu4
dedicated network

转用 轉用 zhuan3 yong4
to adapt for use for another purpose

资用 資用 zi1 yong4
(physics) available

字根通用码 字根通用碼 zi4 gen1 tong1 yong4 ma3
common coding for components of Chinese character; same as Zheng coding 鄭碼|郑码

租用 租用 zu1 yong4
to rent and use; lend-lease (US device to provide war materiel to its allies during WW2)

作用 作用 zuo4 yong4
to act on; to affect; action; function; activity; impact; result; effect; purpose; intent; to play a role; corresponds to English -ity, -ism, -ization

作用理论 作用理論 zuo4 yong4 li3 lun4
interactive theory

作用力 作用力 zuo4 yong4 li4
effort; active force; applied force