to throw; to fling; to swing; to leave behind; to throw off; to dump (sb)

strokes 5
strokes after radical 0
狂甩 狂甩 kuang2 shuai3
to fling vigorously; fig. to reduce drastically

清仓大甩卖 清倉大甩賣 qing1 cang1 da4 shuai3 mai4
clearance sale; fire sale

甩包袱 甩包袱 shuai3 bao1 fu5
lit. to fling off a bundle; fig. to abandon one's responsibility for sth; to wash one's hands of the matter

甩车 甩車 shuai3 che1
to uncouple (wagons or trucks from a train)

甩掉 甩掉 shuai3 diao4
to throw off; to abandon; to cast off; to get rid of; to dump

甩动 甩動 shuai3 dong4
to shake; to fling one's arm; to lash; to swing

甩开 甩開 shuai3 kai1
to shake off; to get rid of

甩开膀子 甩開膀子 shuai3 kai1 bang3 zi5
to throw off inhibitions; to go all out

甩脸子 甩臉子 shuai3 lian3 zi5
to grimace with displeasure; to pull a long face

甩卖 甩賣 shuai3 mai4
to mark down (the price of goods); to sell off cheap

甩上 甩上 shuai3 shang4
to throw off; to fling sth up (in anger); refers to dramatic sale prices

甩手 甩手 shuai3 shou3
to swing one's arms; to wash one's hands of sth

甩手顿脚 甩手頓腳 shuai3 shou3 dun4 jiao3
to fling one's arms and stamp one's feet (in anger or despair)

甩手掌柜 甩手掌櫃 shuai3 shou3 zhang3 gui4
lit. arm-flinging shopkeeper; fig. sb who asks others to work but does nothing himself

甩头 甩頭 shuai3 tou2
to fling back one's head

甩尾 甩尾 shuai3 wei3
drifting (motorsport)

甩袖子 甩袖子 shuai3 xiu4 zi5
to swing one's sleeve (in anger)

甩远 甩遠 shuai3 yuan3
to cast far from oneself; to leave sb far behind; to outdistance

甩钟 甩鍾 shuai3 zhong1
dice cup