to draw; picture; painting; classifier for paintings etc; variant of 劃|划

strokes 12
strokes after radical 7
版画 版畫 ban3 hua4
picture printed from a woodblock, stone, copper plate etc; print

暴走漫画 暴走漫畫 bao4 zou3 man4 hua4
rage comic

笔画 筆畫 bi3 hua4
strokes of a Chinese character

笔画数 筆畫數 bi3 hua4 shu4
stroke count (number of brushstrokes of a Chinese character)

比画 比畫 bi3 hua5
variant of 比劃|比划

比手画脚 比手畫腳 bi3 shou3 hua4 jiao3
to gesticulate; to make lively gestures (while talking); also written 比手劃腳|比手划脚

壁画 壁畫 bi4 hua4
mural (painting); fresco

帛画 帛畫 bo2 hua4
painting on silk

擘画 擘畫 bo4 hua4
variant of 擘劃|擘划

彩画 彩畫 cai3 hua4
color painting

策画 策畫 ce4 hua4
variant of 策劃|策划

插画 插畫 cha1 hua4

筹画 籌畫 chou2 hua4
variant of 籌劃|筹划

春画 春畫 chun1 hua4
erotic print; pornographic picture

单色画 單色畫 dan1 se4 hua4
monochrome picture; black and white picture

点画 點畫 dian3 hua4
strokes of a Chinese character

雕梁画栋 雕梁畫棟 diao1 liang2 hua4 dong4
richly ornamented (building)

动画 動畫 dong4 hua4
animation; cartoon

动画片 動畫片 dong4 hua4 pian4
animated film

扉画 扉畫 fei1 hua4
frontpage picture

勾画 勾畫 gou1 hua4
to sketch out; to delineate

鬼画符 鬼畫符 gui3 hua4 fu2
undecipherable handwriting; scribblings; (fig.) hypocritical talk

国画 國畫 guo2 hua4
national painting; Chinese art

画报 畫報 hua4 bao4
illustrated magazine

画笔 畫筆 hua4 bi3
painting brush

画饼充饥 畫餅充飢 hua4 bing3 chong1 ji1
lit. to allay one's hunger using a picture of a cake; to feed on illusions (idiom)

画布 畫布 hua4 bu4
canvas (artist's painting surface)

画册 畫冊 hua4 ce4
picture album

画插图者 畫插圖者 hua4 cha1 tu2 zhe3

画等号 畫等號 hua4 deng3 hao4
to equate; to consider (two things) to be equivalent

画荻教子 畫荻教子 hua4 di2 jiao4 zi3
to write on the sand with reeds while teaching one's son (idiom); mother's admirable dedication to her children's education

画地为牢 畫地為牢 hua4 di4 wei2 lao2
lit. to be confined within a circle drawn on the ground (idiom); fig. to confine oneself to a restricted range of activities

画地为狱 畫地為獄 hua4 di4 wei2 yu4
see 畫地為牢|画地为牢

画地自限 畫地自限 hua4 di4 zi4 xian4
lit. to draw a line on the ground to keep within (idiom); fig. to impose restrictions on oneself

画儿 畫兒 hua4 er5
picture; drawing; painting

画法 畫法 hua4 fa3
painting technique; drawing method

画法几何 畫法幾何 hua4 fa3 ji3 he2
descriptive geometry (three-dimensional geometry using projections and elevations)

画舫 畫舫 hua4 fang3
decorated pleasure boat

画风 畫風 hua4 feng1
painting style

画幅 畫幅 hua4 fu2
painting; picture; dimension of a painting

画稿 畫稿 hua4 gao3
rough sketch (of a painting); (of an official) to approve a document by signing it

画虎类犬 畫虎類犬 hua4 hu3 lei4 quan3
drawing a tiger like a dog (idiom); to make a fool of oneself by excessive ambition

画家 畫家 hua4 jia1

画架 畫架 hua4 jia4
easel; rack for painting

画卷 畫卷 hua4 juan3
picture scroll

画框 畫框 hua4 kuang4
picture frame

画廊 畫廊 hua4 lang2

画龙点睛 畫龍點睛 hua4 long2 dian3 jing1
to paint a dragon and dot in the eyes (idiom); fig. to add the vital finishing touch; the crucial point that brings the subject to life; a few words to clinch the point

画眉 畫眉 hua4 mei2
to apply makeup to the eyebrows; (bird species of China) Chinese hwamei (Garrulax canorus)

画面 畫面 hua4 mian4
scene; tableau; picture; image; screen (displayed by a computer); (motion picture) frame; field of view

画皮 畫皮 hua4 pi2
painted skin (which transforms a monster into a beauty)

画蛇添足 畫蛇添足 hua4 she2 tian1 zu2
lit. draw legs on a snake (idiom); fig. to ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous; to overdo it

画十字 畫十字 hua4 shi2 zi4
to make the sign of the cross; to make a cross (on paper)

画室 畫室 hua4 shi4
artist's studio; atelier

画坛 畫壇 hua4 tan2
painting world; painting circles

画图 畫圖 hua4 tu2
to draw designs, maps etc; picture (e.g. of life in the city)

画外音 畫外音 hua4 wai4 yin1
voice-over; background narration

画像 畫像 hua4 xiang4
portrait; to do a portrait of sb

画押 畫押 hua4 ya1
to sign; to make one's mark

画圆 畫圓 hua4 yuan2
to draw a circle

画毡 畫氈 hua4 zhan1
felt desk pad for calligraphy

画展 畫展 hua4 zhan3
art exhibition

画轴 畫軸 hua4 zhou2
character scroll; scroll painting

画作 畫作 hua4 zuo4
painting; picture

绘画 繪畫 hui4 hua4
drawing; painting

计画 計畫 ji4 hua4
variant of 計劃|计划

计算机动画 計算機動畫 ji4 suan4 ji1 dong4 hua4
computer animation

架上绘画 架上繪畫 jia4 shang4 hui4 hua4
easel painting

界画 界畫 jie4 hua4
accurate depiction of architectural forms with the aid of a ruler (technique of Chinese art); picture created using this technique

刻画 刻畫 ke4 hua4
to portray

连环画 連環畫 lian2 huan2 hua4
lianhuanhua (graphic novel)

乱画 亂畫 luan4 hua4
to doodle; graffito; doodle

漫画 漫畫 man4 hua4
caricature; cartoon; Japanese manga

漫画家 漫畫家 man4 hua4 jia1
cartoon writer (from Japanese mangaka)

描画 描畫 miao2 hua4
to draw; to describe

名画 名畫 ming2 hua4
famous painting

名画家 名畫家 ming2 hua4 jia1
famous painter

摹画 摹畫 mo2 hua4
to describe

年画儿 年畫兒 nian2 hua4 er5
New Year (Spring Festival) picture

黏土动画 黏土動畫 nian2 tu3 dong4 hua4
clay animation; Claymation

琴棋书画 琴棋書畫 qin2 qi2 shu1 hua4
the four arts (zither, Go, calligraphy, painting); the accomplishments of a well-educated person

区画 區畫 qu1 hua4
subdivision (e.g. of provinces into counties)

如画 如畫 ru2 hua4

如诗如画 如詩如畫 ru2 shi1 ru2 hua4
poetic and picturesque

沙画 沙畫 sha1 hua4
sand picture

山水画 山水畫 shan1 shui3 hua4
landscape painting

诗画 詩畫 shi1 hua4
poetry and pictorial art; work of art combining pictures and poetry

诗情画意 詩情畫意 shi1 qing2 hua4 yi4
picturesque charm; idyllic appeal; poetic grace

书画 書畫 shu1 hua4
painting and calligraphy

书画家 書畫家 shu1 hua4 jia1
calligrapher and painter

书画毡 書畫氈 shu1 hua4 zhan1
felt desk pad for calligraphy

水彩画 水彩畫 shui3 cai3 hua4
watercolor; aquarelle

水墨画 水墨畫 shui3 mo4 hua4
ink and wash painting

台湾画眉 臺灣畫眉 tai2 wan1 hua4 mei2
(bird species of China) Taiwan hwamei (Garrulax taewanus)

贴画 貼畫 tie1 hua4
pinup picture; poster

透视画 透視畫 tou4 shi4 hua4
perspective drawing

透视画法 透視畫法 tou4 shi4 hua4 fa3
perspective drawing

图画 圖畫 tu2 hua4
drawing; picture

徒手画 徒手畫 tu2 shou3 hua4
freehand drawing

下画线 下畫線 xia4 hua4 xian4

写意画 寫意畫 xie3 yi4 hua4
freehand drawing or painting in traditional Chinese style

行政区画 行政區畫 xing2 zheng4 qu1 hua4
administrative subdivision (e.g. of provinces into counties)

宣传画 宣傳畫 xuan1 chuan2 hua4
propaganda poster; advertising hoarding

岩画 巖畫 yan2 hua4
rock painting; picture or writing carved on rocks

洋画儿 洋畫兒 yang2 hua4 er5
children's game played with illustrated cards; pogs; menko (Japan)

依样画葫芦 依樣畫葫蘆 yi1 yang4 hua4 hu2 lu5
lit. to draw a gourd from the model (idiom); fig. to copy sth mechanically without attempt at originality

意存笔先,画尽意在 意存筆先,畫盡意在 yi4 cun2 bi3 xian1 - hua4 jin4 yi4 zai4
the idea is present before the first stroke of the brush, when the last stroke is placed the idea shines through

淫画 淫畫 yin2 hua4
obscene picture

油画 油畫 you2 hua4
oil painting

语画 語畫 yu3 hua4
picture in words

招贴画 招貼畫 zhao1 tie1 hua4
picture poster (for advertising or propaganda)

照葫芦画瓢 照葫蘆畫瓢 zhao4 hu2 lu5 hua4 piao2
lit. to draw a dipper with a gourd as a model (idiom); fig. to copy slavishly

照猫画虎 照貓畫虎 zhao4 mao1 hua4 hu3
lit. drawing a tiger using a cat as a model (idiom); fig. to follow a model and get things more or less right but without capturing the spirit of the subject; uninspired imitation

指手画脚 指手畫腳 zhi3 shou3 hua4 jiao3
to gesticulate while talking (idiom); to explain by waving one's hands; to criticize or give orders summarily

中国画 中國畫 zhong1 guo2 hua4
Chinese painting

字画 字畫 zi4 hua4
the strokes of a character; calligraphy and painting

自画像 自畫像 zi4 hua4 xiang4

作画 作畫 zuo4 hua4
to paint