to send out; to show (one's feeling); to issue; to develop; to make a bundle of money; classifier for gunshots (rounds)

strokes 12
strokes after radical 7
案发 案發 an4 fa1
to investigate a crime on the spot; to occur (of a crime); to be discovered (of a crime)

百发百中 百發百中 bai3 fa1 bai3 zhong4
lit. one hundred shots, one hundred hits; to carry out a task with great precision; to shoot with unfailing accuracy; be a crack shot (idiom)

拜科努尔航天发射基地 拜科努爾航天發射基地 bai4 ke1 nu3 er3 hang2 tian1 fa1 she4 ji1 di4
Baikonur Cosmodrome

颁发 頒發 ban1 fa1
to issue; to promulgate; to award

暴发 暴發 bao4 fa1
to break out (of disease etc); to suddenly get rich (or prominent)

爆发 爆發 bao4 fa1
to break out; to erupt; to explode; to burst out

暴发户 暴發戶 bao4 fa1 hu4
newly rich; parvenu; upstart

爆发性 爆發性 bao4 fa1 xing4
explosive power; explosive

迸发 迸發 beng4 fa1
to burst forth

迸发出 迸發出 beng4 fa1 chu1
to burst forth; to burst out

并发 併發 bing4 fa1
to be complicated by; to erupt simultaneously

并发症 併發症 bing4 fa1 zheng4
complications (undesired side-effect of medical procedure)

勃发 勃發 bo2 fa1
to sprout up; to flourish; (of war etc) to break out; rapid growth

补发 補發 bu3 fa1
to supply again (sth lost); to reissue; to pay retroactively

布拉迪斯拉发 布拉迪斯拉發 bu4 la1 di2 si1 la1 fa1

柴油发动机 柴油發動機 chai2 you2 fa1 dong4 ji1
diesel engine

阐发 闡發 chan3 fa1
to elucidate; to expound; to study and explain

迟发性损伤 遲發性損傷 chi2 fa1 xing4 sun3 shang1
delayed lesion

充发 充發 chong1 fa1
to banish to penal servitude

出发 出發 chu1 fa1
to set off; to start (on a journey)

出发点 出發點 chu1 fa1 dian3
starting point; (fig.) basis; motive

触发 觸發 chu4 fa1
to trigger; to spark

触发器 觸發器 chu4 fa1 qi4
flip-flop (electronics)

触发清单 觸發清單 chu4 fa1 qing1 dan1
trigger list

触发引信 觸發引信 chu4 fa1 yin3 xin4
an impact detonator

传发 傳發 chuan2 fa1
to order sb to start on a journey

传真发送 傳真發送 chuan2 zhen1 fa1 song4
fax transmission

猝发 猝發 cu4 fa1
abrupt; suddenly

打发时间 打發時間 da3 fa1 shi2 jian1
to pass the time

打发 打發 da3 fa5
to dispatch sb to do sth; to make sb leave; to pass (the time); (old) to make arrangements; (old) to bestow (alms etc)

大发 大發 da4 fa1
Daihatsu, Japanese car company

大发雷霆 大發雷霆 da4 fa1 lei2 ting2
to be furious; to fly into a terrible rage

大力发展 大力發展 da4 li4 fa1 zhan3
vigorous expansion; rapid development

大润发 大潤發 da4 run4 fa1
RT Mart (department store chain)

地热发电厂 地熱發電廠 di4 re4 fa1 dian4 chang3
geothermal electric power station

点发 點發 dian3 fa1
to fire in bursts; shooting intermittently

调发 調發 diao4 fa1
to requisition; to dispatch

东窗事发 東窗事發 dong1 chuang1 shi4 fa1
(of a plot etc) to be exposed (idiom); to come to light

逗人发笑 逗人發笑 dou4 ren2 fa1 xiao4
to make people laugh

赌咒发誓 賭咒發誓 du3 zhou4 fa1 shi4
to vow

对症发药 對症發藥 dui4 zheng4 fa1 yao4
lit. to prescribe the right medicine for an illness (idiom); fig. to study a problem to find the right way to solve it; to take appropriate steps

多发病 多發病 duo1 fa1 bing4
frequently re-occurring disease

多发性骨髓瘤 多發性骨髓瘤 duo1 fa1 xing4 gu3 sui3 liu2
multiple myeloma (medicine)

多发性硬化症 多發性硬化症 duo1 fa1 xing4 ying4 hua4 zheng4
multiple sclerosis

发暗 發暗 fa1 an4
to darken; to become tarnished

发案 發案 fa1 an4
occurrence (refers to time and place esp. of a criminal act); to take place; to occur; to advertise freelance work

发白 發白 fa1 bai2
to turn pale; to lose color; to go white

发榜 發榜 fa1 bang3
to publish a roll-call of successful candidates

发包 發包 fa1 bao1
to put out to contract

发报 發報 fa1 bao4
to send a message

发报人 發報人 fa1 bao4 ren2
sender (of a message)

发飙 發飆 fa1 biao1
to flip out; to act out violently

发表 發表 fa1 biao3
to issue; to publish

发表演讲 發表演講 fa1 biao3 yan3 jiang3
to give a speech

发兵 發兵 fa1 bing1
to dispatch an army; to send troops

发病 發病 fa1 bing4
onset; outbreak (of a disease)

发病率 發病率 fa1 bing4 lv4
incidence of a disease; disease rate

发布 發布 fa1 bu4
to release; to issue; to announce; to distribute

发布 發佈 fa1 bu4
to release; to issue; to announce; to distribute; also written 發布|发布

发布会 發布會 fa1 bu4 hui4
news conference; briefing

发布会 發佈會 fa1 bu4 hui4
news conference; briefing

发财 發財 fa1 cai2
to get rich

发财车 發財車 fa1 cai2 che1
(Tw) mini truck; Kei truck

发财致富 發財致富 fa1 cai2 zhi4 fu4
to become rich; enrichment

发颤 發顫 fa1 chan4
to shiver

发车 發車 fa1 che1
departure (of a coach or train); to dispatch a vehicle

发愁 發愁 fa1 chou2
to worry; to fret; to be anxious; to become sad

发出 發出 fa1 chu1
to issue (an order, decree etc); to send out; to dispatch; to produce (a sound); to let out (a laugh)

发出指示 發出指示 fa1 chu1 zhi3 shi4
to issue instructions

发憷 發憷 fa1 chu4
variant of 發怵|发怵

发怵 發怵 fa1 chu4
to feel terrified; to grow apprehensive

发春 發春 fa1 chun1
in heat

发脆 發脆 fa1 cui4
to become brittle; to become crisp

发达 發達 fa1 da2
developed (country etc); flourishing; to develop

发达地区 發達地區 fa1 da2 di4 qu1
developed area

发达国 發達國 fa1 da2 guo2
developed nation

发达国家 發達國家 fa1 da2 guo2 jia1
developed nation

发呆 發呆 fa1 dai1
to stare blankly; to be stunned; to be lost in thought

发电 發電 fa1 dian4
to generate electricity; to send a telegram

发电厂 發電廠 fa1 dian4 chang3
power plant

发电机 發電機 fa1 dian4 ji1
electricity generator; dynamo

发电量 發電量 fa1 dian4 liang4
(generated) electrical energy

发电站 發電站 fa1 dian4 zhan4
electricity generating station; power station

发动 發動 fa1 dong4
to start; to launch; to unleash; to mobilize; to arouse

发动机 發動機 fa1 dong4 ji1
engine; motor

发动力 發動力 fa1 dong4 li4
motive power

发抖 發抖 fa1 dou3
to tremble; to shake; to shiver

发端 發端 fa1 duan1
beginning; origin; to originate; to initiate

发短信 發短信 fa1 duan3 xin4
to text; to send SMS messages

发放 發放 fa1 fang4
to provide; to give; to grant

发粉 發粉 fa1 fen3
baking powder

发愤 發憤 fa1 fen4
to make a determined effort

发奋 發奮 fa1 fen4
to make an effort; to push for sth; to work hard

发奋图强 發奮圖強 fa1 fen4 tu2 qiang2
to make an effort to become strong (idiom); determined to do better; to pull one's socks up

发愤图强 發憤圖強 fa1 fen4 tu2 qiang2
to be strongly determined to succeed (idiom)

发愤忘食 發憤忘食 fa1 fen4 wang4 shi2
so dedicated as to forget one's meals (idiom)

发奋有为 發奮有為 fa1 fen4 you3 wei2
to prove one's worth through firm resolve (idiom)

发疯 發瘋 fa1 feng1
to go mad; to go crazy; to lose one's mind

发福 發福 fa1 fu2
to put on weight; to get fat (a sign of prosperity, so a compliment)

发嘎嘎声 發嘎嘎聲 fa1 ga1 ga1 sheng1

发改委 發改委 fa1 gai3 wei3
abbr. for 國家發展和改革委員會|国家发展和改革委员会, PRC National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), formed in 2003

发绀 發紺 fa1 gan4
cyanosis (blue skin due to lack of oxygen in blood)

发稿时 發稿時 fa1 gao3 shi2
time of publication; at the time of going to press

发给 發給 fa1 gei3
to issue; to grant; to distribute

发工资日 發工資日 fa1 gong1 zi1 ri4
payday; pay day

发光 發光 fa1 guang1
to shine

发光二极管 發光二極管 fa1 guang1 er4 ji2 guan3
light-emitting diode; LED

发光二极体 發光二極體 fa1 guang1 er4 ji2 ti3
light-emitting diode (LED) (Tw)

发光强度 發光強度 fa1 guang1 qiang2 du4
luminous intensity

发汗 發汗 fa1 han4
to sweat

发好人卡 發好人卡 fa1 hao3 ren2 ka3
(slang) to reject sb (by labeling them a 'nice guy')

发号施令 發號施令 fa1 hao4 shi1 ling4
to boss people around (idiom)

发横财 發橫財 fa1 heng4 cai2
to make easy money; to make a fortune; to line one's pockets

发红 發紅 fa1 hong2
to turn red; to blush; to flush

发喉急 發喉急 fa1 hou2 ji2
to get in a rage

发慌 發慌 fa1 huang1
to become agitated; to feel nervous

发挥 發揮 fa1 hui1
to display; to exhibit; to bring out implicit or innate qualities; to express (a thought or moral); to develop (an idea); to elaborate (on a theme)

发回 發回 fa1 hui2
to send back; to return

发昏 發昏 fa1 hun1
to faint

发火 發火 fa1 huo3
to catch fire; to ignite; to detonate; to get angry

发货 發貨 fa1 huo4
to dispatch; to send out goods

发积 發積 fa1 ji1
see 發跡|发迹

发急 發急 fa1 ji2
to fret; to get impatient; to become anxious

发迹 發跡 fa1 ji4
to make one's mark; to go up in the world; to make one's fortune

发家 發家 fa1 jia1
to lay down a family fortune; to get rich; to become prosperous

发件人 發件人 fa1 jian4 ren2
sender (of mail); From: (email header)

发奖 發獎 fa1 jiang3
to award a prize

发交 發交 fa1 jiao1
to issue and deliver (to people)

发酵 發酵 fa1 jiao4
to ferment; fermentation

发窘 發窘 fa1 jiong3
to feel embarrassment; disconcerted; embarrassed

发酒疯 發酒瘋 fa1 jiu3 feng1
to get wildly drunk

发觉 發覺 fa1 jue2
to become aware; to detect; to realize; to perceive

发掘 發掘 fa1 jue2
to excavate; to explore; (fig.) to unearth; to tap into

发卡 發卡 fa1 ka3
to issue a card; (slang) to reject a guy or a girl; to chuck

发刊 發刊 fa1 kan1
to publish; to put out (a document)

发刊词 發刊詞 fa1 kan1 ci2
foreword; preface (to a publication)

发棵 發棵 fa1 ke1

发狂 發狂 fa1 kuang2
crazy; mad; madly

发困 發睏 fa1 kun4
to get sleepy

发牢骚 發牢騷 fa1 lao2 sao1
to whine; to be grouchy

发冷 發冷 fa1 leng3
to feel a chill (as an emotional response); to feel cold (as a clinical symptom)

发愣 發愣 fa1 leng4
to daydream; in a daze

发亮 發亮 fa1 liang4
to shine; shiny

发令 發令 fa1 ling4
to issue an order

发令枪 發令槍 fa1 ling4 qiang1
starting pistol

发聋振聩 發聾振聵 fa1 long2 zhen4 kui4
lit. so loud that even the deaf can hear (idiom); rousing even the apathetic

发落 發落 fa1 luo4
to deal with (an offender)

发麻 發麻 fa1 ma2
to feel numb

发毛 發毛 fa1 mao2
to rant and rave; to be scared, upset (Beijing dialect)

发霉 發霉 fa1 mei2
to become moldy

发面 發麵 fa1 mian4
to leaven dough; to make bread

发明 發明 fa1 ming2
to invent; an invention

发明创造 發明創造 fa1 ming2 chuang4 zao4
to invent and innovate; inventions and innovations

发明家 發明家 fa1 ming2 jia1

发明人 發明人 fa1 ming2 ren2

发明者 發明者 fa1 ming2 zhe3

发难 發難 fa1 nan4
to rise in revolt; to raise difficult questions

发蔫 發蔫 fa1 nian1
to wilt; to droop; to appear listless

发怒 發怒 fa1 nu4
to get angry

发牌 發牌 fa1 pai2
to deal (cards)

发胖 發胖 fa1 pang4
to put on weight; to get fat

发泡 發泡 fa1 pao4
fizzy; sparkling (drink)

发泡剂 發泡劑 fa1 pao4 ji4
foaming agent; blowing agent

发泡胶 發泡膠 fa1 pao4 jiao1
expanded polystyrene (EPS); styrofoam

发配 發配 fa1 pei4
to send away to serve a penal sentence

发脾气 發脾氣 fa1 pi2 qi4
to get angry

发飘 發飄 fa1 piao1
to feel light, as if floating; to feel unstable

发票 發票 fa1 piao4
invoice; receipt or bill for purchase

发起 發起 fa1 qi3
to originate; to initiate; to launch (an attack, an initiative etc); to start; to propose sth (for the first time)

发起人 發起人 fa1 qi3 ren2
proposer; initiator; founding member

发气 發氣 fa1 qi4
to get angry

发情 發情 fa1 qing2
oestrus (sexual receptivity in female mammals)

发情期 發情期 fa1 qing2 qi1
the breeding season (zool.); oestrus (period of sexual receptivity of female mammals)

发球 發球 fa1 qiu2
to serve the ball; to tee off

发球区 發球區 fa1 qiu2 qu1
teeing ground (golf)

发热 發熱 fa1 re4
to have a high temperature; feverish; unable to think calmly; to emit heat

发热伴血小板减少综合征 發熱伴血小板減少綜合徵 fa1 re4 ban4 xue4 xiao3 ban3 jian3 shao3 zong1 he2 zheng1
severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS)

发人深省 發人深省 fa1 ren2 shen1 xing3
to provide food for thought (idiom); thought-provoking

发人深醒 發人深醒 fa1 ren2 shen1 xing3
variant of 發人深省|发人深省

发轫 發軔 fa1 ren4
to set (sth) afoot; to initiate; beginning; origin; commencement

发软 發軟 fa1 ruan3
to weaken; to go soft (at the knees)

发散 發散 fa1 san4
to disperse; to diverge

发丧 發喪 fa1 sang1
to hold a funeral

发骚 發騷 fa1 sao1
horny; lecherous

发烧 發燒 fa1 shao1
to have a high temperature (from illness); to have a fever

发烧友 發燒友 fa1 shao1 you3
fan; zealot

发射 發射 fa1 she4
to shoot (a projectile); to fire (a rocket); to launch; to emit (a particle); to discharge; emanation; emission

发射场 發射場 fa1 she4 chang3
launchpad; launching site

发射机 發射機 fa1 she4 ji1

发射机应答器 發射機應答器 fa1 she4 ji1 ying4 da2 qi4
transponder; electronic device that responds to a radio code

发射井 發射井 fa1 she4 jing3
launching silo

发射器 發射器 fa1 she4 qi4
radio transmitter

发射星云 發射星雲 fa1 she4 xing1 yun2
radiant nebula

发射站 發射站 fa1 she4 zhan4
launch pad (for rocket or projectile)

发神经 發神經 fa1 shen2 jing1
(coll.) to go crazy; to lose it; demented; unhinged

发生 發生 fa1 sheng1
to happen; to occur; to take place; to break out

发声 發聲 fa1 sheng1
vocal; sound; sound production; to utter; to give voice

发声法 發聲法 fa1 sheng1 fa3

发生关系 發生關係 fa1 sheng1 guan1 xi5
to have sexual relations with sb; to have dealings with

发生率 發生率 fa1 sheng1 lv4
rate of occurrence

发声器 發聲器 fa1 sheng1 qi4
sound device

发声器官 發聲器官 fa1 sheng1 qi4 guan1
vocal organs; vocal cords

发誓 發誓 fa1 shi4
to vow; to pledge; to swear

发售 發售 fa1 shou4
to sell

发送 發送 fa1 song4
to transmit; to dispatch; to issue (an official document or credential)

发送功率 發送功率 fa1 song4 gong1 lv4
transmission power; output power

发送器 發送器 fa1 song4 qi4

发烫 發燙 fa1 tang4
burning hot

发条 發條 fa1 tiao2
spring; coil spring (spiral spring used to power clockwork)

发贴 發貼 fa1 tie1
to stick sth up (on the wall); to post (on a noticeboard or website)

发帖 發帖 fa1 tie3
to post (an item on a forum)

发痛 發痛 fa1 tong4
to ache; to be sore; to feel painful

发脱口齿 發脫口齒 fa1 tuo1 kou3 chi3
diction; enunciation

发问 發問 fa1 wen4
to question; to ask; to raise a question

发现 發現 fa1 xian4
to find; to discover

发现号 發現號 fa1 xian4 hao2
the Discovery space shuttle

发现物 發現物 fa1 xian4 wu4

发祥 發祥 fa1 xiang2
to give rise to (sth good); to emanate from

发祥地 發祥地 fa1 xiang2 di4
the birthplace (of sth good); the cradle (e.g. of art)

发想 發想 fa1 xiang3
to come up with an idea; generation of ideas; inspiration

发笑 發笑 fa1 xiao4
to burst out laughing; to laugh

发泄 發洩 fa1 xie4
to give vent to (one's feelings)

发薪 發薪 fa1 xin1
to pay wages or salary

发薪日 發薪日 fa1 xin1 ri4

发信 發信 fa1 xin4
to post a letter

发行 發行 fa1 xing2
to publish; to issue (stocks, currency etc); to release; to distribute (a film)

发行备忘录 發行備忘錄 fa1 xing2 bei4 wang4 lu4
offering memorandum (for public stock issue); publication memorandum

发行额 發行額 fa1 xing2 e2
(periodical) circulation

发行红利股 發行紅利股 fa1 xing2 hong2 li4 gu3
a bonus issue (a form of dividend payment)

发行人 發行人 fa1 xing2 ren2
publisher; issuer

发虚 發虛 fa1 xu1
to feel weak; to be diffident

发嘘声 發噓聲 fa1 xu1 sheng1
to hiss (as a sign of displeasure)

发芽 發芽 fa1 ya2
to germinate

发言 發言 fa1 yan2
to make a speech; statement; utterance

发炎 發炎 fa1 yan2
to become inflamed; inflammation

发言权 發言權 fa1 yan2 quan2
the right of speech

发言人 發言人 fa1 yan2 ren2

发言中肯 發言中肯 fa1 yan2 zhong4 ken3
to hit the nail on the head (idiom)

发扬 發揚 fa1 yang2
to develop; to make full use of

发扬踔厉 發揚踔厲 fa1 yang2 chuo1 li4
to be full of vigor (idiom)

发扬蹈厉 發揚蹈厲 fa1 yang2 dao3 li4
see 發揚踔厲|发扬踔厉

发扬光大 發揚光大 fa1 yang2 guang1 da4
to develop and promote; to carry forward; to bring to great height of development

发痒 發癢 fa1 yang3
to tickle; to itch

发音 發音 fa1 yin1
to pronounce; pronunciation; to emit sound

发音器官 發音器官 fa1 yin1 qi4 guan1
vocal organs; vocal cords

发音体 發音體 fa1 yin1 ti3
sound producing object (soundboard, vibrating string, membrane etc)

发语词 發語詞 fa1 yu3 ci2
form word; in classical Chinese, first character of phrase having auxiliary grammatical function

发语辞 發語辭 fa1 yu3 ci2
literary auxiliary particle, comes at the beginning of a sentence

发育 發育 fa1 yu4
to develop; to mature; growth; development; (sexually) mature

发育期 發育期 fa1 yu4 qi1
puberty; period of development

发育生物学 發育生物學 fa1 yu4 sheng1 wu4 xue2
developmental biology

发源 發源 fa1 yuan2
to rise; to originate; source; derivation

发源地 發源地 fa1 yuan2 di4
place of origin; birthplace; source

发愿 發願 fa1 yuan4
to vow

发晕 發暈 fa1 yun1
to feel dizzy

发运 發運 fa1 yun4
(of goods) to dispatch; shipment; shipping

发簪 發簪 fa1 zan1

发展 發展 fa1 zhan3
development; growth; to develop; to grow; to expand

发展商 發展商 fa1 zhan3 shang1
(real estate etc) developer

发展研究中心 發展研究中心 fa1 zhan3 yan2 jiu1 zhong1 xin1
Development Research Center (PRC State Council institution)

发展中 發展中 fa1 zhan3 zhong1
developing; under development; in the pipeline

发展中国家 發展中國家 fa1 zhan3 zhong1 guo2 jia1
developing country

发胀 發脹 fa1 zhang4
to swell up; swelling

发怔 發怔 fa1 zheng1
baffled; nonplussed

发直 發直 fa1 zhi2
to stare; to look blank; to be fixed (of eyes)

发自 發自 fa1 zi4
to evolve from

发作 發作 fa1 zuo4
to flare up; to break out

发作性嗜睡病 發作性嗜睡病 fa1 zuo4 xing4 shi4 shui4 bing4

放射性发光材料 放射性發光材料 fang4 she4 xing4 fa1 guang1 cai2 liao4

非洲开发银行 非洲開發銀行 fei1 zhou1 kai1 fa1 yin2 hang2
African Development Bank

分发 分發 fen1 fa1
to distribute; distribution; to assign (sb) to a job

奋发 奮發 fen4 fa1
to rouse to vigorous action; energetic mood

奋发图强 奮發圖強 fen4 fa1 tu2 qiang2
to work energetically for prosperity (of the country)

风力发电厂 風力發電廠 feng1 li4 fa1 dian4 chang3
wind farm; wind park

复发 復發 fu4 fa1
to recur (of a disease); to reappear; to relapse (into a former bad state)

感发 感發 gan3 fa1
to move and inspire

高发 高發 gao1 fa1
(of diseases, accidents) to occur with a high incidence; (old) to score highly in the imperial exams

高发人群 高發人群 gao1 fa1 ren2 qun2
high-risk group (med.)

告发 告發 gao4 fa1
to lodge an accusation; accusation (law)

恭喜发财 恭喜發財 gong1 xi3 fa1 cai2
May you have a prosperous New Year! (New Year's greeting)

光发送器 光發送器 guang1 fa1 song4 qi4
optical transmitter

国家发展改革委 國家發展改革委 guo2 jia1 fa1 zhan3 gai3 ge2 wei3
PRC National Development and Reform Commission

国家发展和改革委员会 國家發展和改革委員會 guo2 jia1 fa1 zhan3 he2 gai3 ge2 wei3 yuan2 hui4
PRC National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), formed in 2003

国家发展计划委员会 國家發展計劃委員會 guo2 jia1 fa1 zhan3 ji4 hua4 wei3 yuan2 hui4
PRC State Development and Planning Committee, set up 1998 to replace State Planning Committee 國家計劃委員會|国家计划委员会, replaced in 2003 by National Development and Reform Commission 國家發展和改革委員會|国家发展和改革委员会

国家开发银行 國家開發銀行 guo2 jia1 kai1 fa1 yin2 hang2
China Development Bank

哈里发 哈里發 ha1 li3 fa1
(loanword) caliph; also written 哈利發|哈利发

哈里发帝国 哈里發帝國 ha1 li3 fa1 di4 guo2
Caliphate (Islamic empire formed after the death of the Prophet Mohammed 穆罕默德 in 632)

哈里发塔 哈里發塔 ha1 li3 fa1 ta3
Burj Khalifa

海洋温差发电 海洋溫差發電 hai3 yang2 wen1 cha1 fa1 dian4
ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC)

寒武爆发 寒武爆發 han2 wu3 bao4 fa1
the Cambrian explosion

寒武纪大爆发 寒武紀大爆發 han2 wu3 ji4 da4 bao4 fa1
the Cambrian explosion

寒武纪生命大爆发 寒武紀生命大爆發 han2 wu3 ji4 sheng1 ming4 da4 bao4 fa1
the Cambrian explosion

核发电 核發電 he2 fa1 dian4
nuclear power generation

核发电厂 核發電廠 he2 fa1 dian4 chang3
nuclear power plant

厚积薄发 厚積薄發 hou4 ji1 bo2 fa1
lit. to have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly (idiom); good preparation is the key to success; to be well prepared

缓发中子 緩發中子 huan3 fa1 zhong1 zi3
delayed neutron

焕发 煥發 huan4 fa1
to shine; to glow; to irradiate; to flash

挥发 揮發 hui1 fa1
volatile; volatility

挥发性 揮發性 hui1 fa1 xing4

挥发性存储器 揮發性存儲器 hui1 fa1 xing4 cun2 chu3 qi4
volatile memory

挥发油 揮發油 hui1 fa1 you2
volatile oil (in general); gasoline

火力发电厂 火力發電廠 huo3 li4 fa1 dian4 chang3
fired power plant (i.e. fired by coal, oil or gas)

火山爆发 火山爆發 huo3 shan1 bao4 fa1
volcanic eruption

火山爆发指数 火山爆發指數 huo3 shan1 bao4 fa1 zhi3 shu4
volcanic explosivity index (VEI)

激发 激發 ji1 fa1
to arouse; to excite

激发注射 激發注射 ji1 fa1 zhu4 she4
booster shot; booster injection

肌肉发达 肌肉發達 ji1 rou4 fa1 da2

疾病突发 疾病突發 ji2 bing4 tu1 fa1
outbreak of illness; seizure

即兴发挥 即興發揮 ji2 xing4 fa1 hui1

寄发 寄發 ji4 fa1
to dispatch; to send out (mail)

技术发展 技術發展 ji4 shu4 fa1 zhan3
technological development

揭发 揭發 jie1 fa1
to expose; to bring to light; to disclose; revelation

借题发挥 借題發揮 jie4 ti2 fa1 hui1
to use the current topic to put over one's own ideas; to use sth as a pretext to make a fuss

进发 進發 jin4 fa1
to set out; to start

经济发展 經濟發展 jing1 ji4 fa1 zhan3
economic development

经济合作与发展组织 經濟合作與發展組織 jing1 ji4 he2 zuo4 yu3 fa1 zhan3 zu3 zhi1
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD); abbr. to 經合組織|经合组织

经济协力开发机构 經濟協力開發機構 jing1 ji4 xie2 li4 kai1 fa1 ji1 gou4
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD); also written 經濟合作與發展組織|经济合作与发展组织

精神焕发 精神煥發 jing1 shen2 huan4 fa1
in high spirits (idiom); glowing with health and vigor

旧病复发 舊病復發 jiu4 bing4 fu4 fa1
old illness recurs (idiom); a relapse; fig. to repeat an old error; the same old problem

举发 舉發 ju3 fa1
to expose (e.g., wrongdoing); to accuse (in court); to impeach; to denounce

开发 開發 kai1 fa1
to exploit (a resource); to open up (for development); to develop

开发过程 開發過程 kai1 fa1 guo4 cheng2
development process

开发环境 開發環境 kai1 fa1 huan2 jing4
development environment (computer)

开发区 開發區 kai1 fa1 qu1
development zone

开发人员 開發人員 kai1 fa1 ren2 yuan2

开发商 開發商 kai1 fa1 shang1
developer (of real estate, a commercial product etc)

开发银行 開發銀行 kai1 fa1 yin2 hang2
development bank

开发周期 開發周期 kai1 fa1 zhou1 qi1
development cycle; development period; also written 開發週期|开发周期

开发周期 開發週期 kai1 fa1 zhou1 qi1
development cycle; development period

科学发展观 科學發展觀 ke1 xue2 fa1 zhan3 guan1
Scientific Outlook on Development, a guiding principle for the CPC attributed to Hu Jintao 胡錦濤|胡锦涛, incorporated into the Constitution of the CPC in 2007

可持续发展 可持續發展 ke3 chi2 xu4 fa1 zhan3
sustainable development

恐慌发作 恐慌發作 kong3 huang1 fa1 zuo4
panic attack

扣发 扣發 kou4 fa1
to deprive; to withhold; to hold sth back (and prevent it being known)

款到发货 款到發貨 kuan3 dao4 fa1 huo4
dispatch upon receipt of payment

懒人沙发 懶人沙發 lan3 ren2 sha1 fa1

联合发表 聯合發表 lian2 he2 fa1 biao3
joint statement; joint announcement

联合国开发计划署 聯合國開發計劃署 lian2 he2 guo2 kai1 fa1 ji4 hua4 shu3
United Nations Development Program

灵感触发图 靈感觸發圖 ling2 gan3 chu4 fa1 tu2
mind map

榴弹发射器 榴彈發射器 liu2 dan4 fa1 she4 qi4
grenade launcher

萌发 萌發 meng2 fa1
to sprout; to shoot; to bud

努瓜娄发 努瓜婁發 nu3 gua1 lou2 fa1
Nuku'alofa, capital of Tonga (Tw)

拍发 拍發 pai1 fa1
to send; to cable (a telegram)

胚胎发生 胚胎發生 pei1 tai1 fa1 sheng1

配发 配發 pei4 fa1
to issue; to distribute; to publish along with

喷发 噴發 pen1 fa1
to erupt; an eruption

喷气发动机 噴氣發動機 pen1 qi4 fa1 dong4 ji1
jet engine

批发 批發 pi1 fa1
wholesale; bulk trade; distribution

批发价 批發價 pi1 fa1 jia4
wholesale price

批发商 批發商 pi1 fa1 shang1
a wholesale business; distributor

批发业 批發業 pi1 fa1 ye4
wholesale business; bulk trade

普列谢茨克卫星发射场 普列謝茨克衛星發射場 pu3 lie4 xie4 ci2 ke4 wei4 xing1 fa1 she4 chang3
Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia

启发 啟發 qi3 fa1
to enlighten; to explain (a text etc); to stimulate (a mental attitude); enlightenment; revelation; motivation

启发法 啟發法 qi3 fa1 fa3
heuristic method; heuristics

启发式 啟發式 qi3 fa1 shi4

汽轮发电机 汽輪發電機 qi4 lun2 fa1 dian4 ji1
steam turbine electric generator

签发 簽發 qian1 fa1
to issue (a document); to sign and issue officially

签发地点 簽發地點 qian1 fa1 di4 dian3
place of issue (of document)

签发日期 簽發日期 qian1 fa1 ri4 qi1
date of issue (of document)

青发 青發 qing1 fa1
amobarbital (drug) (Tw)

全球发展中心 全球發展中心 quan2 qiu2 fa1 zhan3 zhong1 xin1
Center for Global Development (an environmental think tank)

群发 群發 qun2 fa1
to send to multiple recipients; mass mailout; to occur in a clustered fashion

群发性地震 群發性地震 qun2 fa1 xing4 di4 zhen4
earthquake swarm

群发性头痛 群發性頭痛 qun2 fa1 xing4 tou2 tong4
cluster headache

人间蒸发 人間蒸發 ren2 jian1 zheng1 fa1
to vanish; to disappear from the face of the earth

容光焕发 容光煥發 rong2 guang1 huan4 fa1
face glowing (idiom); looking radiant; all smiles

软件开发 軟件開發 ruan3 jian4 kai1 fa1
software development

软件开发人员 軟件開發人員 ruan3 jian4 kai1 fa1 ren2 yuan2
software developer

散发 散發 san4 fa1
to distribute; to emit; to issue

瑟瑟发抖 瑟瑟發抖 se4 se4 fa1 dou3
to shiver with cold

沙发 沙發 sha1 fa1
sofa (loanword); (Internet slang) the first reply or replier to a forum post

沙发床 沙發床 sha1 fa1 chuang2
sofa bed; sleeper sofa

沙发客 沙發客 sha1 fa1 ke4
couchsurfing; couchsurfer

商业发票 商業發票 shang1 ye4 fa1 piao4
commercial invoice

上海浦东发展银行 上海浦東發展銀行 shang4 hai3 pu3 dong1 fa1 zhan3 yin2 hang2
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

生发 生發 sheng1 fa1
to emerge and grow; to develop

升官发财 升官發財 sheng1 guan1 fa1 cai2
to be promoted and gain wealth (idiom)

始发 始發 shi3 fa1
(of trains etc) to set off (on a journey); to start (being issued or circulated); to start (happening); originating

事发地点 事發地點 shi4 fa1 di4 dian3
the scene of the incident

事发时 事發時 shi4 fa1 shi2
the time of the incident

事态发展 事態發展 shi4 tai4 fa1 zhan3
course of events

收发 收發 shou1 fa1
to receive and send; to receive and transmit

收发室 收發室 shou1 fa1 shi4
mail room; radio room (i.e. reception and transmission)

首发 首發 shou3 fa1
first issue; first public showing

抒发 抒發 shu1 fa1
to express (an emotion); to give vent

水力发电 水力發電 shui3 li4 fa1 dian4

水力发电站 水力發電站 shui3 li4 fa1 dian4 zhan4
hydroelectric power plant

瞬发辐射 瞬發輻射 shun4 fa1 fu2 she4
prompt radiation

瞬发中子 瞬發中子 shun4 fa1 zhong1 zi3
prompt neutron

四大发明 四大發明 si4 da4 fa1 ming2
the four great Chinese inventions: paper, printing, magnetic compass and gunpowder

簌簌发抖 簌簌發抖 su4 su4 fa1 dou3
shivering; trembling (idiom)

所发现 所發現 suo3 fa1 xian4
discovered; what one discovers

探幽发微 探幽發微 tan4 you1 fa1 wei1
to probe deeply and uncover minute details

特发性 特發性 te4 fa1 xing4

甜得发腻 甜得發膩 tian2 de5 fa1 ni4
lovey-dovey; cloying; sugary

统一发票 統一發票 tong3 yi1 fa1 piao4

头脑发胀 頭腦發脹 tou2 nao3 fa1 zhang4
swelling of the head (physical condition); fig. swellheaded; conceited

头脑简单四肢发达 頭腦簡單四肢發達 tou2 nao3 jian3 dan1 si4 zhi1 fa1 da2
all brawn no brains

突发 突發 tu1 fa1
to burst out suddenly; sudden outburst

秃发 禿發 tu1 fa1
a branch of the Xianbei 鮮卑|鲜卑 nomadic people

突发奇想 突發奇想 tu1 fa1 qi2 xiang3
suddenly have a thought (idiom); suddenly be inspired to do something

突发事件 突發事件 tu1 fa1 shi4 jian4
emergency; sudden occurrence

未发货 未發貨 wei4 fa1 huo4
goods not yet dispatched

涡轮喷气发动机 渦輪噴氣發動機 wo1 lun2 pen1 qi4 fa1 dong4 ji1

涡轮轴发动机 渦輪軸發動機 wo1 lun2 zhou2 fa1 dong4 ji1

无线电收发机 無線電收發機 wu2 xian4 dian4 shou1 fa1 ji1
transceiver; radio frequency receiver, broadcaster or relay

吓得发抖 嚇得發抖 xia4 de2 fa1 dou3
tremble with fear

先发 先發 xian1 fa1
initial; arising first; same as 首先發起|首先发起

先发制人 先發制人 xian1 fa1 zhi4 ren2
to gain the initiative by striking first (idiom); to preempt; to anticipate; preemptive

香港贸易发展局 香港貿易發展局 xiang1 gang3 mao4 yi4 fa1 zhan3 ju2
Hong Kong Trade Development Council

小发财 小發財 xiao3 fa1 cai2
(coll.) (Tw) mini truck; Kei truck

新闻发布会 新聞發布會 xin1 wen2 fa1 bu4 hui4
news conference

新闻发言人 新聞發言人 xin1 wen2 fa1 yan2 ren2

兴旺发达 興旺發達 xing1 wang4 fa1 da2
prosperous and developing; flourishing

形态发生素 形態發生素 xing2 tai4 fa1 sheng1 su4

虚发 虛發 xu1 fa1
to miss the target (with a bullet or an arrow)

需要是发明之母 需要是發明之母 xu1 yao4 shi4 fa1 ming2 zhi1 mu3
Necessity is the mother of invention (European proverb).

续发感染 續發感染 xu4 fa1 gan3 ran3
secondary infection

蓄势待发 蓄勢待發 xu4 shi4 dai4 fa1
to wait for action after having accumulated power, energy etc

迅速发展 迅速發展 xun4 su4 fa1 zhan3
to develop rapidly

亚尔发和奥米加 亞爾發和奧米加 ya4 er3 fa1 he2 ao4 mi3 jia1
Alpha and Omega

亚洲开发银行 亞洲開發銀行 ya4 zhou1 kai1 fa1 yin2 hang2
Asian Development Bank

研发 研發 yan2 fa1
research and development; to develop

延发 延發 yan2 fa1
delayed action

洋浦经济开发区 洋浦經濟開發區 yang2 pu3 jing1 ji4 kai1 fa1 qu1
Yangpu Economic Development Zone, Hainan

一触即发 一觸即發 yi1 chu4 ji2 fa1
could happen at any moment; on the verge

一发不可收拾 一發不可收拾 yi1 fa1 bu4 ke3 shou1 shi5
things that have happened can hardly be controlled; to get out of hand

一言不发 一言不發 yi1 yan2 bu4 fa1
to not say a word (idiom)

一语不发 一語不發 yi1 yu3 bu4 fa1
to not say a word (idiom)

益发 益發 yi4 fa1
increasingly; more and more; ever more; all the more

异频雷达收发机 異頻雷達收發機 yi4 pin2 lei2 da2 shou1 fa1 ji1
transponder; electronic device that responds to a radio code

意气风发 意氣風發 yi4 qi4 feng1 fa1
high-spirited; full of mettle

引而不发 引而不發 yin3 er2 bu4 fa1
to pull the bow without shooting (idiom from Mencius); ready and waiting for action; to go through the motions; to practice; a trial run

引发 引發 yin3 fa1
to lead to; to trigger; to initiate; to cause; to evoke (emotions)

隐忍不发 隱忍不發 yin3 ren3 bu4 fa1
to keep one's emotions inside oneself; to restrain one's emotions

印发 印發 yin4 fa1
to publish; to print and distribute

有意栽花花不发,无心插柳柳成阴 有意栽花花不發,無心插柳柳成陰 you3 yi4 zai1 hua1 hua1 bu4 fa1 - wu2 xin1 cha1 liu3 liu3 cheng2 yin1
lit. you plant a garden and the flowers do not bloom, you poke a stick in the mud and it grows into a tree; fig. things do not always turn out as one would expect; well-laid plans may fail, and success may come where you least expect it

诱发 誘發 you4 fa1
to induce; to cause; to elicit; to trigger

幼发拉底 幼發拉底 you4 fa1 la1 di3
Euphrates (river in Iraq)

幼发拉底河 幼發拉底河 you4 fa1 la1 di3 he2
Euphrates River

幼发拉底河谷 幼發拉底河谷 you4 fa1 la1 di3 he2 gu3
Euphrates river valley

愈发 愈發 yu4 fa1
all the more; increasingly

原发性进行性失语 原發性進行性失語 yuan2 fa1 xing4 jin4 xing2 xing4 shi1 yu3
primary progressive aphasia (PPA), speech disorder (sometimes related to dementia)

原子能发电站 原子能發電站 yuan2 zi3 neng2 fa1 dian4 zhan4
atomic power station

越发 越發 yue4 fa1
increasingly; more and more; ever more; all the more

再发 再發 zai4 fa1
to reissue

再发生 再發生 zai4 fa1 sheng1
to reoccur

再发见 再發見 zai4 fa1 xian4

照发 照發 zhao4 fa1
to provide as before; unaltered provision; an authorized issue

振聋发聩 振聾發聵 zhen4 long2 fa1 kui4
lit. so loud that even the deaf can hear (idiom); rousing even the apathetic

蒸发 蒸發 zheng1 fa1
to evaporate; evaporation

征发 徵發 zheng1 fa1
a punitive expedition; a requisition

蒸发空调 蒸發空調 zheng1 fa1 kong1 tiao2
evaporative air conditioner; evaporative cooler

蒸发热 蒸發熱 zheng1 fa1 re4
latent heat of evaporation

整装待发 整裝待發 zheng3 zhuang1 dai4 fa1
to get ready (for a journey); ready and waiting

正电子发射层析 正電子發射層析 zheng4 dian4 zi3 fa1 she4 ceng2 xi1
positron emission tomography (PET)

正电子发射断层照相术 正電子發射斷層照相術 zheng4 dian4 zi3 fa1 she4 duan4 ceng2 zhao4 xiang1 shu4
positron emission tomography (PET)

正电子发射计算机断层 正電子發射計算機斷層 zheng4 dian4 zi3 fa1 she4 ji4 suan4 ji1 duan4 ceng2
PET, positron emission tomography (medical imaging method)

正电子发射体层 正電子發射體層 zheng4 dian4 zi3 fa1 she4 ti3 ceng2
PET, positron emission tomography (medical imaging method)

周润发 周潤發 zhou1 run4 fa1
Chow Yun-Fat (1955-), Hong Kong TV and film star

周武王姬发 周武王姬發 zhou1 wu3 wang2 ji1 fa1
King Wu of Zhou, personal name Ji Fa, reigned 1046-1043 BC as first king of Western Zhou dynasty 西周 1046-771 BC

转发 轉發 zhuan3 fa1
to transmit; to forward (mail, SMS, packets of data); to pass on; to republish (an article from another publication)

自动自发 自動自發 zi4 dong4 zi4 fa1
(to act) on one's own initiative

自发 自發 zi4 fa1

自发电位 自發電位 zi4 fa1 dian4 wei4
electroencephalogram (EEG)

自发对称破缺 自發對稱破缺 zi4 fa1 dui4 chen4 po4 que1
spontaneous symmetry breaking (physics)