variant of 皓

bright; luminous; white (esp. bright white teeth of youth or white hair of old age)

variant of 皓; spotlessly white

strokes 12
strokes after radical 7
蛾眉皓齿 蛾眉皓齒 e2 mei2 hao4 chi3
beautiful eyebrow and white teeth (idiom); lovely young woman

皓白 皓白 hao4 bai2
snow-white; spotless

皓齿 皓齒 hao4 chi3
white teeth (symbol of youth and beauty)

皓齿明眸 皓齒明眸 hao4 chi3 ming2 mou2
white teeth and bright eyes (idiom); lovely young woman

皓齿朱唇 皓齒硃唇 hao4 chi3 zhu1 chun2
white teeth and vermilion lips (idiom); lovely young woman

皓首 皓首 hao4 shou3
white head of hair; fig. old person

皓首苍颜 皓首蒼顏 hao4 shou3 cang1 yan2
white hair and gray sunken cheeks (idiom); decrepit old age

明眸皓齿 明眸皓齒 ming2 mou2 hao4 chi3
to have bright eyes and white teeth