abbr. for Anhui Province 安徽省

strokes 12
strokes after radical 7
皖南事变 皖南事變 wan3 nan2 shi4 bian4
New Fourth Army Incident of 1940, involving fighting between the Nationalists and Communists

皖系军阀 皖系軍閥 wan3 xi4 jun1 fa2
Anhui faction of Northern Warlords 1911-c.1929

皖系战败 皖系戰敗 wan3 xi4 zhan4 bai4
Anhui faction of Northern Warlords (1912-c. 1920), led by Duan Qirui 段祺瑞 with Japanese support

直皖战争 直皖戰爭 zhi2 wan3 zhan4 zheng1
war of 1920 between Northern Warlords, in which the Zhili faction beat the Anhui faction and took over the Beijing government