to use up; to exhaust; to end; to finish; to the utmost; exhausted; finished; to the limit (of sth); all; entirely

strokes 14
strokes after radical 9
百尺竿头,更尽一步 百尺竿頭,更盡一步 bai3 chi3 gan1 tou2 - geng4 jin4 yi1 bu4
lit. hundred foot pole, progress still further (idiom); fig. much accomplished, still some work to do; to continue to further successes; not to rest on one's laurels

不尽 不盡 bu4 jin4
not completely; endlessly

不尽根 不盡根 bu4 jin4 gen1
surd (math.)

尝尽心酸 嘗盡心酸 chang2 jin4 xin1 suan1
to experience one's full share of sorrows (idiom)

除不尽 除不盡 chu2 bu4 jin4
indivisible (math)

除恶务尽 除惡務盡 chu2 e4 wu4 jin4
to eradicate evil completely (idiom); thorough in rooting out wickedness

大尽 大盡 da4 jin4
lunar month of 30 days; same as 大建

殆尽 殆盡 dai4 jin4
nearly exhausted; practically nothing left

弹尽粮绝 彈盡糧絕 dan4 jin4 liang2 jue2
out of ammunition and no food left (idiom); in desperate straits

弹尽援绝 彈盡援絕 dan4 jin4 yuan2 jue2
out of ammunition and no hope of reinforcements (idiom); in desperate straits

费尽心机 費盡心機 fei4 jin4 xin1 ji1
to rack one's brains for schemes (idiom); to beat one's brains out

费尽心思 費盡心思 fei4 jin4 xin1 si5
to rack one's brains (idiom); to take great pains to think sth through

感激不尽 感激不盡 gan3 ji1 bu4 jin4
can't thank sb enough (idiom)

赶尽杀绝 趕盡殺絕 gan3 jin4 sha1 jue2
to kill to the last one (idiom); to exterminate; to eradicate; ruthless

各尽所能 各盡所能 ge4 jin4 suo3 neng2
each does his utmost (idiom); from each according to his means

共轭不尽根 共軛不盡根 gong4 e4 bu4 jin4 gen1
conjugate surd (math.)

耗尽 耗盡 hao4 jin4
to exhaust; to use up; to deplete; to drain

江郎才尽 江郎才盡 jiang1 lang2 cai2 jin4
Jiang Yan has exhausted his talent (idiom); fig. to have used up one's creative powers; to have writer's block

绞尽脑汁 絞盡腦汁 jiao3 jin4 nao3 zhi1
to rack one's brains

竭尽 竭盡 jie2 jin4
to use up; to exhaust

竭尽全力 竭盡全力 jie2 jin4 quan2 li4
to spare no effort (idiom); to do one's utmost

筋疲力尽 筋疲力盡 jin1 pi2 li4 jin4
body weary, strength exhausted (idiom); extremely tired; spent

尽快 盡快 jin3 kuai4
as quickly as possible; as soon as possible; with all speed

尽饱 盡飽 jin4 bao3
to be stuffed to the gills; to eat to satiety

尽到 盡到 jin4 dao4
to fulfill (one's duty etc)

尽地主之谊 盡地主之誼 jin4 di4 zhu3 zhi1 yi4
to act as host; to do the honors

尽欢而散 盡歡而散 jin4 huan1 er2 san4
to disperse after a happy time (idiom); everyone enjoys themselves to the full then party breaks up

尽皆 盡皆 jin4 jie1
all; without exception; complete; whole; entirely

尽力 盡力 jin4 li4
to strive one's hardest; to spare no effort

尽力而为 盡力而為 jin4 li4 er2 wei2
to try one's utmost; to strive

尽量 盡量 jin4 liang4
as much as possible; to the greatest extent

尽情 盡情 jin4 qing2
as much as one likes

尽人皆知 盡人皆知 jin4 ren2 jie1 zhi1
known by everyone (idiom); well known; a household name

尽善尽美 盡善盡美 jin4 shan4 jin4 mei3
perfect (idiom); perfection; the best of all possible worlds; as good as it gets

尽是 盡是 jin4 shi4
to be full of; completely

尽释前嫌 盡釋前嫌 jin4 shi4 qian2 xian2
to forget former enmity (idiom)

尽收眼底 盡收眼底 jin4 shou1 yan3 di3
to take in the whole scene at once; to have a panoramic view

尽数 盡數 jin4 shu4

尽速 盡速 jin4 su4
as quick as possible

尽头 盡頭 jin4 tou2
end; extremity; limit

尽孝 盡孝 jin4 xiao4
to do one's filial duty

尽心 盡心 jin4 xin1
with all of one's heart

尽心竭力 盡心竭力 jin4 xin1 jie2 li4
to spare no effort (idiom); to do one's utmost

尽心尽力 盡心盡力 jin4 xin1 jin4 li4
making an all-out effort (idiom); to try one's heart out; to do one's utmost

尽兴 盡興 jin4 xing4
to enjoy oneself to the full; to one's heart's content

尽性 盡性 jin4 xing4
displaying fully; developing to the greatest extent

尽言 盡言 jin4 yan2
saying everything; to speak out fully

尽意 盡意 jin4 yi4
to express fully; all one's feelings

尽义务 盡義務 jin4 yi4 wu4
to fulfill one's duty; to work without asking for reward

尽责 盡責 jin4 ze2
to do one's duty; to do one's bit conscientiously

尽展 盡展 jin4 zhan3
to display (one's potential, one's talents etc)

尽职 盡職 jin4 zhi2
to discharge one's duties; conscientious

尽职尽责 盡職盡責 jin4 zhi2 jin4 ze2
responsible and diligent (idiom)

尽致 盡致 jin4 zhi4
in the finest detail

尽忠 盡忠 jin4 zhong1
to display utter loyalty; to be loyal to the end

精尽人亡 精盡人亡 jing1 jin4 ren2 wang2
to die from excessive ejaculation

精疲力尽 精疲力盡 jing1 pi2 li4 jin4
spirit weary, strength exhausted (idiom); spent; drained; washed out

净尽 淨盡 jing4 jin4
to eliminate; to purge

鞠躬尽瘁 鞠躬盡瘁 ju1 gong1 jin4 cui4
to bend to a task and spare no effort (idiom); striving to the utmost

鞠躬尽瘁,死而后已 鞠躬盡瘁,死而後已 ju1 gong1 jin4 cui4 - si3 er2 hou4 yi3
to bend to a task and spare no effort unto one's dying day (idiom); striving to the utmost one's whole life; with every breath in one's body, unto one's dying day

鞠躬尽力 鞠躬盡力 ju1 gong1 jin4 li4
to bend to a task and spare no effort (idiom); striving to the utmost; same as 鞠躬盡瘁|鞠躬尽瘁

苦尽甘来 苦盡甘來 ku3 jin4 gan1 lai2
bitterness finishes, sweetness begins (idiom); the hard times are over, the good times just beginning

历尽 歷盡 li4 jin4
to have experienced a lot of; to have been through

历尽沧桑 歷盡滄桑 li4 jin4 cang1 sang1
to have been through the hardships of life; to have been through the mill

力尽神危 力盡神危 li4 jin4 shen2 wei1
totally exhausted as result of overexertion (idiom)

淋漓尽致 淋漓盡致 lin2 li2 jin4 zhi4
lit. extreme saturation (idiom); fig. vividly and thoroughly; in great detail; without restraint; (of a performance) brilliant

满城尽带黄金甲 滿城盡帶黃金甲 man3 cheng2 jin4 dai4 huang2 jin1 jia3
Curse of the Golden Flower (2007), period drama movie by Zhang Yimou

民穷财尽 民窮財盡 min2 qiong2 cai2 jin4
the people are impoverished, their means exhausted (idiom); to drive the nation to bankruptcy

鸟尽弓藏 鳥盡弓藏 niao3 jin4 gong1 cang2
lit. the birds are over, the bow is put away (idiom); fig. to get rid of sb once he has served his purpose

前功尽弃 前功盡棄 qian2 gong1 jin4 qi4
to waste all one's previous efforts (idiom); all that has been achieved goes down the drain

倾尽 傾盡 qing1 jin4
to do all one can; to give all one has

罄尽 罄盡 qing4 jin4
to use up entirely

穷尽 窮盡 qiong2 jin4
to use up; to exhaust; to probe to the bottom; limit; end

取之不尽,用之不竭 取之不盡,用之不竭 qu3 zhi1 bu4 jin4 - yong4 zhi1 bu4 jie2
limitless supply (of); inexhaustible

人尽皆知 人盡皆知 ren2 jin4 jie1 zhi1
see 盡人皆知|尽人皆知

人尽其才 人盡其才 ren2 jin4 qi2 cai2
employ one's talent to the fullest; everyone gives of their best

人尽其材 人盡其材 ren2 jin4 qi2 cai2
employ one's talent to the fullest; everyone gives of their best; also written 人盡其才|人尽其才

仁至义尽 仁至義盡 ren2 zhi4 yi4 jin4
extreme benevolence, utmost duty (idiom); meticulous virtue and attention to duty

散尽 散盡 san4 jin4
to be totally dispersed (crowd)

丧尽 喪盡 sang4 jin4
to completely lose (one's dignity, vitality etc)

丧尽天良 喪盡天良 sang4 jin4 tian1 liang2
devoid of conscience (idiom); utterly heartless

丧失殆尽 喪失殆盡 sang4 shi1 dai4 jin4
to be used up; to be exhausted

山穷水尽 山窮水盡 shan1 qiong2 shui3 jin4
mountain and river exhausted (idiom); at the end of the line; nowhere to go

使尽 使盡 shi3 jin4
to exert all one's strength

受尽 受盡 shou4 jin4
to suffer enough from; to suffer all kinds of; to have one's fill of

寿数已尽 壽數已盡 shou4 shu4 yi3 jin3
to die (when one's predestined life span is up)

书不尽言 書不盡言 shu1 bu4 jin4 yan2
I have much more to say than can be written in this letter (conventional letter ending) (idiom)

数不尽 數不盡 shu3 bu5 jin4

同归于尽 同歸於盡 tong2 gui1 yu2 jin4
to die in such a way that sb (or sth) else also perishes; to take sb down with oneself; to end in mutual destruction

无尽 無盡 wu2 jin4
endless; inexhaustible

无穷无尽 無窮無盡 wu2 qiong2 wu2 jin4
endless; boundless; infinite

物尽其用 物盡其用 wu4 jin4 qi2 yong4
to use sth to the full; to make the best use of everything

吸尽 吸盡 xi1 jin4
to absorb completely; to drink up

详尽 詳盡 xiang2 jin4
thorough and detailed; exhaustive; the tedious details in full

详尽无遗 詳盡無遺 xiang2 jin4 wu2 yi2
exhaustive; thorough

小尽 小盡 xiao3 jin4
lunar month of 29 days; same as 小建

薪尽火传 薪盡火傳 xin1 jin4 huo3 chuan2
see 薪火相傳|薪火相传

兴尽 興盡 xing4 jin4
to have lost interest; to have had enough

言不尽意 言不盡意 yan2 bu4 jin4 yi4
(conventional letter ending) words cannot fully express what is in my heart (idiom)

咬舌自尽 咬舌自盡 yao3 she2 zi4 jin4
to commit suicide by biting off one's tongue

野火烧不尽,春风吹又生 野火燒不盡,春風吹又生 ye3 huo3 shao1 bu4 jin4 - chun1 feng1 chui1 you4 sheng1
lit. even a prairie fire cannot destroy the grass - it grows again when the breeze blows (proverb); fig. cannot be easily eliminated; abbr. to 野火春風|野火春风

一网打尽 一網打盡 yi1 wang3 da3 jin4
lit. to catch everything in the one net (idiom); fig. to scoop up the whole lot; to capture them all in one go

一言难尽 一言難盡 yi1 yan2 nan2 jin4
hard to explain in a few words (idiom); complicated and not easy to express succinctly

一饮而尽 一飲而盡 yi1 yin3 er2 jin4
to drain the cup in one gulp (idiom)

意存笔先,画尽意在 意存筆先,畫盡意在 yi4 cun2 bi3 xian1 - hua4 jin4 yi4 zai4
the idea is present before the first stroke of the brush, when the last stroke is placed the idea shines through

意犹未尽 意猶未盡 yi4 you2 wei4 jin4
to wish to continue sth; to have not fully expressed oneself

应有尽有 應有盡有 ying1 you3 jin4 you3
everything that should be here is here (idiom); all one can think of is on hand; to have all one needs

用尽 用盡 yong4 jin4
to exhaust; to use up completely

用尽心机 用盡心機 yong4 jin4 xin1 ji1
to tax one's ingenuity

友尽 友盡 you3 jin4
(Internet slang) end of friendship; friendship over!

知无不言,言无不尽 知無不言,言無不盡 zhi1 wu2 bu4 yan2 - yan2 wu2 bu4 jin4
not hiding anything he knows, not stopping before he has said it through (idiom); frank; outspoken

钟鸣漏尽 鐘鳴漏盡 zhong1 ming2 lou4 jin4
past one's prime; in one's declining years

诛尽杀绝 誅盡殺絕 zhu1 jin4 sha1 jue2
to wipe out; to exterminate

自尽 自盡 zi4 jin4
to kill oneself; suicide