variant of 蕩|荡

variant of 燙|烫; variant of 趟

strokes 17
strokes after radical 12
荡秋千 盪鞦韆 dang4 qiu1 qian1
to swing (on a swing)

荡然 盪然 dang4 ran2
variant of 蕩然|荡然

荡漾 盪漾 dang4 yang4
to ripple; to undulate; also written 蕩漾|荡漾

动荡 動盪 dong4 dang4
variant of 動蕩|动荡

杠荡 槓盪 gang4 dang4
to shake; to rock

回肠荡气 回腸盪氣 hui2 chang2 dang4 qi4
soul-stirring (of drama, poem or artwork); heart-rending; deeply moving

回荡 迴盪 hui2 dang4
to resound; to reverberate; to echo

激荡 激盪 ji1 dang4
to rage; to dash; to surge

空空荡荡 空空盪盪 kong1 kong1 dang4 dang4

脑力激荡法 腦力激盪法 nao3 li4 ji1 dang4 fa3
brain storming

脑震荡 腦震盪 nao3 zhen4 dang4
(med.) cerebral concussion

飘荡 飄盪 piao1 dang4
to drift; to wave; to float on the waves; to flutter in the wind

悬荡 懸盪 xuan2 dang4
to hang; suspended

震荡 震盪 zhen4 dang4
to shake up; to jolt; to vibrate; to oscillate; to fluctuate