to watch attentively; to fix one's attention on; to stare at; to gaze at

strokes 7
strokes after radical 2
盯牢 盯牢 ding1 lao2
to gaze intently at; to scrutinize

盯梢 盯梢 ding1 shao1
to follow sb; to tail; to shadow

盯市 盯市 ding1 shi4
mark to market (accounting)

盯视 盯視 ding1 shi4
to stare fixedly; to look concentratedly

盯住 盯住 ding1 zhu4
to watch sb closely; to breathe down sb's neck; to mark (sports)

紧盯 緊盯 jin3 ding1
to gaze; to stare fixedly

紧迫盯人 緊迫盯人 jin3 po4 ding1 ren2
to keep a close eye on sb (idiom)