to hope for; to long for; to expect

strokes 9
strokes after radical 4
顾盼 顧盼 gu4 pan4
to look around; to care for

顾盼自雄 顧盼自雄 gu4 pan4 zi4 xiong2
to strut about feeling complacent (idiom)

盼复 盼覆 pan4 fu4
expecting your reply (epistolary style)

盼睐 盼睞 pan4 lai4
your favors; your consideration

盼头 盼頭 pan4 tou5
hopes; good prospects

盼望 盼望 pan4 wang4
to hope for; to look forward to

盼星星盼月亮 盼星星盼月亮 pan4 xing1 xing1 pan4 yue4 liang4
to wish for the stars and the moon; to have unreal expectations

期盼 期盼 qi1 pan4
hope and expectation; to anticipate; to look forward to; to await expectantly

企盼 企盼 qi3 pan4
to expect; to look forward to; anxious for sth; to hope (to get sth)

翘盼 翹盼 qiao2 pan4
to long for; eager for

切盼 切盼 qie4 pan4
to look forward eagerly to sth; keenly desired

奢盼 奢盼 she1 pan4
an extravagant hope; to have unrealistic expectations

左顾右盼 左顧右盼 zuo3 gu4 you4 pan4
glancing to left and right (idiom); to look all around