to ogle at; to squint at

to look askance at

strokes 9
strokes after radical 4
恩眄 恩眄 en1 mian3
kind patronage

顾眄 顧眄 gu4 mian3
to turn one's head and look around

流眄 流眄 liu2 mian3
to ogle; to glance in a shifty manner

美眄 美眄 mei3 mian3
captivating glance

眄睐 眄睞 mian4 lai4
to cast loving glances

眄眄 眄眄 mian4 mian4
dull-looking; looking askance

眄睨 眄睨 mian4 ni4
to look askance

眄视 眄視 mian4 shi4
to give a sidelong glance