to look after; to take care of; to watch; to guard

to see; to look at; to read; to watch; to visit; to call on; to consider; to regard as; to look after; to treat (an illness); to depend on; to feel (that); (after verb) to give it a try; Watch out! (for a danger)

strokes 9
strokes after radical 4
参看 參看 can1 kan4
see also; please refer to; compare (cf.); to consult for reference

查看 查看 cha2 kan4
to look over; to examine; to check up; to ferret out

察看 察看 cha2 kan4
to watch; to look carefully at

吃着碗里,看着锅里 吃著碗裡,看著鍋裡 chi1 zhe5 wan3 li3 - kan4 zhe5 guo1 li3
lit. eyeing what's in the pot as one eats from one's bowl (idiom); not content with what one already has; (of men, typically) to have the wandering eye

翻看 翻看 fan1 kan4
to browse; to look over (books)

高看 高看 gao1 kan4
to attach importance to sth; to value

给你点颜色看看 給你點顏色看看 gei3 ni3 dian3 yan2 se4 kan4 kan5
(I'll) teach you a lesson; put you in your place

刮目相看 刮目相看 gua1 mu4 xiang1 kan4
to have a whole new level of respect for sb or sth; to sit up and take notice (of sb's improved performance etc)

观看 觀看 guan1 kan4
to watch; to view

好看 好看 hao3 kan4
good-looking; nice-looking; good (of a movie, book, TV show etc); embarrassed; humiliated

活动看板 活動看板 huo2 dong4 kan4 ban3
calendar of events

监看 監看 jian1 kan4
to monitor; to keep an eye on

据我看 據我看 ju4 wo3 kan4
in my view; in my opinion; from what I can see

看菜吃饭 看菜吃飯 kan1 cai4 chi1 fan4
to eat depending on the dish (idiom); fig. to act according to actual circumstances; to live within one's means

看菜吃饭,量体裁衣 看菜吃飯,量體裁衣 kan1 cai4 chi1 fan4 - liang2 ti3 cai2 yi1
eat depending on the dish, cut cloth according to the body (idiom); to fit the appetite to the dishes and the dress to the figure; to act according to actual circumstances; to live within one's means

看管 看管 kan1 guan3
to look after

看护 看護 kan1 hu4
to nurse; to look after; to watch over; (old) hospital nurse

看花眼 看花眼 kan1 hua1 yan3
to be dazzled; to not believe one's own eyes

看家 看家 kan1 jia1
to look after the house; (of skill, ability) special; outstanding

看门人 看門人 kan1 men2 ren2
janitor; watchman

看破红尘 看破紅塵 kan1 po4 hong2 chen2
to see through the world of mortals (idiom, of Buddhist monk); disillusioned with human society; to reject the world for a monastic life

看守 看守 kan1 shou3
to guard; to watch over

看守者 看守者 kan1 shou3 zhe3

看押 看押 kan1 ya1
to detain; to take into custody; to imprison temporarily

看板 看板 kan4 ban3

看扁 看扁 kan4 bian3
to have a low opinion of

看贬 看貶 kan4 bian3
to expect (a currency etc) to depreciate

看病 看病 kan4 bing4
to visit a doctor; to see a patient

看不顺眼 看不順眼 kan4 bu4 shun4 yan3
unpleasant to the eye; objectionable

看不习惯 看不習慣 kan4 bu4 xi2 guan4

看不出 看不出 kan4 bu5 chu1
can't see; can't make out; unable to tell

看不懂 看不懂 kan4 bu5 dong3
unable to make sense of what one is looking at

看不惯 看不慣 kan4 bu5 guan4
cannot bear to see; to hate; to dislike; to disapprove

看不过 看不過 kan4 bu5 guo4
cannot stand by idly and watch; unable to put up with it any longer; see 看不過去|看不过去

看不过去 看不過去 kan4 bu5 guo4 qu5
cannot stand by idly and watch; unable to put up with it any longer

看不见 看不見 kan4 bu5 jian4
unseen; to be invisible

看不起 看不起 kan4 bu5 qi3
to look down upon; to despise

看不清 看不清 kan4 bu5 qing1
not able to see clearly

看不中 看不中 kan4 bu5 zhong1
not impressed by

看成 看成 kan4 cheng2
to regard as

看出 看出 kan4 chu1
to make out; to see

看穿 看穿 kan4 chuan1
see through (a person, scheme, trick etc)

看错 看錯 kan4 cuo4
to misinterpret what one sees or reads; to misjudge (sb); to mistake (sb for sb else); to misread (a document)

看呆 看呆 kan4 dai1
to gape at; to stare blankly; to stare in rapture; to stare in awe

看待 看待 kan4 dai4
to look upon; to regard

看得见 看得見 kan4 de2 jian4
can see; visible

看得过 看得過 kan4 de5 guo4
presentable; passable

看得过儿 看得過兒 kan4 de5 guo4 er5
erhua variant of 看得過|看得过

看得起 看得起 kan4 de5 qi3
to show respect for; to think highly of

看得中 看得中 kan4 de5 zhong4
to take a liking for; to fancy

看懂 看懂 kan4 dong3
to understand what one is reading or watching

看法 看法 kan4 fa3
way of looking at a thing; view; opinion

看顾 看顧 kan4 gu4
to watch over

看官 看官 kan4 guan1
dear reader; dear listener

看倌 看倌 kan4 guan1
dear reader; dear listener

看惯 看慣 kan4 guan4
to be used to the sight of

看好 看好 kan4 hao3
optimistic (about the outcome); bullish; to think highly of; to support

看见 看見 kan4 jian4
to see; to catch sight of

看开 看開 kan4 kai1
to come to accept an unpleasant fact; to get over sth; to cheer up

看看 看看 kan4 kan5
to take a look at; to examine; to survey; (coll.) pretty soon

看客 看客 kan4 ke4
audience; spectators; onlookers

看来 看來 kan4 lai5
apparently; it seems that

看鸟人 看鳥人 kan4 niao3 ren2
a bird-watcher

看破 看破 kan4 po4
to see through; disillusioned with; to reject (the world of mortals)

看齐 看齊 kan4 qi2
to follow sb's example; to emulate; (of troops etc) to dress (come into alignment for parade formation)

看起来 看起來 kan4 qi3 lai5
seemingly; apparently; looks as if; appear to be; gives the impression that; seems on the face of it to be

看清 看清 kan4 qing1
to see clearly

看轻 看輕 kan4 qing1
to belittle; to scorn; to take sth lightly

看情况 看情況 kan4 qing2 kuang4
depending on the situation

看球 看球 kan4 qiu2
to watch a football game (or other ball game); Fore! (golf); Watch out for the ball!

看热闹 看熱鬧 kan4 re4 nao5
to enjoy watching a bustling scene; to go where the crowds are

看人下菜碟儿 看人下菜碟兒 kan4 ren2 xia4 cai4 die2 er5
(dialect) to treat sb according to their social status, relationship with them etc (idiom); not to treat everyone equally favorably

看人行事 看人行事 kan4 ren2 xing2 shi4
to treat people according to their rank and one's relationship with them (idiom)

看上 看上 kan4 shang4
to look upon; to take a fancy to; to fall for

看上去 看上去 kan4 shang5 qu5
it would appear; it seems (that)

看书 看書 kan4 shu1
to read; to study

看似 看似 kan4 si4
to look as if; to seem

看台 看台 kan4 tai2
terrace; spectator's grandstand; viewing platform

看透 看透 kan4 tou4
to understand thoroughly; to see beyond the facade; to see through (sb)

看头 看頭 kan4 tou5
qualities that make sth worth seeing (or reading)

看望 看望 kan4 wang4
to visit; to pay a call to

看戏 看戲 kan4 xi4
to watch a play; to watch passively (i.e. from the sidelines, from the crowd)

看相 看相 kan4 xiang4
to tell fortune by reading the subject's facial features

看样子 看樣子 kan4 yang4 zi5
it seems; it looks as if

看一看 看一看 kan4 yi1 kan4
to have a look

看在 看在 kan4 zai4
(in the expression 看在 ... 的份上|看在 ... 的分上) for the sake of ...; considering ...

看在眼里 看在眼裡 kan4 zai4 yan3 li5
to observe; to take it all in

看涨 看漲 kan4 zhang3
bull market (prices appear to be rising)

看着办 看著辦 kan4 zhe5 ban4
to do as one sees fit; to play it by ear (according to the circumstances)

看着不管 看著不管 kan4 zhe5 bu4 guan3
to stand by and pay no heed; to ignore

看中 看中 kan4 zhong4
to have a preference for; to fancy; to choose after consideration; to settle on

看重 看重 kan4 zhong4
to regard as important; to care about

看准 看準 kan4 zhun3
to observe and make sure; to check

看准机会 看準機會 kan4 zhun3 ji1 hui4
to watch for an opportunity; to see one's chance to

看走眼 看走眼 kan4 zou3 yan3
to make an error of judgment; to be taken in

看作 看作 kan4 zuo4
to look upon as; to regard as

看做 看做 kan4 zuo4
to regard as; to look upon as

可看 可看 ke3 kan4
worth seeing

来看 來看 lai2 kan4
to come and see; to see a topic from a certain point of view

连连看 連連看 lian2 lian2 kan4
pattern matching (puzzle game); matching (type of test question in which presented items are to be paired up)

另眼相看 另眼相看 ling4 yan3 xiang1 kan4
to treat sb favorably; to view in a new light

猛一看 猛一看 meng3 yi1 kan4
at first glance; first impression

耐看 耐看 nai4 kan4
able to withstand careful appreciation; well worth a second look

难看 難看 nan2 kan4
ugly; unsightly

内行看门道,外行看热闹 內行看門道,外行看熱鬧 nei4 hang2 kan4 men2 dao5 - wai4 hang2 kan4 re4 nao5
while the connoisseur recognizes the artistry, the layman simply enjoys the show

你看着办吧 你看著辦吧 ni3 kan4 zhe5 ban4 ba5
You figure it out for yourself.; Do as you please.

轻看 輕看 qing1 kan4
to look down upon

请看 請看 qing3 kan4
please see ...; vide

杀鸡给猴看 殺雞給猴看 sha1 ji1 gei3 hou2 kan4
lit. to kill a chicken in front of a monkey; fig. to make an example of sb (by punishment) to frighten others

试试看 試試看 shi4 shi4 kan4
to give it a try

收看 收看 shou1 kan4
to watch (a TV program)

受看 受看 shou4 kan4

踏看 踏看 ta4 kan4
to investigate on the spot

探看 探看 tan4 kan4
to visit; to go to see what's going on

偷看 偷看 tou1 kan4
to peep; to peek; to steal a glance

雾里看花 霧里看花 wu4 li3 kan4 hua1
lit. to look at flowers in the fog (idiom); fig. blurred vision

细看 細看 xi4 kan4
to peer; to scan; to examine carefully

相看 相看 xiang1 kan4
to look at one another; to take a good look at; to look upon

想想看 想想看 xiang3 xiang3 kan4
to think about it

小看 小看 xiao3 kan4
to look down on; to underestimate

斜眼看 斜眼看 xie2 yan3 kan4
from the side of the eye; askance

眼看 眼看 yan3 kan4
soon; in a moment; to look on as sth happens

要看 要看 yao4 kan4
it depends on...

一切向钱看 一切向錢看 yi1 qie4 xiang4 qian2 kan4
to put money above everything else

依我看 依我看 yi1 wo3 kan4
in my opinion

依我来看 依我來看 yi1 wo3 lai2 kan4
as I see it; in my opinion

一眼看穿 一眼看穿 yi1 yan3 kan4 chuan1
to see through something at first glance (idiom)

在我看 在我看 zai4 wo3 kan4
in my opinion; in my view

乍看 乍看 zha4 kan4
at first glance

照看 照看 zhao4 kan4
to look after; to attend to; to have in care

正向前看 正向前看 zheng4 xiang4 qian2 kan4
look-ahead assertion

中看 中看 zhong1 kan4
pleasant to the eye; Taiwan pr.

中看不中用 中看不中用 zhong4 kan4 bu4 zhong4 yong4
impressive-looking but useless

走马看花 走馬看花 zou3 ma3 kan4 hua1
lit. flower viewing from horseback (idiom); fig. superficial understanding from cursory observation; to make a quick judgment based on inadequate information