concern; wife and children

variant of 眷; to care about; to look fondly on

strokes 11
strokes after radical 6
家眷 家眷 jia1 juan4
one's wife and children

眷爱 眷愛 juan4 ai4
to love; sentimentally attached to

眷村 眷村 juan4 cun1
military dependents' village (community established in Taiwan for Nationalist soldiers and their dependents after the KMT retreated from the mainland in 1949)

眷顾 眷顧 juan4 gu4
to care for; to show concern for; to think longingly (of one's country)

眷怀 眷懷 juan4 huai2
to yearn for; to miss

眷眷之心 眷眷之心 juan4 juan4 zhi1 xin1
nostalgia; home-sickness; longing for departed beloved

眷恋 眷戀 juan4 lian4
to miss; to long for; to remember with longing; yearning

眷念 眷念 juan4 nian4
to think fondly of

眷区 眷區 juan4 qu1
married quarters; residential quarters for men with families

眷属 眷屬 juan4 shu3
family member; husband and wife

眷注 眷註 juan4 zhu4
to think fondly of sb

内眷 內眷 nei4 juan4
the females in a family; womenfolk

女眷 女眷 nv3 juan4
the females in a family; womenfolk

亲眷 親眷 qin1 juan4

携家带眷 攜家帶眷 xie2 jia1 dai4 juan4
to take all one's family along (idiom); encumbered by a family; tied down by family obligations

携眷 攜眷 xie2 juan4
accompanied by one's dependents; encumbered by wife and children

有情人终成眷属 有情人終成眷屬 you3 qing2 ren2 zhong1 cheng2 juan4 shu3
love will find a way (idiom)

终成眷属 終成眷屬 zhong1 cheng2 juan4 shu3
see 有情人終成眷屬|有情人终成眷属