pupil (of the eye); eye

strokes 11
strokes after radical 6
皓齿明眸 皓齒明眸 hao4 chi3 ming2 mou2
white teeth and bright eyes (idiom); lovely young woman

回眸 回眸 hui2 mou2
to glance back; to look back; retrospective

明眸皓齿 明眸皓齒 ming2 mou2 hao4 chi3
to have bright eyes and white teeth

眸子 眸子 mou2 zi5
pupil of the eye

双眸 雙眸 shuang1 mou2
one's pair of eyes

瞳眸 瞳眸 tong2 mou2
pupil of the eye; one's eyes

眼眸 眼眸 yan3 mou2