variant of 睬

to pay attention; to take notice of; to care for

strokes 13
strokes after radical 8
不瞅不睬 不瞅不睬 bu4 chou3 bu4 cai3
to ignore completely; to pay no attention to sb

不加理睬 不加理睬 bu4 jia1 li3 cai3
without giving due consideration; to ignore; to overlook

不理不睬 不理不睬 bu4 li3 bu4 cai3
to completely ignore (idiom); to pay no attention to; not to be in the least concerned about

瞅睬 瞅睬 chou3 cai3
to pay attention to

理睬 理睬 li3 cai3
to heed; to pay attention to