to observe; to see

old variant of 睹

strokes 13
strokes after radical 9
惨不忍睹 慘不忍睹 can3 bu4 ren3 du3
spectacle too horrible to endure (idiom); tragic sight; appalling scenes of devastation

重睹天日 重睹天日 chong2 du3 tian1 ri4
to see the light again (idiom); delivered from oppression

睹物思人 睹物思人 du3 wu4 si1 ren2
seeing an object makes one miss its owner (idiom)

耳闻目睹 耳聞目睹 er3 wen2 mu4 du3
to witness personally

二十年目睹之怪现状 二十年目睹之怪現狀 er4 shi2 nian2 mu4 du3 zhi1 guai4 xian4 zhuang4
The Strange State of the World Witnessed Over 20 Years, novel by late Qing novelist Wu Jianren 吳趼人|吴趼人

目睹 目睹 mu4 du3
to witness; to see at first hand; to see with one's own eyes

亲眼目睹 親眼目睹 qin1 yan3 mu4 du3
to see for oneself; to see with one's own eyes

视若无睹 視若無睹 shi4 ruo4 wu2 du3
to turn a blind eye to

熟视无睹 熟視無睹 shu2 shi4 wu2 du3
to pay no attention to a familiar sight; to ignore

先睹为快 先睹為快 xian1 du3 wei2 kuai4
joy of first experience (idiom); the pleasure of reading sth for the first time

一睹 一睹 yi1 du3
to look; to have a glimpse at; to observe (sth's splendor)

有目共睹 有目共睹 you3 mu4 gong4 du3
anyone with eyes can see it (idiom); obvious to all; sth speaks for itself; is there for all to see

有目无睹 有目無睹 you3 mu4 wu2 du3
has eyes but can't see (idiom); unable or unwilling to see the importance of sth; blind (to sth great)

坐视无睹 坐視無睹 zuo4 shi4 wu2 du3
to turn a blind eye to