to take aim; (fig.) to aim one's looks at; to glance at

strokes 13
strokes after radical 9
超前瞄准 超前瞄準 chao1 qian2 miao2 zhun3
to aim in front of a moving target

瞄一眼 瞄一眼 miao2 yi1 yan3
to shoot a glance at

瞄准 瞄準 miao2 zhun3
to take aim at; to target

瞄准具 瞄準具 miao2 zhun3 ju4
sighting device; sight (for a firearm etc)

望远瞄准镜 望遠瞄準鏡 wang4 yuan3 miao4 zhun3 jing4
telescopic sight; scope (on a rifle)