blind; groundlessly; foolishly; to no purpose

strokes 15
strokes after radical 10
黑灯瞎火 黑燈瞎火 hei1 deng1 xia1 huo3
pitch dark

黑瞎子 黑瞎子 hei1 xia1 zi5
black bear

黑瞎子岛 黑瞎子島 hei1 xia1 zi5 dao3
Bolshoi Ussuriisk Island in the Heilongjiang or Amur river, at mouth of the Ussuri River opposite Khabarovsk; Heixiazi (black blind man) Island

老天爷饿不死瞎家雀 老天爺餓不死瞎家雀 lao3 tian1 ye2 e4 bu4 si3 xia1 jia1 que4
lit. heaven won't let the sparrows go hungry (idiom); fig. don't give up hope; if you tough it out, there will be light at the end of the tunnel

瞎掰 瞎掰 xia1 bai1
(coll.) to talk nonsense; to fool around

瞎编 瞎編 xia1 bian1
to fabricate (a story)

瞎编乱造 瞎編亂造 xia1 bian1 luan4 zao4
random lies and falsehoods

瞎猜 瞎猜 xia1 cai1
to make a wild guess; blind guess

瞎扯 瞎扯 xia1 che3
to talk irresponsibly; to talk nonsense

瞎扯蛋 瞎扯蛋 xia1 che3 dan4
to talk irresponsibly; to talk nonsense

瞎吹 瞎吹 xia1 chui1
to boast; to shoot one's mouth off

瞎搞 瞎搞 xia1 gao3
to fool around; to mess with; to do sth without a plan

瞎逛 瞎逛 xia1 guang4
to wander aimlessly

瞎晃 瞎晃 xia1 huang4
to roam about; to monkey around

瞎混 瞎混 xia1 hun4
to muddle along; to live aimlessly

瞎忙 瞎忙 xia1 mang2
to putter around; to work to no avail

瞎猫碰上死耗子 瞎貓碰上死耗子 xia1 mao1 peng4 shang4 si3 hao4 zi5
a blind cat finds a dead mouse (idiom); blind luck

瞎闹 瞎鬧 xia1 nao4
to make a scene; to fool around; to behave foolishly

瞎弄 瞎弄 xia1 nong4
to fool around with; to mess with

瞎拼 瞎拼 xia1 pin1
shopping as a fun pastime (loanword) (Tw)

瞎说 瞎說 xia1 shuo1
to talk drivel; to assert sth without a proper understanding or basis in fact; not to know what one is talking about

瞎眼 瞎眼 xia1 yan3
to be blind

瞎指挥 瞎指揮 xia1 zhi3 hui1
lit. to direct blindly; to issue confused orders; to give contradictory directions

瞎子 瞎子 xia1 zi5
blind person

瞎子摸象 瞎子摸象 xia1 zi5 mo1 xiang4
blind people touch an elephant (idiom, from Nirvana sutra 大般涅槃經|大般涅盘经); fig. unable to see the big picture; to mistake the part for the whole; unable to see the wood for the trees

熊瞎子 熊瞎子 xiong2 xia1 zi5
bear; bruin

眼瞎耳聋 眼瞎耳聾 yan3 xia1 er3 long2
to be deaf and blind (idiom)

睁眼说瞎话 睜眼說瞎話 zheng1 yan3 shuo1 xia1 hua4
to lie through one's teeth (idiom); to talk drivel

睁着眼睛说瞎话 睜著眼睛說瞎話 zheng1 zhe5 yan3 jing1 shuo1 xia1 hua4
to lie through one's teeth (idiom); to talk drivel

抓瞎 抓瞎 zhua1 xia1
to be caught unprepared