to look at; to see; to see (a doctor); to visit

strokes 17
strokes after radical 12
吃着碗里,瞧着锅里 吃著碗裡,瞧著鍋裡 chi1 zhe5 wan3 li3 - qiao2 zhe5 guo1 li3
see 吃著碗裡,看著鍋裡|吃着碗里,看着锅里

等着瞧 等著瞧 deng3 zhe5 qiao2
wait and see (who is right)

瞧不起 瞧不起 qiao2 bu4 qi3
to look down upon; to hold in contempt

瞧见 瞧見 qiao2 jian4
to see

瞧着办 瞧著辦 qiao2 zhe5 ban4
to do as one sees fit; It's up to you.; Let's wait and see and then decide what to do.

小瞧 小瞧 xiao3 qiao2
(coll.) to look down on; to underestimate

走着瞧 走著瞧 zou3 zhe5 qiao2
wait and see (who is right)