(of eyes) bright; clear-sighted; to understand clearly

unofficial variant of 瞭

to watch from a height or distance; to survey

strokes 17
strokes after radical 12
简单明了 簡單明瞭 jian3 dan1 ming2 liao3
clear and simple; in simple terms

了解 瞭解 liao3 jie3
to understand; to realize; to find out

了然 瞭然 liao3 ran2
to understand clearly; evident

了如指掌 瞭如指掌 liao3 ru2 zhi3 zhang3
variant of 了如指掌

了若指掌 瞭若指掌 liao3 ruo4 zhi3 zhang3
see 了如指掌

瞭哨 瞭哨 liao4 shao4
to go on sentry duty; to stand guard

瞭望 瞭望 liao4 wang4
to watch from a height or distance; to keep a lookout

瞭望哨 瞭望哨 liao4 wang4 shao4
lookout post

瞭望台 瞭望臺 liao4 wang4 tai2
observation tower; lookout tower

明了 明瞭 ming2 liao3
to understand clearly; to be clear about; plain; clear

一目了然 一目瞭然 yi1 mu4 liao3 ran2
obvious at a glance (idiom)