to gaze; to view

strokes 18
strokes after radical 13
动见观瞻 動見觀瞻 dong4 jian4 guan1 zhan1
to be watched closely (idiom)

高瞻远瞩 高瞻遠矚 gao1 zhan1 yuan3 zhu3
to stand tall and see far (idiom); taking the long and broad view; acute foresight

观瞻 觀瞻 guan1 zhan1
appearance; view; abiding impression

马首是瞻 馬首是瞻 ma3 shou3 shi4 zhan1
to follow blindly (idiom); to take as one's only guide

前瞻 前瞻 qian2 zhan1
forward-looking; prescient; foresight; forethought; outlook

前瞻性 前瞻性 qian2 zhan1 xing4
farsightedness; perspicacity; prescience; forward-looking

圣灰瞻礼日 聖灰瞻禮日 sheng4 hui1 zhan1 li3 ri4
Ash Wednesday

失瞻 失瞻 shi1 zhan1
to fail to greet in timely manner

瞻拜 瞻拜 zhan1 bai4
to worship; to gaze with reverence

瞻顾 瞻顧 zhan1 gu4
to look forward and back cautiously

瞻礼日 瞻禮日 zhan1 li3 ri4
the Lord's Day; Sunday

瞻前顾后 瞻前顧後 zhan1 qian2 gu4 hou4
to look forward and back; to consider prudently; overcautious

瞻望 瞻望 zhan1 wang4
to look far ahead; to look forward (to)

瞻仰 瞻仰 zhan1 yang3
to revere; to admire

朱瞻基 朱瞻基 zhu1 zhan1 ji1
Zhu Zhanji, personal name of fifth Ming emperor Xuande 宣德