blind; dim-sighted

to deceive; to cheat; to hoodwink; to make a wild guess

strokes 18
strokes after radical 14
混蒙 混矇 hun4 meng1
to deceive; to mislead

蒙蒙黑 矇矇黑 meng1 meng1 hei1

蒙蒙亮 矇矇亮 meng1 meng1 liang4
dawn; the first glimmer of light

蒙骗 矇騙 meng1 pian4
to hoodwink; to deceive; to dupe sb

蒙松雨 矇松雨 meng1 song1 yu3
drizzle; fine rain

蒙头转向 矇頭轉向 meng1 tou2 zhuan3 xiang4
to lose one's bearings; utterly confused

蒙混 矇混 meng2 hun4
to deceive; to hoodwink; Taiwan pr.

蒙混过关 矇混過關 meng2 hun4 guo4 guan1
to get away with it; to slip through; to bluff one's way out; Taiwan pr.

蒙眬 矇矓 meng2 long2
(of vision) fuzzy

蒙在鼓里 矇在鼓裡 meng2 zai4 gu3 li3
variant of 蒙在鼓裡|蒙在鼓里

欺蒙 欺矇 qi1 meng2
to deceive; to dupe

启蒙 啟矇 qi3 meng2
variant of 啟蒙|启蒙; to instruct the young

瞈蒙 瞈矇 weng3 meng2
blurred vision

愚蒙 愚矇 yu2 meng2
ignorant; stupid