to boast; to esteem; to sympathize

strokes 9
strokes after radical 4
哀矜 哀矜 ai1 jin1
to take pity on; to feel sorry for

吊诡矜奇 弔詭矜奇 diao4 gui3 jin1 qi2
strange and paradoxical

骄矜 驕矜 jiao1 jin1
haughty; proud

矜持 矜持 jin1 chi2
reserved; aloof

矜功不立 矜功不立 jin1 gong1 bu4 li4
boasts a lot, but nothing comes of it (idiom)

矜贵 矜貴 jin1 gui4
high-born; noble; aristocratic; conceited

自矜 自矜 zi4 jin1
to boast; to blow one's own horn