arrow; dart; straight; to vow; to swear; old variant of 屎

strokes 5
strokes after radical 0
矢口否认 矢口否認 shi3 kou3 fou3 ren4
to deny flatly

矢量 矢量 shi3 liang4
vector (spatial)

矢志 矢誌 shi3 zhi4
to take an oath to do sth; to pledge; to vow

无的放矢 無的放矢 wu2 di4 fang4 shi3
to shoot without aim (idiom); fig. to speak without thinking; firing blindly; to shoot in the air; a shot in the dark

幺并矢 么並矢 yao1 bing4 shi3
idemfactor (expressing a vector as sum of its three orthogonal projections)

一矢中的 一矢中的 yi1 shi3 zhong4 di4
to hit the target with a single shot; to say something spot on (idiom)

永矢 永矢 yong3 shi3

众矢之的 眾矢之的 zhong4 shi3 zhi1 di4
lit. target of a multitude of arrows (idiom); the butt of public criticism; attacked on all sides