to know; to be aware

strokes 8
strokes after radical 3
爱知 愛知 ai4 zhi1
Aichi (prefecture in Japan)

爱知县 愛知縣 ai4 zhi1 xian4
Aichi prefecture, central Japan

百度知道 百度知道 bai3 du4 zhi1 dao5
Baidu’s online Q & A forum, zhidao.baidu.com

饱汉不知饿汉饥 飽漢不知餓漢飢 bao3 han4 bu4 zhi1 e4 han4 ji1
The well-fed cannot know how the starving suffer (idiom).

饱人不知饿人饥 飽人不知餓人飢 bao3 ren2 bu4 zhi1 e4 ren2 ji1
The well-fed cannot know how the starving suffer (idiom).

槟知 檳知 bin1 zhi1
Ben Tre, province and city in Vietnam

不得而知 不得而知 bu4 de2 er2 zhi1
unknown; unable to find out

不可知论 不可知論 bu4 ke3 zhi1 lun4
agnosticism, the philosophical doctrine that some questions about the universe are in principle unanswerable

不为人知 不為人知 bu4 wei2 ren2 zhi1
not known to anyone; secret; unknown

不知 不知 bu4 zhi1
not to know; unaware; unknowingly; fig. not to admit (defeat, hardships, tiredness etc)

不知不觉 不知不覺 bu4 zhi1 bu4 jue2
unconsciously; unwittingly

不知丁董 不知丁董 bu4 zhi1 ding1 dong3
forgetting the fate of Ding and Dong (idiom); unheeding the lessons of the past

不知凡几 不知凡幾 bu4 zhi1 fan2 ji3
one can't tell how many; numerous similar cases

不知好歹 不知好歹 bu4 zhi1 hao3 dai3
unable to differentiate good from bad (idiom); not to know what's good for one; unable to recognize others' good intentions

不知何故 不知何故 bu4 zhi1 he2 gu4

不知进退 不知進退 bu4 zhi1 jin4 tui4
not knowing when to come or leave (idiom); with no sense of propriety

不知就里 不知就裡 bu4 zhi1 jiu4 li3
unaware of the inner workings; naive; unwitting

不知利害 不知利害 bu4 zhi1 li4 hai4
see 不知好歹

不知疲倦 不知疲倦 bu4 zhi1 pi2 juan4
untiring; not recognizing tiredness

不知轻重 不知輕重 bu4 zhi1 qing1 zhong4
lit. not knowing what's important (idiom); no appreciation of the gravity of things; naive; doesn't know who's who; no sense of priorities

不知去向 不知去向 bu4 zhi1 qu4 xiang4
whereabouts unknown; gone missing

不知死活 不知死活 bu4 zhi1 si3 huo2
to act recklessly (idiom)

不知所措 不知所措 bu4 zhi1 suo3 cuo4
not knowing what to do (idiom); at one's wits' end; embarrassed and at a complete loss

不知所以 不知所以 bu4 zhi1 suo3 yi3
to not know the reason; to not know what to do

不知所云 不知所云 bu4 zhi1 suo3 yun2
to not know what sb is driving at; to be unintelligible

不知所之 不知所之 bu4 zhi1 suo3 zhi1
whereabouts unknown

不知天高地厚 不知天高地厚 bu4 zhi1 tian1 gao1 di4 hou4
not to know the immensity of heaven and earth; an exaggerated opinion of one's own abilities

不知痛痒 不知痛癢 bu4 zhi1 tong4 yang3
numb; unfeeling; indifferent; inconsequential

不知羞耻 不知羞恥 bu4 zhi1 xiu1 chi3
to have no sense of shame; brazen

不知者不罪 不知者不罪 bu4 zhi1 zhe3 bu4 zui4
One who does not know is not guilty; If one does not know any better, one cannot be held responsible

测知 測知 ce4 zhi1
to detect; to sense

察微知著 察微知著 cha2 wei1 zhi1 zhu4
to examine tiny clues to know general trends (idiom); to deduce the whole story from small traces

春江水暖鸭先知 春江水暖鴨先知 chun1 jiang1 shui3 nuan3 ya1 xian1 zhi1
lit. the duck is the first to know if the spring water is warm (idiom); fig. an expert in the field knows which way the wind blows

大凡粗知 大凡粗知 da4 fan2 cu1 zhi1
a rough acquaintance with sth

大先知书 大先知書 da4 xian1 zhi1 shu1
the biblical books of the prophets

得知 得知 de2 zhi1
to find out; to know; to learn about

电报通知 電報通知 dian4 bao4 tong1 zhi1
electronic communication (fax, email etc)

反知识 反知識 fan3 zhi1 shi5

方知 方知 fang1 zhi1
to realize only then

妇孺皆知 婦孺皆知 fu4 ru2 jie1 zhi1
understood by everyone (idiom); well known; a household name

感知 感知 gan3 zhi1
perception; awareness

感知力 感知力 gan3 zhi1 li4
perceptive; perceptivity

告知 告知 gao4 zhi1
to inform

格物致知 格物致知 ge2 wu4 zhi4 zhi1
to study the underlying principle to acquire knowledge (idiom); pursuing knowledge to the end

公知 公知 gong1 zhi1
public intellectual (sometimes used derogatorily); abbr. for 公共知识分子|公共知識分子

故知 故知 gu4 zhi1
a close friend over many years

广播和未知服务器 廣播和未知服務器 guang3 bo1 he2 wei4 zhi1 fu2 wu4 qi4
Broadcast and Unknown Server; BUS

海内存知己,天涯若比邻 海內存知己,天涯若比鄰 hai3 nei4 cun2 zhi1 ji3 - tian1 ya2 ruo4 bi3 lin2
close friend in a distant land, far-flung realms as next door; close in spirit although far away

好学近乎知,力行近乎仁,知耻近乎勇 好學近乎知,力行近乎仁,知恥近乎勇 hao4 xue2 jin4 hu1 zhi1 - li4 xing2 jin4 hu1 ren2 - zhi1 chi3 jin4 hu1 yong3
to love learning is akin to knowledge, to study diligently is akin to benevolence, to know shame is akin to courage (Confucius)

贺知章 賀知章 he4 zhi1 zhang1
He Zhizhang (659-744), Tang dynasty poet

红颜知己 紅顏知己 hong2 yan2 zhi1 ji3
close female friend; confidante

后设认知 後設認知 hou4 she4 ren4 zhi1
metacognition (Tw)

蟪蛄不知春秋 蟪蛄不知春秋 hui4 gu1 bu4 zhi1 chun1 qiu1
lit. short-lived cicada does not know the seasons; fig. to see only a small piece of the big picture

浑然不知 渾然不知 hun2 ran2 bu4 zhi1
to be totally oblivious (to sth); to have no idea about sth

获知 獲知 huo4 zhi1
to learn of (an event); to hear about (sth)

疾风知劲草,烈火见真金 疾風知勁草,烈火見真金 ji2 feng1 zhi1 jin4 cao3 - lie4 huo3 jian4 zhen1 jin1
the storm put strong grass to the test, fire tests true gold (idiom); fig. troubled times test a faithful minister; to show one's true colors after a stern test

疾风知劲草 疾風知勁草 ji2 feng1 zhi1 jing4 cao3
the storm put strong grass to the test (idiom); fig. troubled times test a faithful minister; to show one's true colors after a stern test; also written 疾風勁草|疾风劲草

技术知识 技術知識 ji4 shu4 zhi1 shi5
technical knowledge

鉴往知来 鑒往知來 jian4 wang3 zhi1 lai2
to observe the past to foresee the future (idiom, taken loosely from Book of Songs); studying ancient wisdom gives insight into what is to come

见微知著 見微知著 jian4 wei1 zhi1 zhu4
one tiny clue reveals the general trend (idiom); small beginnings show how things will develop

尽人皆知 盡人皆知 jin4 ren2 jie1 zhi1
known by everyone (idiom); well known; a household name

旧知 舊知 jiu4 zhi1
old acquaintance; former friend

据我所知 據我所知 ju4 wo3 suo3 zhi1
as far as I know; to the best of my knowledge

科学知识 科學知識 ke1 xue2 zhi1 shi5
scientific knowledge

可想而知 可想而知 ke3 xiang3 er2 zhi1
it is obvious that...; as one can well imagine...

可知 可知 ke3 zhi1
evidently; clearly; no wonder; knowable

可知论 可知論 ke3 zhi1 lun4
gnosticism, the philosophical doctrine that everything about the universe is knowable

窥知 窺知 kui1 zhi1
to find out about; to discover

扩散周知 擴散周知 kuo4 san4 zhou1 zhi1
to let everyone know; spread the word!

蓝颜知己 藍顏知己 lan2 yan2 zhi1 ji3
close male friend; confidant

乐天知命 樂天知命 le4 tian1 zhi1 ming4
to be content with what one is

冷暖自知 冷暖自知 leng3 nuan3 zi4 zhi1
see 如人飲水,冷暖自知|如人饮水,冷暖自知

冷知识 冷知識 leng3 zhi1 shi5

理性知识 理性知識 li3 xing4 zhi1 shi5
rational knowledge

良知 良知 liang2 zhi1
innate sense of right and wrong; conscience; bosom friend

良知良能 良知良能 liang2 zhi1 liang2 neng2
instinctive understanding, esp. of ethical issues (idiom); untrained, but with an inborn sense of right and wrong; innate moral sense

另行通知 另行通知 ling4 xing2 tong1 zhi1
to notify at a different time; to notify later; to give prior notice

录取通知书 錄取通知書 lu4 qu3 tong1 zhi1 shu1
admission notice (delivered by a university)

路人皆知 路人皆知 lu4 ren2 jie1 zhi1
understood by everyone (idiom); well known; a household name

路遥知马力,日久见人心 路遙知馬力,日久見人心 lu4 yao2 zhi1 ma3 li4 - ri4 jiu3 jian4 ren2 xin1
just as distance determines the stamina of a horse, so does time reveal a person's true heart (proverb)

略知皮毛 略知皮毛 lve4 zhi1 pi2 mao2
slight knowledge of sth; superficial acquaintance with a subject; a smattering

略知一二 略知一二 lve4 zhi1 yi1 er4
slight knowledge of sth; to know very little about a subject; a smattering

毛泽东·鲜为人知的故事 毛澤東·鮮為人知的故事 mao2 ze2 dong1 - xian1 wei2 ren2 zhi1 de5 gu4 shi5
Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang 張戎|张戎 and Jon Halliday

蒙昧无知 蒙昧無知 meng2 mei4 wu2 zhi1
benighted (idiom); ignorant

迷不知返 迷不知返 mi2 bu4 zhi1 fan3
to go astray and to not know how to get back on the right path (idiom)

迷途知返 迷途知返 mi2 tu2 zhi1 fan3
to get back on the right path; to mend one's ways

明知 明知 ming2 zhi1
to be fully aware of; to know perfectly well

明知故犯 明知故犯 ming2 zhi1 gu4 fan4
deliberate violation (idiom); intentional crime

明知故问 明知故問 ming2 zhi1 gu4 wen4
to ask a question, already knowing the answer

明知山有虎,偏向虎山行 明知山有虎,偏向虎山行 ming2 zhi1 shan1 you3 hu3 - pian1 xiang4 hu3 shan1 xing2
lit. to willfully go towards the mountain although knowing that it has tigers (idiom); fig. to take a risk despite knowing the dangers

哪知 哪知 na3 zhi1
who would have imagined?; unexpectedly

那知 那知 na3 zhi1
variant of 哪知

年少无知 年少無知 nian2 shao4 wu2 zhi1
young and inexperienced; unsophisticated

求知 求知 qiu2 zhi1
anxious to learn; keen for knowledge

求知欲 求知慾 qiu2 zhi1 yu4
desire for knowledge

全知 全知 quan2 zhi1

全知全能 全知全能 quan2 zhi1 quan2 neng2
omniscient and omnipotent

人不知鬼不觉 人不知鬼不覺 ren2 bu4 zhi1 gui3 bu4 jue2
in absolute secrecy

人非生而知之者,孰能无惑 人非生而知之者,孰能無惑 ren2 fei1 sheng1 er2 zhi1 zhi1 zhe3 - shu2 neng2 wu2 huo4
Knowledge is not innate to man, how can we overcome doubt?; We are not born with knowledge, how does one achieve maturity? (i.e. without guidance from a teacher - Tang dynasty essayist Han Yu 韓愈|韩愈)

人尽皆知 人盡皆知 ren2 jin4 jie1 zhi1
see 盡人皆知|尽人皆知

人人皆知 人人皆知 ren2 ren2 jie1 zhi1
known to everyone

人事不知 人事不知 ren2 shi4 bu4 zhi1
to have lost consciousness

人所共知 人所共知 ren2 suo3 gong4 zhi1
something that everybody knows

认知 認知 ren4 zhi1
cognition; cognitive; understanding; perception; awareness; to be cognizant of; to recognize; to realize

认知神经心理学 認知神經心理學 ren4 zhi1 shen2 jing1 xin1 li3 xue2
cognitive neuropsychology

认知失调 認知失調 ren4 zhi1 shi1 tiao2
cognitive dissonance

认知心理学 認知心理學 ren4 zhi1 xin1 li3 xue2
cognitive psychology

日知录 日知錄 ri4 zhi1 lu4
Rizhilu or Record of daily study, by early Confucian philosopher Gu Yanwu 顧炎武|顾炎武

如人饮水,冷暖自知 如人飲水,冷暖自知 ru2 ren2 yin3 shui3 - leng3 nuan3 zi4 zhi1
the person who drinks it knows best whether the water is hot or cold (Zen proverb); self-awareness comes from within; to know best by personal experience

若要人不知,除非己莫为 若要人不知,除非己莫為 ruo4 yao4 ren2 bu4 zhi1 - chu2 fei1 ji3 mo4 wei2
If you don't want anyone to know, don't do it (idiom). fig. If you do something bad, people will inevitably hear about it.

塞翁失马安知非福 塞翁失馬安知非福 sai4 weng1 shi1 ma3 an1 zhi1 fei1 fu2
the old man lost his mare, but it all turned out for the best (idiom); fig. a blessing in disguise; it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good; also written 塞翁失馬焉知非福|塞翁失马焉知非福

塞翁失马焉知非福 塞翁失馬焉知非福 sai4 weng1 shi1 ma3 yan1 zhi1 fei1 fu2
the old man lost his mare, but it all turned out for the best (idiom); fig. a blessing in disguise; it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good

三不知 三不知 san1 bu4 zhi1
to know nothing about the beginning, the middle or the end; to know nothing at all

谁知 誰知 shei2 zhi1
lit. who knows; who would have thought; unexpectedly; unpredictably

谁知道 誰知道 shei2 zhi1 dao4
God knows...; Who would have imagined...?

身在福中不知福 身在福中不知福 shen1 zai4 fu2 zhong1 bu4 zhi1 fu2
to live in plenty without appreciating it (idiom); not to know when one is well off

深知 深知 shen1 zhi1
to know well; to be fully aware of

神不知鬼不觉 神不知鬼不覺 shen2 bu4 zhi1 gui3 bu4 jue2
top secret; hush-hush

食不知味 食不知味 shi2 bu4 zhi1 wei4
lit. to eat without tasting the food; worried or downhearted (idiom)

世界知名 世界知名 shi4 jie4 zhi1 ming2
world famous

世界知识产权组织 世界知識產權組織 shi4 jie4 zhi1 shi2 chan3 quan2 zu3 zhi1
World Intellectual Property Organization

视微知着 視微知著 shi4 wei1 zhi1 zhuo2
one tiny clue reveals the general trend (idiom); small beginnings show how things will develop

视为知己 視為知己 shi4 wei2 zhi1 ji3
to consider sb as close friend (idiom); to take into one's confidence

士为知己者死,女为悦己者容 士為知己者死,女為悅己者容 shi4 wei4 zhi1 ji3 zhe3 si3 - nv3 wei4 yue4 ji3 zhe3 rong2
a true gentleman will sacrifice his life for a friend who understands him, as a woman makes herself beautiful for her sweetheart

事先通知 事先通知 shi4 xian1 tong1 zhi1
preliminary notification; to announce in advance

受知 受知 shou4 zhi1
recognized (for one's talents)

殊不知 殊不知 shu1 bu4 zhi1
little imagined; scarcely realized

熟知 熟知 shu2 zhi1
to be well acquainted with

司马昭之心路人皆知 司馬昭之心路人皆知 si1 ma3 zhao1 zhi1 xin1 lu4 ren2 jie1 zhi1
lit. Sima Zhao's intentions are obvious to everyone (idiom); fig. an open secret

所知 所知 suo3 zhi1
known; what one knows

所周知 所周知 suo3 zhou1 zhi1
as is well known; as everyone knows

他乡遇故知 他鄉遇故知 ta1 xiang1 yu4 gu4 zhi1
meeting an old friend in a foreign place (idiom)

探知 探知 tan4 zhi1
to find out; to ascertain; to get an idea of

恬不知耻 恬不知恥 tian2 bu4 zhi1 chi3
to have no sense of shame

通知 通知 tong1 zhi1
to notify; to inform; notice; notification

通知单 通知單 tong1 zhi1 dan1
notification; notice; ticket; receipt

同知 同知 tong2 zhi1
government sub-prefect (old)

推知 推知 tui1 zhi1
to infer

未卜先知 未卜先知 wei4 bu3 xian1 zhi1
predictable; sth one can predict without being a clairvoyant

未知 未知 wei4 zhi1

未知数 未知數 wei4 zhi1 shu4
unknown quantity

未知数儿 未知數兒 wei4 zhi1 shu4 er5
erhua variant of 未知數|未知数

温故而知新 溫故而知新 wen1 gu4 er2 zhi1 xin1
to review the old and know the new (idiom, from the Analects); to recall the past to understand the future

温故知新 溫故知新 wen1 gu4 zhi1 xin1
to review the old and know the new (idiom, from the Analects); to recall the past to understand the future

闻一知十 聞一知十 wen2 yi1 zhi1 shi2
lit. to hear one and know ten (idiom); fig. explain one thing and (he) understands everything; a word to the wise

无人不知 無人不知 wu2 ren2 bu4 zhi1
known to everybody

吾生也有涯,而知也无涯 吾生也有涯,而知也無涯 wu2 sheng1 ye3 you3 ya2 - er2 zhi1 ye3 wu2 ya2
Life is short, learning is limitless; Ars longa, vita brevis

无所不知 無所不知 wu2 suo3 bu4 zhi1

无知 無知 wu2 zhi1
ignorant; ignorance

无知觉 無知覺 wu2 zhi1 jue2

遐迩皆知 遐邇皆知 xia2 er3 jie1 zhi1
well-known far and near (idiom)

先知 先知 xian1 zhi1

先知先觉 先知先覺 xian1 zhi1 xian1 jue2
foresight; having foresight; person of foresight

鲜为人知 鮮為人知 xian3 wei2 ren2 zhi1
rarely known to anyone (idiom); almost unknown; secret to all but a few

邪知邪见 邪知邪見 xie2 zhi1 xie2 jian4
false wisdom and erroneous views (Buddhism)

新知 新知 xin1 zhi1
new knowledge; new friend

心知肚明 心知肚明 xin1 zhi1 du4 ming2
to be well aware

秀才不出门,能知天下事 秀才不出門,能知天下事 xiu4 cai5 bu4 chu1 men2 - neng2 zhi1 tian1 xia4 shi4
a learned person need not leave his home to know what's going on in the world (idiom)

秀才不出门,全知天下事 秀才不出門,全知天下事 xiu4 cai5 bu4 chu1 men2 - quan2 zhi1 tian1 xia4 shi4
a learned person need not leave his home to know what's going on in the world (idiom)

须知 須知 xu1 zhi1
key information; instructions; it must be borne in mind

学然后知不足 學然後知不足 xue2 ran2 hou4 zhi1 bu4 zu2
to learn is to know one's ignorance (the Book of Rites 禮記|礼记)

焉知 焉知 yan1 zhi1
(literary) how is one to know?

燕雀安知鸿鹄之志 燕雀安知鴻鵠之志 yan4 que4 an1 zhi1 hong2 hu2 zhi1 zhi4
lit. can the sparrow and swallow know the will of the great swan? (idiom); fig. how can we small fry predict the ambitions of the great?

燕雀焉知鸿鹄之志 燕雀焉知鴻鵠之志 yan4 que4 yan1 zhi1 hong2 gu3 zhi1 zhi4
lit. can the sparrow and swallow know the will of the great swan? (idiom); fig. how can we small fry predict the ambitions of the great?

一部二十四史,不知从何说起 一部二十四史,不知從何說起 yi1 bu4 er4 shi2 si4 shi3 - bu4 zhi1 cong2 he2 shuo1 qi3
It's a long and intricate story, I hardly know where to start.

一望而知 一望而知 yi1 wang4 er2 zhi1
to be evident at a glance (idiom)

一问三不知 一問三不知 yi1 wen4 san1 bu4 zhi1
lit. to reply "don't know" whatever the question (idiom); fig. absolutely no idea of what's going on; complete ignorance

一无所知 一無所知 yi1 wu2 suo3 zhi1
not knowing anything at all (idiom); completely ignorant; without an inkling

一叶知秋 一葉知秋 yi1 ye4 zhi1 qiu1
lit. the falling of one leaf heralds the coming of autumn (idiom); fig. a small sign can indicate a great trend; a straw in the wind

一知半解 一知半解 yi1 zhi1 ban4 jie3
lit. to know one and understand half (idiom); a smattering of knowledge; dilettante; amateur

已知 已知 yi3 zhi1
known (to science)

愚昧无知 愚昧無知 yu2 mei4 wu2 zhi1
stupid and ignorant (idiom)

预备知识 預備知識 yu4 bei4 zhi1 shi5
background knowledge; prerequisite

预知 預知 yu4 zhi1
to anticipate; to foresee

元认知 元認知 yuan2 ren4 zhi1

远近皆知 遠近皆知 yuan3 jin4 jie1 zhi1
known far and wide (idiom)

早知 早知 zao3 zhi1
foresight; foreknowledge; if one had known earlier,...

早知道 早知道 zao3 zhi1 dao5
If I had known earlier...

早知今日何必当初 早知今日何必當初 zao3 zhi1 jin1 ri4 he2 bi4 dang1 chu1
if I (you, she, he...) had known it would come to this, I (you, she, he...) would not have acted thus (idiom); to regret vainly one's past behavior

长知识 長知識 zhang3 zhi1 shi5
to acquire knowledge

真知 真知 zhen1 zhi1
real knowledge

真知灼见 真知灼見 zhen1 zhi1 zhuo2 jian4
penetrating insight

知彼知己 知彼知己 zhi1 bi3 zhi1 ji3
to know the enemy and know oneself (idiom, from Sunzi's "The Art of War")

知彼知己,百战不殆 知彼知己,百戰不殆 zhi1 bi3 zhi1 ji3 - bai3 zhan4 bu4 dai4
knowing the enemy and yourself will get you unscathed through a hundred battles (idiom, from Sunzi's "The Art of War")

知耻 知恥 zhi1 chi3
to have a sense of shame

知错能改 知錯能改 zhi1 cuo4 neng2 gai3
to recognize one's mistakes and be able to reform oneself (idiom)

知道 知道 zhi1 dao4
to know; to become aware of; also pr.

知道了 知道了 zhi1 dao4 le5
OK!; Got it!

知恩不报 知恩不報 zhi1 en1 bu4 bao4

知法犯法 知法犯法 zhi1 fa3 fan4 fa3
to know the law and break it (idiom); consciously going against the rules

知府 知府 zhi1 fu3
prefectural magistrate (during Tang to Qing times)

知更鸟 知更鳥 zhi1 geng1 niao3
redbreast; robin

知过改过 知過改過 zhi1 guo4 gai3 guo4
to acknowledge one's faults and correct them (idiom)

知会 知會 zhi1 hui4
to inform; to tell; to notify; notification

知己 知己 zhi1 ji3
to know oneself; to be intimate or close; intimate friend

知己知彼 知己知彼 zhi1 ji3 zhi1 bi3
know yourself, know your enemy (idiom, from Sunzi's "The Art of War" 孫子兵法|孙子兵法)

知己知彼,百战不殆 知己知彼,百戰不殆 zhi1 ji3 zhi1 bi3 - bai3 zhan4 bu4 dai4
know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated (idiom, from Sunzi's "The Art of War" 孫子兵法|孙子兵法)

知交 知交 zhi1 jiao1
intimate friend

知觉 知覺 zhi1 jue2
perception; consciousness

知觉解体 知覺解體 zhi1 jue2 jie3 ti3
perceptual separability

知觉力 知覺力 zhi1 jue2 li4
ability to perceive; perceptivity; sentience

知冷知热 知冷知熱 zhi1 leng3 zhi1 re4
to know whether others are cold or hot (idiom); to be very considerate

知礼 知禮 zhi1 li3
to be well-mannered

知了 知了 zhi1 liao3
cicada (onom.)

知名 知名 zhi1 ming2
well-known; famous

知名度 知名度 zhi1 ming2 du4
reputation; profile; familiarity in the public consciousness

知名人士 知名人士 zhi1 ming2 ren2 shi4
public figure; celebrity

知母 知母 zhi1 mu3
Anemarrhena asphodeloides; rhyzome of Anemarrhena (used in TCM)

知难而退 知難而退 zhi1 nan2 er2 tui4
to sound out the difficulties and retreat to avoid defeat (idiom); fig. to back out of an awkward situation; to get out on finding out what it's really like

知其不可而为之 知其不可而為之 zhi1 qi2 bu4 ke3 er2 wei2 zhi1
to keep going resolutely despite knowing the task is impossible (idiom)

知其然而不知其所以然 知其然而不知其所以然 zhi1 qi2 ran2 er2 bu4 zhi1 qi2 suo3 yi3 ran2
to know that it is so but not why it is so (idiom)

知悭识俭 知慳識儉 zhi1 qian1 shi2 jian3
to know how to be economical (idiom)

知青 知青 zhi1 qing1
educated youth (sent to work in farms during cultural revolution)

知情 知情 zhi1 qing2
to know the facts; to understand; to be familiar with the situation

知情达理 知情達理 zhi1 qing2 da2 li3
see 通情達理|通情达理

知情人 知情人 zhi1 qing2 ren2
person in the know; insider; informed source

知情同意 知情同意 zhi1 qing2 tong2 yi4
informed consent

知趣 知趣 zhi1 qu4
to act tactfully; tactful; discreet

知人善任 知人善任 zhi1 ren2 shan4 ren4
expert at appointing people according to their abilities (idiom); to put the right people in the right places

知人善用 知人善用 zhi1 ren2 shan4 yong4
see 知人善任

知人者智,自知者明 知人者智,自知者明 zhi1 ren2 zhe3 zhi4 - zi4 zhi1 zhe3 ming2
those who understand others are clever, but those who know themselves are truly wise (idiom, from Laozi's 道德經|道德经

知人知面不知心 知人知面不知心 zhi1 ren2 zhi1 mian4 bu4 zhi1 xin1
one may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature (idiom)

知识论 知識論 zhi1 shi2 lun4

知识 知識 zhi1 shi5
knowledge; intellectual

知识宝库 知識寶庫 zhi1 shi5 bao3 ku4
treasure house of knowledge

知识产权 知識產權 zhi1 shi5 chan3 quan2
intellectual property rights (law)

知识分子 知識分子 zhi1 shi5 fen4 zi3
intellectual; intelligentsia; learned person

知识工程师 知識工程師 zhi1 shi5 gong1 cheng2 shi1
knowledge worker

知识界 知識界 zhi1 shi5 jie4
intellectual circles; intelligentsia

知识库 知識庫 zhi1 shi5 ku4
knowledge base

知识越多越反动 知識越多越反動 zhi1 shi5 yue4 duo1 yue4 fan3 dong4
the more knowledgeable, the more reactionary (absurd anti-intellectual slogan attributed after the event to the Gang of Four 四人幫|四人帮)

知书达理 知書達理 zhi1 shu1 da2 li3
educated and well-balanced (idiom)

知无不言,言无不尽 知無不言,言無不盡 zhi1 wu2 bu4 yan2 - yan2 wu2 bu4 jin4
not hiding anything he knows, not stopping before he has said it through (idiom); frank; outspoken

知悉 知悉 zhi1 xi1
to know; to be informed of

知县 知縣 zhi1 xian4
county head magistrate (old)

知晓 知曉 zhi1 xiao3
to know; to understand

知心 知心 zhi1 xin1
caring; intimate

知易行难 知易行難 zhi1 yi4 xing2 nan2
easy to grasp but difficult to put into practice (idiom); easier said than done

知音 知音 zhi1 yin1
intimate friend; soul mate

知遇之恩 知遇之恩 zhi1 yu4 zhi1 en1
lit. the kindness of recognizing sb's worth and employing him (idiom); patronage; protection

知之甚微 知之甚微 zhi1 zhi1 shen4 wei1
to know very little about

知州 知州 zhi1 zhou1
senior provincial government official in dynastic China

知子莫若父 知子莫若父 zhi1 zi3 mo4 ruo4 fu4
nobody understands one's son better than his father (idiom)

知足 知足 zhi1 zu2
content with one's situation; to know contentment (hence happiness)

知足常乐 知足常樂 zhi1 zu2 chang2 le4
satisfied with what one has (idiom)

只知其一,不知其二 只知其一,不知其二 zhi3 zhi1 qi2 yi1 - bu4 zhi1 qi2 er4
to know the first, but not know the second (idiom); only partial information

众所周知 眾所周知 zhong4 suo3 zhou1 zhi1
as everyone knows (idiom)

众所周知 眾所週知 zhong4 suo3 zhou1 zhi1
see 眾所周知|众所周知

周知 周知 zhou1 zhi1
well known

自知理亏 自知理虧 zi4 zhi1 li3 kui1
to know that one is in the wrong (idiom)

自知之明 自知之明 zi4 zhi1 zhi1 ming2
knowing oneself (idiom); self-knowledge