to build by laying bricks or stones

strokes 9
strokes after radical 4
堆砌 堆砌 dui1 qi4
lit. to pile up (bricks); to pack; fig. to pad out (writing with fancy phrases); ornate rhetoric

垒砌 壘砌 lei3 qi4
to build a structure out of layered bricks or stones

铺砌 鋪砌 pu1 qi4
to pave

砌层 砌層 qi4 ceng2
course (i.e. building layer)

砌长城 砌長城 qi4 chang2 cheng2
(coll.) to play mahjong

砌词捏控 砌詞捏控 qi4 ci2 nie1 kong4
to make an accusation based on fabricated evidence (idiom)

砌合 砌合 qi4 he2
bond (in building)

砌合法 砌合法 qi4 he2 fa3
bond (in building)

砌基脚 砌基腳 qi4 ji1 jiao3
foundation (for building a wall); footing

砌块 砌塊 qi4 kuai4
building block

砌路 砌路 qi4 lu4

砌体 砌體 qi4 ti3

砌砖 砌磚 qi4 zhuan1
to lay bricks; bricklaying

砌砖工 砌磚工 qi4 zhuan1 gong1

砌末 砌末 qie4 mo5
variant of 切末

石砌 石砌 shi2 qi4
stone steps