to chop; to cut down; to throw sth at sb

strokes 9
strokes after radical 4
砍大山 砍大山 kan3 da4 shan1
to chat (1980s Beijing slang); to chew the fat

砍刀 砍刀 kan3 dao1

砍断 砍斷 kan3 duan4
to chop off

砍伐 砍伐 kan3 fa2
to hew; to cut down

砍价 砍價 kan3 jia4
to bargain; to cut or beat down a price

砍杀 砍殺 kan3 sha1
to attack with a bladed weapon

砍伤 砍傷 kan3 shang1
to wound with a blade or hatchet; to slash; to gash

砍树 砍樹 kan3 shu4
to chop wood; to chop down trees

砍死 砍死 kan3 si3
to hack to death; to kill with an ax

砍头 砍頭 kan3 tou2
to decapitate; to behead

砍头不过风吹帽 砍頭不過風吹帽 kan3 tou2 bu4 guo4 feng1 chui1 mao4
to regard decapitation as no more important than the wind blowing off your hat (idiom)

滥砍滥伐 濫砍濫伐 lan4 kan3 lan4 fa2
wanton destruction of forested lands