ancient stone acupuncture needle; to criticize; to pierce

strokes 9
strokes after radical 5
砭骨 砭骨 bian1 gu3
to be extremely cold or painful

砭灸 砭灸 bian1 jiu3
see 砭灸術|砭灸术

砭灸术 砭灸術 bian1 jiu3 shu4
acupuncture and moxibustion (Chinese medicine)

砭石 砭石 bian1 shi2
stone needle used in acupuncture

砭针 砭針 bian1 zhen1
remonstrance; admonition

攻砭 攻砭 gong1 bian1
to perform acupuncture

痛砭 痛砭 tong4 bian1
to strongly criticize

痛砭时弊 痛砭時弊 tong4 bian1 shi2 bi4
to strongly criticize the evils of the day

针砭 針砭 zhen1 bian1
to critique; to voice concerns about; ancient form of acupuncture using sharp stones as needles