hard; stiff; strong; firm; resolutely; doggedly; good (quality); able (person)

strokes 12
strokes after radical 7
霸王硬上弓 霸王硬上弓 ba4 wang2 ying4 shang4 gong1
to force oneself upon sb (idiom); to rape

白头硬尾鸭 白頭硬尾鴨 bai2 tou2 ying4 wei3 ya1
(bird species of China) white-headed duck (Oxyura leucocephala)

变硬 變硬 bian4 ying4
to stiffen

冰硬 冰硬 bing1 ying4
frozen solid

吃软不吃硬 吃軟不吃硬 chi1 ruan3 bu4 chi1 ying4
lit. eats soft food, but refuses hard food (idiom); amenable to coaxing but not coercion

翅膀硬了 翅膀硬了 chi4 bang3 ying4 le5
(of a bird) to have become fully fledged; (fig.) (of a person) to have grown up (and become independent); to be ready to spread one's wings

措辞强硬 措辭強硬 cuo4 ci2 qiang2 ying4

动脉硬化 動脈硬化 dong4 mai4 ying4 hua4
hardening of the arteries; arteriosclerosis

动脉粥样硬化 動脈粥樣硬化 dong4 mai4 zhou1 yang4 ying4 hua4

冻硬 凍硬 dong4 ying4
to freeze solid; frozen stiff

多发性硬化症 多發性硬化症 duo1 fa1 xing4 ying4 hua4 zheng4
multiple sclerosis

服硬 服硬 fu2 ying4
to yield to force

肝硬化 肝硬化 gan1 ying4 hua4

过硬 過硬 guo4 ying4
to have perfect mastery of sth; to be up to the mark

坚硬 堅硬 jian1 ying4
hard; solid

僵硬 僵硬 jiang1 ying4
stiff; rigid

浆硬 漿硬 jiang1 ying4
to starch; to stiffen cloth with starch

来硬的 來硬的 lai2 ying4 de5
to get tough; to use force

强硬 強硬 qiang2 ying4
tough; unyielding; hard-line

强硬立场 強硬立場 qiang2 ying4 li4 chang3
tough position

强硬派 強硬派 qiang2 ying4 pai4
hardline faction; hawks

强硬态度 強硬態度 qiang2 ying4 tai4 du4
unyielding attitude

翘硬 翹硬 qiao4 ying4
hard; erect; to be in erection

软磨硬泡 軟磨硬泡 ruan3 mo2 ying4 pao4
to coax and pester (idiom); to wheedle; to cajole

软硬不吃 軟硬不吃 ruan3 ying4 bu4 chi1
unmoved by force or persuasion

软硬兼施 軟硬兼施 ruan3 ying4 jian1 shi1
use both carrot and stick; use gentle methods and force; an iron hand in a velvet glove

软硬件 軟硬件 ruan3 ying4 jian4
software and hardware

烧硬 燒硬 shao1 ying4
to fire (pottery)

生拉硬拽 生拉硬拽 sheng1 la1 ying4 zhuai4
to drag sb along against his will; to draw a forced analogy

生硬 生硬 sheng1 ying4
stiff; harsh

使硬化 使硬化 shi3 ying4 hua4

死记硬背 死記硬背 si3 ji4 ying4 bei4
to learn by rote; to mechanically memorize

死硬 死硬 si3 ying4
stiff; rigid; obstinate

投硬币 投硬幣 tou2 ying4 bi4
coin-operated; to insert a coin

心硬 心硬 xin1 ying4
hardhearted; callous

血管粥样硬化 血管粥樣硬化 xue4 guan3 zhou1 yang4 ying4 hua4
atherosclerosis; hardening of the arteries

硬邦邦 硬邦邦 ying4 bang1 bang1
very hard

硬梆梆 硬梆梆 ying4 bang1 bang1
variant of 硬邦邦

硬逼 硬逼 ying4 bi1
to pressure; to press; to force; to compel; to push; to coerce; to urge; to impel; to bully into; to be compelled

硬笔 硬筆 ying4 bi3
generic term for hard writing instruments such as quill pens, fountain pens, ball pens and pencils, as opposed to writing brushes

硬币 硬幣 ying4 bi4

硬币坯 硬幣坯 ying4 bi4 pi1
coin blank

硬撑 硬撐 ying4 cheng1
to make oneself do sth in spite of adversity, pain etc

硬磁盘 硬磁盤 ying4 ci2 pan2
hard drive; hard disk

硬碟 硬碟 ying4 die2
(Tw) hard disk; hard drive

硬顶跑车 硬頂跑車 ying4 ding3 pao3 che1
sports coupé (car)

硬度 硬度 ying4 du4

硬干 硬幹 ying4 gan4
by brute strength; rashly and forcefully; bull-headed; to work tenaciously with no fear of hardship

硬骨鱼 硬骨魚 ying4 gu3 yu2
bony fishes; Osteichthyes (taxonomic class including most fish)

硬灌 硬灌 ying4 guan4
to force feed

硬汉 硬漢 ying4 han4
man of steel; unyielding, tough guy

硬核 硬核 ying4 he2
hardcore; hard core

硬化 硬化 ying4 hua4
to harden; hardening; sclerosis; fig. to become rigid or inflexible in opinions; to ossify

硬件 硬件 ying4 jian4

硬件平台 硬件平臺 ying4 jian4 ping2 tai2
hardware platform

硬壳 硬殼 ying4 ke2
crust; hard shell

硬壳果 硬殼果 ying4 ke2 guo3
nut; fruit with hard shell

硬来 硬來 ying4 lai2
to use force

硬朗 硬朗 ying4 lang3
robust; healthy

硬领 硬領 ying4 ling3

硬陆 硬陸 ying4 lu4
to have a hard landing (economy)

硬木 硬木 ying4 mu4

硬目标 硬目標 ying4 mu4 biao1
hard target

硬盘 硬盤 ying4 pan2
hard disk

硬碰硬 硬碰硬 ying4 peng4 ying4
to meet force with force; painstaking

硬皮 硬皮 ying4 pi2
crust (of a solidified liquid etc)

硬气 硬氣 ying4 qi4
firm; unyielding; strong-willed

硬蕊 硬蕊 ying4 rui3
hardcore (Tw)

硬生生 硬生生 ying4 sheng1 sheng1
stiff; rigid; inflexible; forcibly

硬实 硬實 ying4 shi2
sturdy; robust

硬石膏 硬石膏 ying4 shi2 gao1
anhydrite CaSO4

硬实力 硬實力 ying4 shi2 li4
hard power (i.e. military and economic power)

硬是 硬是 ying4 shi4
just; simply; stubbornly; really

硬式磁碟机 硬式磁碟機 ying4 shi4 ci2 die2 ji1
hard disk; hard drive

硬水 硬水 ying4 shui3
hard water

硬糖 硬糖 ying4 tang2
hard candy

硬体 硬體 ying4 ti3
(computer) hardware

硬挺 硬挺 ying4 ting3
to endure with all one's will; to hold out; rigid; stiff

硬推 硬推 ying4 tui1
to shove

硬卧 硬臥 ying4 wo4
hard sleeper (a type of sleeper train ticket class with a harder bunk)

硬席 硬席 ying4 xi2
hard seat (on trains)

硬性 硬性 ying4 xing4
rigid; inflexible; hard (drug)

硬要 硬要 ying4 yao4
firmly set on doing sth; to insist on doing; determined in one's course of action

硬扎 硬扎 ying4 zha1
strong; sturdy; awesome

硬着头皮 硬著頭皮 ying4 zhe5 tou2 pi2
to brace oneself to do sth; to put a bold face on it; to summon up courage; to force oneself to

硬正 硬正 ying4 zheng4
staunchly honest

硬脂酸 硬脂酸 ying4 zhi1 suan1
stearic acid; stearate

硬脂酸钙 硬脂酸鈣 ying4 zhi1 suan1 gai4
calcium stearate

硬纸 硬紙 ying4 zhi3
cardboard; stiff paper

硬座 硬座 ying4 zuo4
hard seat (on trains or boats)

粥样硬化 粥樣硬化 zhou1 yang4 ying4 hua4
atherosclerosis; hardening of the arteries

煮硬 煮硬 zhu3 ying4
to hard-boil (eggs)

嘴硬 嘴硬 zui3 ying4
reluctant to admit a mistake

嘴硬心软 嘴硬心軟 zui3 ying4 xin1 ruan3
see 刀子嘴,豆腐心