variant of 確|确; variant of 埆

authenticated; solid; firm; real; true

strokes 12
strokes after radical 7
不明确 不明確 bu4 ming2 que4
indefinite; unclear

不确定性原理 不確定性原理 bu4 que4 ding4 xing4 yuan2 li3
Heisenberg's uncertainty principle (1927)

不确实 不確實 bu4 que4 shi2

不正确 不正確 bu4 zheng4 que4
incorrect; erroneous

不准确 不準確 bu4 zhun3 que4

的确 的確 di2 que4
really; indeed

的确良 的確良 di2 que4 liang2
dacron (loanword)

精确 精確 jing1 que4
accurate; precise

精确度 精確度 jing1 que4 du4
accuracy; precision

明确 明確 ming2 que4
clear-cut; definite; explicit; to clarify; to specify; to make definite

千真万确 千真萬確 qian1 zhen1 wan4 que4
absolutely true (idiom); manifold; true from many points of view

确保 確保 que4 bao3
to ensure; to guarantee

确定 確定 que4 ding4
definite; certain; fixed; to fix (on sth); to determine; to be sure; to ensure; to make certain; to ascertain; to clinch; to recognize; to confirm; OK (on computer dialog box)

确定效应 確定效應 que4 ding4 xiao4 ying4
deterministic effect

确定性 確定性 que4 ding4 xing4

确乎 確乎 que4 hu1
for sure

确立 確立 que4 li4
to establish; to institute

确切 確切 que4 qie4
definite; exact; precise

确认 確認 que4 ren4
to confirm; to verify; confirmation

确山 確山 que4 shan1
Queshan county in Zhumadian 駐馬店|驻马店, Henan

确山县 確山縣 que4 shan1 xian4
Queshan county in Zhumadian 駐馬店|驻马店, Henan

确实 確實 que4 shi2
indeed; really; reliable; real; true

确是 確是 que4 shi4

确信 確信 que4 xin4
to be convinced; to be sure; to firmly believe; to be positive that; definite news

确有其事 確有其事 que4 you3 qi2 shi4
(confirm to be) true; authentic

确凿 確鑿 que4 zao2
definite; conclusive; undeniable; authentic; also pr.

确凿不移 確鑿不移 que4 zao2 bu4 yi2
established and irrefutable (idiom)

确诊 確診 que4 zhen3
to make a definite diagnosis

确证 確證 que4 zheng4
to prove; to confirm; to corroborate; convincing proof

上确界 上確界 shang4 que4 jie4
supremum (math.); least upper bound

未确定 未確定 wei4 que4 ding4

下确界 下確界 xia4 que4 jie4
infimum (math.); greatest lower bound

小确幸 小確幸 xiao3 que4 xing4
sth small that one can find pleasure in (e.g. a cold beer after a hard day or a serendipitous find in a second-hand store)

真确 真確 zhen1 que4

正确 正確 zheng4 que4
correct; proper

正确处理 正確處理 zheng4 que4 chu3 li3
to handle correctly

正确处理人民内部矛盾 正確處理人民內部矛盾 zheng4 que4 chu3 li3 ren2 min2 nei4 bu4 mao2 dun4
On the correct handling of internal contradictions among the people, Mao Zedong's tract of 1957

正确路线 正確路線 zheng4 que4 lu4 xian4
correct line (i.e. the party line)

准确 準確 zhun3 que4
accurate; exact; precise

准确性 準確性 zhun3 que4 xing4