to hinder; to obstruct; to block

strokes 13
strokes after radical 8
碍口 礙口 ai4 kou3
to shy to speak out; tongue-tied; to hesitate; too embarrassing for words

碍口识羞 礙口識羞 ai4 kou3 shi2 xiu1
tongue-tied for fear of embarrassment (idiom)

碍面子 礙面子 ai4 mian4 zi5
(not do sth) for fear of offending sb

碍难 礙難 ai4 nan2
inconvenient; difficult for some reason; to find sth embarrassing

碍难从命 礙難從命 ai4 nan2 cong2 ming4
difficult to obey orders (idiom); much to my embarrassment, I am unable to comply

碍事 礙事 ai4 shi4
(usu used in the negative) to be of importance or to matter; to be in the way; to be a hindrance

碍手碍脚 礙手礙腳 ai4 shou3 ai4 jiao3
to be in the way; to be a hindrance

碍胃口 礙胃口 ai4 wei4 kou3
to impair the appetite

碍眼 礙眼 ai4 yan3
to be an irksome presence (i.e. sth or sb one wishes were not there)

边缘性人格障碍 邊緣性人格障礙 bian1 yuan2 xing4 ren2 ge2 zhang4 ai4
borderline personality disorder (BPD)

勃起功能障碍 勃起功能障礙 bo2 qi3 gong1 neng2 zhang4 ai4
erectile dysfunction (ED)

妨碍 妨礙 fang2 ai4
to hinder; to obstruct

妨碍球 妨礙球 fang2 ai4 qiu2
stymie (golf)

分裂情感性障碍 分裂情感性障礙 fen1 lie4 qing2 gan3 xing4 zhang4 ai4
schizoaffective disorder

挂碍 掛礙 gua4 ai4

身心障碍 身心障礙 shen1 xin1 zhang4 ai4

水障碍 水障礙 shui3 zhang4 ai4
water hazard (golf)

违碍 違礙 wei2 ai4
taboo; prohibition

文化障碍 文化障礙 wen2 hua4 zhang4 ai4
cultural barrier

无碍 無礙 wu2 ai4
without inconvenience; unimpeded; unhindered; unobstructed; unfettered; unhampered

性别认同障碍 性別認同障礙 xing4 bie2 ren4 tong2 zhang4 ai4
gender identity disorder (GID); gender dysphoria

性同一性障碍 性同一性障礙 xing4 tong2 yi1 xing4 zhang4 ai4
gender identity disorder

语言障碍 語言障礙 yu3 yan2 zhang4 ai4
language barrier; speech impediment

阅读障碍 閱讀障礙 yue4 du2 zhang4 ai4

障碍 障礙 zhang4 ai4
barrier; obstruction; hindrance; impediment; obstacle

障碍滑雪 障礙滑雪 zhang4 ai4 hua2 xue3
to slalom; slalom

障碍物 障礙物 zhang4 ai4 wu4
obstacle; hindrance

障碍性贫血 障礙性貧血 zhang4 ai4 xing4 pin2 xue4
aplastic anemia (med.)

智能障碍 智能障礙 zhi4 neng2 zhang4 ai4
intellectual disability; cognitive disability; learning disability; mental retardation

阻碍 阻礙 zu3 ai4
to obstruct; to hinder; to block; obstruction; hindrance