to break down; to break into pieces; fragmentary

strokes 13
strokes after radical 8
掰开揉碎 掰開揉碎 bai1 kai1 rou2 sui4
lit. to pull apart and knead to a pulp; fig. to analyze minutely from every angle; to chew sth over

不碎玻璃 不碎玻璃 bu4 sui4 bo1 li5
shatterproof or safety glass

打碎 打碎 da3 sui4
to shatter; to smash; to break into pieces

捣碎 搗碎 dao3 sui4
to pound into pieces; to mash

剁碎 剁碎 duo4 sui4
to mince

放射性碎片 放射性碎片 fang4 she4 xing4 sui4 pian4
radioactive debris

粉身碎骨 粉身碎骨 fen3 shen1 sui4 gu3
lit. torn body and crushed bones (idiom); fig. to die horribly; to sacrifice one's life

粉碎 粉碎 fen3 sui4
to crush; to smash; to shatter

粉碎机 粉碎機 fen3 sui4 ji1
pulverizer; grinder

狗杂碎 狗雜碎 gou3 za2 sui4
piece of shit; scumbag

火成碎屑 火成碎屑 huo3 cheng2 sui4 xie4

火山碎屑流 火山碎屑流 huo3 shan1 sui4 xie4 liu2
pyroclastic flow

鸡零狗碎 雞零狗碎 ji1 ling2 gou3 sui4
in pieces

击碎 擊碎 ji1 sui4
to smash to pieces

裂变碎片 裂變碎片 lie4 bian4 sui4 pian4
fission fragment

零打碎敲 零打碎敲 ling2 da3 sui4 qiao1
to do things in bits and pieces (idiom); piecemeal work

零敲碎打 零敲碎打 ling2 qiao1 sui4 da3
to do things in bits and pieces (idiom); piecemeal work

零碎 零碎 ling2 sui4
scattered and fragmentary; scraps; odds and ends

磨碎 磨碎 mo4 sui4
to grind up

碾碎 碾碎 nian3 sui4
to pulverize; to crush

宁为玉碎,不为瓦全 寧為玉碎,不為瓦全 ning4 wei2 yu4 sui4 - bu4 wei2 wa3 quan2
Better broken jade than intact tile.; Death is preferable to dishonor. (idiom)

弄碎 弄碎 nong4 sui4
to crumble

破碎 破碎 po4 sui4
to smash to pieces; to shatter

七零八碎 七零八碎 qi1 ling2 ba1 sui4
bits and pieces; scattered fragments

切碎 切碎 qie1 sui4
to chop

揉碎 揉碎 rou2 sui4
to crush; to crumble into pieces

散碎 散碎 san3 sui4
in fragments

撕碎 撕碎 si1 sui4
to tear to shreds

碎冰船 碎冰船 sui4 bing1 chuan2
ice breaker; same as 冰船

碎步 碎步 sui4 bu4
small quick steps

碎布条 碎布條 sui4 bu4 tiao2

碎催 碎催 sui4 cui1

碎掉 碎掉 sui4 diao4
to drop and smash; broken

碎块 碎塊 sui4 kuai4

碎块儿 碎塊兒 sui4 kuai4 er5
erhua variant of 碎塊|碎块

碎裂 碎裂 sui4 lie4
to disintegrate; to shatter into small pieces

碎末 碎末 sui4 mo4
flecks; particles; bits; fine powder

碎念 碎念 sui4 nian4
see 碎碎念

碎片 碎片 sui4 pian4
chip; fragment; splinter; tatter

碎片整理 碎片整理 sui4 pian4 zheng3 li3
defragmentation (computing)

碎肉 碎肉 sui4 rou4
ground meat; mincemeat

碎尸 碎屍 sui4 shi1
dismembered body

碎石 碎石 sui4 shi2
crushed or broken rock, stone etc

碎碎念 碎碎念 sui4 sui4 nian4
to sound like a broken record; to prattle; to nag; to mutter

碎屑 碎屑 sui4 xie4
fragments; particles

碎屑沉积物 碎屑沉積物 sui4 xie4 chen2 ji1 wu4
clastic sediment

碎屑岩 碎屑岩 sui4 xie4 yan2
clastic rock (geology)

碎心裂胆 碎心裂膽 sui4 xin1 lie4 dan3
in mortal fear (idiom)

碎纸机 碎紙機 sui4 zhi3 ji1
paper shredder

碎钻 碎鑽 sui4 zuan4
small diamonds; melee (small diamonds used in embellishing mountings for larger gems); splints (sharp-pointed diamond splinters); clatersal (small diamond splints from which diamond powder is produced by crushing)

琐碎 瑣碎 suo3 sui4
trifling; trivial; tedious; inconsequential

细碎 細碎 xi4 sui4
fragments; bits and pieces

闲言碎语 閑言碎語 xian2 yan2 sui4 yu3
idle gossip; irrelevant nonsense; slanderous rumor

心碎 心碎 xin1 sui4
heartbroken; extreme depth of sorrow

压不碎 壓不碎 ya1 bu5 sui4
crushproof; unbreakable; indomitable

压碎 壓碎 ya1 sui4
to crush

易碎 易碎 yi4 sui4
brittle; fragile

杂碎 雜碎 za2 sui4
offal; mixed entrails; trivial matters

砸碎 砸碎 za2 sui4
to pulverize; to smash to bits

炸碎 炸碎 zha4 sui4
to destroy in an explosion; to break (by bombing)

支离破碎 支離破碎 zhi1 li2 po4 sui4
scattered and smashed (idiom)