variant of 碰

to touch; to meet with; to bump

old variant of 碰

strokes 13
strokes after radical 8
触碰 觸碰 chu4 peng4
to touch; (fig.) to touch on (a matter)

单方过失碰撞 單方過失碰撞 dan1 fang1 guo4 shi1 peng4 zhuang4
collision in which only one party is at fault

对对碰 對對碰 dui4 dui4 peng4
concentration (a pair-matching game)

磕碰 磕碰 ke1 peng4
to knock against; to bump into; to have a disagreement; to clash

门碰 門碰 men2 peng4

碰壁 碰壁 peng4 bi4
to hit a wall; fig. to run up against a snag

碰触 碰觸 peng4 chu4
to touch

碰磁 碰磁 peng4 ci2
variant of 碰瓷|碰瓷

碰瓷 碰瓷 peng4 ci2
a currently widespread fraud in PRC involving deliberately crashing cars then demanding compensation

碰瓷儿 碰瓷兒 peng4 ci2 er5
erhua variant of 碰瓷|碰瓷

碰倒 碰倒 peng4 dao3
to knock sth over

碰到 碰到 peng4 dao4
to come across; to run into; to meet; to hit

碰钉子 碰釘子 peng4 ding1 zi5
to meet with a rebuff

碰击 碰擊 peng4 ji1
to knock against; to knock together; to rattle

碰见 碰見 peng4 jian4
to run into; to meet (unexpectedly); to bump into

碰面 碰面 peng4 mian4
to meet; to run into (sb); to get together (with sb)

碰碰车 碰碰車 peng4 peng4 che1
bumper car

碰巧 碰巧 peng4 qiao3
by chance; by coincidence; to happen to

碰上 碰上 peng4 shang4
to run into; to come upon; to meet

碰损 碰損 peng4 sun3
bruising (damage to soft fruit etc)

碰头 碰頭 peng4 tou2
to meet; to hold a meeting

碰一鼻子灰 碰一鼻子灰 peng4 yi1 bi2 zi5 hui1
lit. to have one's nose rubbed in the dirt; fig. to meet with a sharp rebuff

碰运气 碰運氣 peng4 yun4 qi5
to try one's luck; to leave sth to chance

碰撞 碰撞 peng4 zhuang4
to collide; collision

碰撞造山 碰撞造山 peng4 zhuang4 zao4 shan1
collisional orogeny; mountain building as a result of continents colliding

瞎猫碰上死耗子 瞎貓碰上死耗子 xia1 mao1 peng4 shang4 si3 hao4 zi5
a blind cat finds a dead mouse (idiom); blind luck

相碰撞 相碰撞 xiang1 peng4 zhuang4
to collide with one another

硬碰硬 硬碰硬 ying4 peng4 ying4
to meet force with force; painstaking