fault; glass fragment; quarrel

strokes 14
strokes after radical 9
冰碴 冰碴 bing1 cha2
ice shards

不对碴儿 不對碴兒 bu4 dui4 cha2 er5
not proper; not fit for the occasion

道碴 道碴 dao4 cha2
(railway) ballast

胡碴 鬍碴 hu2 cha1
beard stubble; Taiwan pr.

接碴 接碴 jie1 cha2
to pursue a conversation; to respond

拉碴 拉碴 la1 cha1
(of beard etc) stubbly; scraggly; unkempt

找碴 找碴 zhao3 cha2
variant of 找茬

找碴儿 找碴兒 zhao3 cha2 er5
to pick a quarrel; to find fault; nitpicking