to rub; to grind; to polish; to sharpen; to wear down; to die out; to waste time; to pester; to insist

grindstone; to grind; to turn round

strokes 16
strokes after radical 11
棒磨机 棒磨機 bang4 mo2 ji1
rod mill

不可磨灭 不可磨滅 bu4 ke3 mo2 mie4

打磨 打磨 da3 mo2
polish; grind

电磨 電磨 dian4 mo4
electric mill (for grinding wheat etc)

耳鬓厮磨 耳鬢廝磨 er3 bin4 si1 mo2
lit. heads rubbing together (idiom); fig. very close relationship

反酷刑折磨公约 反酷刑折磨公約 fan3 ku4 xing2 zhe2 mo2 gong1 yue1
UN convention against torture and cruel treatment (ratified by PRC in 1988)

好事多磨 好事多磨 hao3 shi4 duo1 mo2
the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks (idiom)

角磨机 角磨機 jiao3 mo2 ji1
angle grinder

羯磨 羯磨 jie2 mo2
karma (loanword)

酷刑折磨 酷刑折磨 ku4 xing2 zhe2 mo2
torture and cruel treatment

懒驴上磨屎尿多 懶驢上磨屎尿多 lan3 lv2 shang4 mo4 shi3 niao4 duo1
(proverb) A lazy person will find many excuses to delay working; lit. When a lazy donkey is turning a grindstone, it takes a lot of time off for peeing and pooing

磨擦 磨擦 mo2 ca1
variant of 摩擦

磨蹭 磨蹭 mo2 ceng5
to rub lightly; to move slowly; to dawdle; to dillydally; to pester; to nag

磨齿 磨齒 mo2 chi3
molar tooth

磨杵成针 磨杵成針 mo2 chu3 cheng2 zhen1
to grind an iron bar down to a fine needle (idiom); fig. to persevere in a difficult task; to study diligently

磨穿铁砚 磨穿鐵硯 mo2 chuan1 tie3 yan4
to grind one's way through an ink stone; to persevere in a difficult task (idiom); to study diligently (idiom)

磨床 磨床 mo2 chuang2
grinding machine; grinder

磨刀 磨刀 mo2 dao1
to hone (a knife)

磨刀霍霍 磨刀霍霍 mo2 dao1 huo4 huo4
lit. to sharpen one's sword (idiom); fig. to prepare to attack; to be getting ready for battle

磨刀石 磨刀石 mo2 dao1 shi2
whetstone (for honing knives)

磨得开 磨得開 mo2 de5 kai1
unembarrassed; without fear of impairing personal relation

磨菇 磨菇 mo2 gu5
variant of 蘑菇

磨光 磨光 mo2 guang1
to polish

磨耗 磨耗 mo2 hao4
wear and tear; wearing out by friction

磨合 磨合 mo2 he2
to break in; to wear in

磨机 磨機 mo2 ji1
milling machine

磨唧 磨唧 mo2 ji1
to be very slow; to dawdle

磨脚石 磨腳石 mo2 jiao3 shi2
pumice stone

磨快 磨快 mo2 kuai4
to sharpen; to grind (knife blades)

磨砺 磨礪 mo2 li4
to sharpen on grindstone; to improve oneself by practice

磨练 磨練 mo2 lian4
to temper oneself; to steel oneself; self-discipline; endurance

磨炼 磨煉 mo2 lian4
see 磨練|磨练

磨料 磨料 mo2 liao4
abrasive material

磨灭 磨滅 mo2 mie4
to obliterate; to erase

磨磨蹭蹭 磨磨蹭蹭 mo2 mo2 ceng4 ceng4
to dillydally; slow-going

磨难 磨難 mo2 nan4
a torment; a trial; tribulation; a cross (to bear); well-tried

磨破口舌 磨破口舌 mo2 po4 kou3 she2
incessant complaining

磨破嘴皮 磨破嘴皮 mo2 po4 zui3 pi2
to talk until one is blue in the face

磨破嘴皮子 磨破嘴皮子 mo2 po4 zui3 pi2 zi5
to wear out one's lips (idiom); to talk until one is blue in the face; to repeat again and again

磨起泡 磨起泡 mo2 qi3 pao4
friction blister

磨拳擦掌 磨拳擦掌 mo2 quan2 ca1 zhang3
variant of 摩拳擦掌

磨人 磨人 mo2 ren2
annoying; bothersome; to fret; to be peevish

磨砂 磨砂 mo2 sha1
to scrub with an abrasive; to sand; frosted (e.g. glass)

磨砂膏 磨砂膏 mo2 sha1 gao1
facial scrub

磨砂机 磨砂機 mo2 sha1 ji1
sander; sanding machine

磨石 磨石 mo2 shi2
whetstone; millstone

磨蚀 磨蝕 mo2 shi2
erosion; abrasion

磨石粗砂岩 磨石粗砂岩 mo2 shi2 cu1 sha1 yan2
millstone grit

磨石砂砾 磨石砂礫 mo2 shi2 sha1 li4
millstone grit; coarse sandstone

磨损 磨損 mo2 sun3
wear and tear; abrasion

磨损率 磨損率 mo2 sun3 lv4
attrition rate

磨牙 磨牙 mo2 ya2
to grind one's teeth (during sleep); pointless arguing; (coll.) molar

磨洋工 磨洋工 mo2 yang2 gong1
to idle on the job

磨折 磨折 mo2 zhe2
to torture; to torment

磨制石器 磨製石器 mo2 zhi4 shi2 qi4
a polished stone (neolithic) implement

磨嘴 磨嘴 mo2 zui3
to argue pointlessly; to talk incessant nonsense; to blather

磨嘴皮子 磨嘴皮子 mo2 zui3 pi2 zi5
to wear out the skin of one's teeth (idiom); pointlessly blather; to talk incessant nonsense; blah blah

磨不开 磨不開 mo4 bu4 kai1
to feel embarrassed

磨叨 磨叨 mo4 dao5
to grumble; to chatter

磨豆腐 磨豆腐 mo4 dou4 fu5
to grumble; to chatter away incessantly

磨烦 磨煩 mo4 fan5
to pester; to bother sb incessantly; to delay; to prevaricate

磨坊 磨坊 mo4 fang2

磨坊主 磨坊主 mo4 fang2 zhu3

磨工病 磨工病 mo4 gong1 bing4
grinder's disease; silicosis; also written 矽末病

磨叽 磨嘰 mo4 ji5
(dialect) to dawdle; to waste time; also written 墨跡|墨迹

磨盘 磨盤 mo4 pan2
lower millstone; tray of a mill

磨碎 磨碎 mo4 sui4
to grind up

磨子 磨子 mo4 zi3
mill; grain mill; millstone

耐磨 耐磨 nai4 mo2
wear resistant

碾磨 碾磨 nian3 mo2
to mill; to grind; grinding stone

前磨齿 前磨齒 qian2 mo2 chi3
premolar tooth

切磋琢磨 切磋琢磨 qie1 cuo1 zhuo2 mo2
lit. cutting and polishing (idiom); fig. to learn by exchanging ideas or experiences

球磨 球磨 qiu2 mo2
see 球磨機|球磨机

球磨机 球磨機 qiu2 mo2 ji1
ball mill

揉磨 揉磨 rou2 mo5
to torment; to torture

软磨硬泡 軟磨硬泡 ruan3 mo2 ying4 pao4
to coax and pester (idiom); to wheedle; to cajole

石磨 石磨 shi2 mo4

水磨石 水磨石 shui3 mo2 shi2

水磨沟 水磨溝 shui3 mo4 gou1
Shuimogou district (Uighur: Shuymogu Rayoni) of Urumqi city 烏魯木齊市|乌鲁木齐市, Xinjiang

水磨沟区 水磨溝區 shui3 mo4 gou1 qu1
Shuimogou district (Uighur: Shuymogu Rayoni) of Urumqi city 烏魯木齊市|乌鲁木齐市, Xinjiang

拖磨 拖磨 tuo1 mo2
dawdling; to waste time

细磨刀石 細磨刀石 xi4 mo4 dao1 shi2
whetstone (for honing knives)

现磨 現磨 xian4 mo2
freshly ground

消磨 消磨 xiao1 mo2
to wear down; to sap; to whittle away; to while away; to idle away

消磨时间 消磨時間 xiao1 mo2 shi2 jian1
to kill time

卸磨杀驴 卸磨殺驢 xie4 mo4 sha1 lv2
lit. to kill the donkey when the grinding is done (idiom); to get rid of sb once he has ceased to be useful

研磨 研磨 yan2 mo2
milling; to grind; to polish by grinding; to abrade; whetstone; pestle

研磨材料 研磨材料 yan2 mo2 cai2 liao4
abrasive; grinding material

研磨料 研磨料 yan2 mo2 liao4
abrasive (material)

研磨盘 研磨盤 yan2 mo2 pan2
abrasive disk; sanding disk

有钱能使鬼推磨 有錢能使鬼推磨 you3 qian2 neng2 shi3 gui3 tui1 mo4
lit. money will make the Devil turn millstones (idiom); fig. with money, you can do anything you like

迂磨 迂磨 yu1 mo2
sluggish; delaying

折磨 折磨 zhe2 mo2
to persecute; to torment

只要功夫深,铁杵磨成针 只要功夫深,鐵杵磨成針 zhi3 yao4 gong1 fu5 shen1 - tie3 chu3 mo2 cheng2 zhen1
If you work at it hard enough, you can grind an iron bar into a needle.; cf idiom 磨杵成針|磨杵成针, to grind an iron bar down to a fine needle (idiom); fig. to persevere in a difficult task; to study diligently

转磨 轉磨 zhuan4 mo4
rotary grindstone

琢磨 琢磨 zhuo2 mo2
to carve and polish (jade); to polish and refine a literary work

琢磨 琢磨 zuo2 mo5
to ponder; to mull over; to think through; Taiwan pr.