to show; to reveal

strokes 5
strokes after radical 0
安民告示 安民告示 an1 min2 gao4 shi4
a notice to reassure the public; advance notice (of an agenda)

暗示 暗示 an4 shi4
to hint; to suggest; suggestion; hint

颁示 頒示 ban1 shi4
to make public; to display

标示 標示 biao1 shi4
to indicate

表示 表示 biao3 shi4
to express; to show; to say; to state; to indicate; to mean

表示层 表示層 biao3 shi4 ceng2
presentation layer

表示敬意 表示敬意 biao3 shi4 jing4 yi4
respectful; to show respect

表示式 表示式 biao3 shi4 shi4
expression (math.)

不甘示弱 不甘示弱 bu4 gan1 shi4 ruo4
not to be outdone

阐示 闡示 chan3 shi4
to demonstrate

长度指示符 長度指示符 chang2 du4 zhi3 shi4 fu2
length indicator

出示 出示 chu1 shi4
to show; to take out and show to others; to display

发出指示 發出指示 fa1 chu1 zhi3 shi4
to issue instructions

告示牌 告示牌 gao4 shi4 pai2
notice; placard; signboard

告示 告示 gao4 shi5

公然表示 公然表示 gong1 ran2 biao3 shi4
to state openly

揭示 揭示 jie1 shi4
to show; to make known

警示 警示 jing3 shi4
to warn; to alert; warning; cautionary

静坐抗议示威 靜坐抗議示威 jing4 zuo4 kang4 yi4 shi4 wei1
sit-in protest demonstration

开示 開示 kai1 shi4
to instruct (novices); to preach; to teach; to reveal

来电显示 來電顯示 lai2 dian4 xian3 shi4
caller ID

来示 來示 lai2 shi4
(polite) your letter

例示 例示 li4 shi4
to exemplify

明示 明示 ming2 shi4
to state explicitly; to clearly indicate

默示 默示 mo4 shi4
to hint; to imply; implied; tacit

批示 批示 pi1 shi4
to write comments on a report submitted by a subordinate; written comments from a superior

启示 啟示 qi3 shi4
to reveal; to enlighten; enlightenment; revelation; illumination; moral (of a story etc); lesson

启示录 啟示錄 qi3 shi4 lu4
the Revelation of St John the divine; the Apocalypse

启示者 啟示者 qi3 shi4 zhe3

浅滩指示浮标 淺灘指示浮標 qian3 tan1 zhi3 shi4 fu2 biao1
bar buoy; buoy marking shallows or sandbar

请示 請示 qing3 shi4
to ask for instructions

示波器 示波器 shi4 bo1 qi4
oscillograph; oscilloscope

示恩 示恩 shi4 en1
to show kindness

示范 示範 shi4 fan4
to demonstrate; to show how to do sth; demonstration; a model example

示复 示覆 shi4 fu4
please answer (epistolary style)

示好 示好 shi4 hao3
to express goodwill; to be friendly

示寂 示寂 shi4 ji4
to pass away (of a monk or nun)

示警 示警 shi4 jing3
to warn; a warning sign

示例 示例 shi4 li4
to illustrate; typical example

示例代码 示例代碼 shi4 li4 dai4 ma3
sample code (computing)

示弱 示弱 shi4 ruo4
not to fight back; to take it lying down; to show weakness; to show one's softer side

示威 示威 shi4 wei1
to demonstrate (as a protest); a demonstration; a military show of force

示威游行 示威遊行 shi4 wei1 you2 xing2
(protest) demonstration

示威运动 示威運動 shi4 wei1 yun4 dong4

示威者 示威者 shi4 wei1 zhe3
demonstrator; protester

示现 示現 shi4 xian4
(of a deity) to take a material shape; to appear

示性 示性 shi4 xing4

示性类 示性類 shi4 xing4 lei4
characteristic class (math.)

示意 示意 shi4 yi4
to hint; to indicate (an idea to sb)

示意图 示意圖 shi4 yi4 tu2
sketch; schematic diagram; graph

示众 示眾 shi4 zhong4
to publicly expose

提示 提示 ti2 shi4
to point out; to remind (sb of sth); to suggest; suggestion; tip; reminder; notice

提示承兑 提示承兌 ti2 shi4 cheng2 dui4
to present (a draft) for acceptance (commerce)

提示付款 提示付款 ti2 shi4 fu4 kuan3
to present (a bill of exchange etc) for payment

提示音 提示音 ti2 shi4 yin1

温馨提示 溫馨提示 wen1 xin1 ti2 shi4
Please note:; tip; hint

显示 顯示 xian3 shi4
to show; to illustrate; to display; to demonstrate

显示板 顯示板 xian3 shi4 ban3
information screen

显示卡 顯示卡 xian3 shi4 ka3
graphics card

显示屏 顯示屏 xian3 shi4 ping2
display screen

显示器 顯示器 xian3 shi4 qi4
monitor (computer)

枭首示众 梟首示眾 xiao1 shou3 shi4 zhong4
to behead sb and display the head in public

晓示 曉示 xiao3 shi4
to tell; to notify

宣示 宣示 xuan1 shi4
to vow; to pledge

训示 訓示 xun4 shi4
to admonish; instructions; orders

演示 演示 yan3 shi4
to demonstrate; to show; presentation; demonstration

液晶显示 液晶顯示 ye4 jing1 xian3 shi4
LCD; liquid crystal display

液晶显示器 液晶顯示器 ye4 jing1 xian3 shi4 qi4
liquid crystal display

以示警戒 以示警戒 yi3 shi4 jing3 jie4
to serve as a warning (idiom)

游街示众 遊街示眾 you2 jie1 shi4 zhong4
to parade (a prisoner) through the streets

谕示 諭示 yu4 shi4
to issue a directive; to instruct (that sth be done)

预示 預示 yu4 shi4
to indicate; to foretell; to forebode; to betoken

展示 展示 zhan3 shi4
to reveal; to display; to show; to exhibit sth

昭示 昭示 zhao1 shi4
to declare publicly; to make clear

指示 指示 zhi3 shi4
to point out; to indicate; to instruct; directives; instructions

指示代词 指示代詞 zhi3 shi4 dai4 ci2
demonstrative pronoun

指示符 指示符 zhi3 shi4 fu2

指示剂 指示劑 zhi3 shi4 ji4

指示器 指示器 zhi3 shi4 qi4