to implore; to pray; to request

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
闭会祈祷 閉會祈禱 bi4 hui4 qi2 dao3

开会祈祷 開會祈禱 kai1 hui4 qi2 dao3

祈祷 祈禱 qi2 dao3
to pray; to say one's prayers; prayer

祈福 祈福 qi2 fu2
to pray for blessings

祈福禳灾 祈福禳災 qi2 fu2 rang2 zai1
to pray for luck and sacrifice to avoid disasters (i.e. traditional superstitions)

祈求 祈求 qi2 qiu2
to pray for; to appeal

祈使句 祈使句 qi2 shi3 ju4
imperative sentence

祈望 祈望 qi2 wang4
to hope; to wish; hope; wish; (old) name of an official post

祈仙台 祈仙台 qi2 xian1 tai2
memorial altar; platform for praying to immortals

启应祈祷 啟應祈禱 qi3 ying4 qi2 dao3
Introitus (section of Catholic mass)