to offer sacrifice; festive occasion

surname Zhai

strokes 11
strokes after radical 6
拜祭 拜祭 bai4 ji4
to worship; to observe religious rites; to pay one's respects (to one's ancestors etc)

打牙祭 打牙祭 da3 ya2 ji4
to have a large and sumptuous meal (traditionally on the 1st and 15th of each month)

大祭司 大祭司 da4 ji4 si1
High Priest

奠祭 奠祭 dian4 ji4
pouring of wine on ground for sacrifice

吊祭 弔祭 diao4 ji4
a worship ceremony for the dead; to offer sacrifice (to ancestors); a libation

公祭 公祭 gong1 ji4
public memorial service

祭拜 祭拜 ji4 bai4
to offer sacrifice (to one's ancestors)

祭典 祭典 ji4 dian3
sacrificial ceremony; religious festival

祭奠 祭奠 ji4 dian4
to offer sacrifices (to one's ancestors); to hold or attend a memorial service

祭吊 祭弔 ji4 diao4
to mourn and offer prayers

祭酒 祭酒 ji4 jiu3
to offer a libation; person who performs the libation before a banquet; senior member of a profession; important government post in imperial China

祭孔 祭孔 ji4 kong3
to offer sacrifices to Confucius

祭礼 祭禮 ji4 li3
sacrificial offerings; worship; religious rite

祭品 祭品 ji4 pin3

祭器 祭器 ji4 qi4
ritual dishes; sacrificial vessels

祭赛 祭賽 ji4 sai4
to give sacrifice

祭牲 祭牲 ji4 sheng1
sacrificial animal

祭司 祭司 ji4 si1

祭司权术 祭司權術 ji4 si1 quan2 shu4

祭祀 祭祀 ji4 si4
to offer sacrifices to the gods or ancestors

祭坛 祭壇 ji4 tan2

祭物 祭物 ji4 wu4

祭灶 祭灶 ji4 zao4
to offer sacrifices to the kitchen god

祭祖 祭祖 ji4 zu3
to offer sacrifices to one's ancestors

全烧祭 全燒祭 quan2 shao1 ji4
burnt offering (Judaism)

献祭 獻祭 xian4 ji4
to offer sacrifice

血祭 血祭 xue4 ji4
blood sacrifice; animal sacrifice (to a God or ancestral spirit)

牙祭 牙祭 ya2 ji4
a good meal; sumptuous food

斋祭 齋祭 zhai1 ji4
to offer sacrifices (to gods or ancestors) whilst abstaining from meat, wine etc

主祭 主祭 zhu3 ji4
to perform the sacrificial rites at a funeral