old variant of 禍|祸

disaster; misfortune; calamity

strokes 11
strokes after radical 7
包藏祸心 包藏禍心 bao1 cang2 huo4 xin1
to harbor evil intentions (idiom); concealing malice

苞藏祸心 苞藏禍心 bao1 cang2 huo4 xin1
to harbor evil intentions (idiom); concealing malice

兵连祸结 兵連禍結 bing1 lian2 huo4 jie2
ravaged by successive wars; war-torn; war-ridden

病从口入,祸从口出 病從口入,禍從口出 bing4 cong2 kou3 ru4 - huo4 cong2 kou3 chu1
Illness enters by the mouth, trouble comes out by the mouth (idiom). A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble.

惨祸 慘禍 can3 huo4
terrible tragedy; grave mishap

车祸 車禍 che1 huo4
traffic accident; car crash

闯祸 闖禍 chuang3 huo4
to cause an accident; to make trouble; to get into trouble

戳祸 戳禍 chuo1 huo4
to stir up trouble

大祸 大禍 da4 huo4
disaster; calamity

大祸临头 大禍臨頭 da4 huo4 lin2 tou2
facing imminent catastrophe; calamity looms; all hell will break loose

飞来横祸 飛來橫禍 fei1 lai2 heng4 huo4
sudden and unexpected disaster (idiom)

横祸 橫禍 heng4 huo4
unexpected calamity

红颜祸水 紅顏禍水 hong2 yan2 huo4 shui3
femme fatale

黄祸 黃禍 huang2 huo4
Yellow Peril, political novel by Wang Lixiong 王力雄

黄祸 黃禍 huang2 huo4
yellow peril (offensive term referring to the perceived threat to Western nations, of immigration or military expansion from East Asian nations)

祸不单行 禍不單行 huo4 bu4 dan1 xing2
misfortune does not come singly (idiom); it never rains but it pours

祸不旋踵 禍不旋踵 huo4 bu4 xuan2 zhong3
trouble is never far away (idiom)

祸从口出 禍從口出 huo4 cong2 kou3 chu1
Trouble issues from the mouth (idiom). A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble.

祸福 禍福 huo4 fu2
disaster and happiness

祸福吉凶 禍福吉凶 huo4 fu2 ji2 xiong1
fate; portent; luck or disasters as foretold in the stars (astrology)

祸福无常 禍福無常 huo4 fu2 wu2 chang2
disaster and happiness do not follow rules (idiom); future blessings and misfortunes are unpredictable

祸福与共 禍福與共 huo4 fu2 yu3 gong4
to stick together through thick and thin (idiom)

祸根 禍根 huo4 gen1
root of the trouble; cause of the ruin

祸国殃民 禍國殃民 huo4 guo2 yang1 min2
to damage the country and cause suffering to the people (idiom)

祸害 禍害 huo4 hai4
disaster; harm; scourge; bad person; to damage; to harm; to wreck

祸患 禍患 huo4 huan4
disaster; calamity

祸乱 禍亂 huo4 luan4
calamity and chaos; devastating disorder; great turmoil

祸事 禍事 huo4 shi4
disaster; doom

祸首 禍首 huo4 shou3
chief offender; main culprit

祸首罪魁 禍首罪魁 huo4 shou3 zui4 kui2
main offender, criminal ringleader (idiom); main culprit; fig. main cause of a disaster

祸水 禍水 huo4 shui3
source of calamity (esp. of women)

嫁祸 嫁禍 jia4 huo4
to impute; to shift the blame onto someone else

嫁祸于人 嫁禍於人 jia4 huo4 yu2 ren2
to pass the misfortune on to sb else (idiom); to blame others; to pass the buck

罹祸 罹禍 li2 huo4
to suffer a disaster; to fall victim to misfortune

奇祸 奇禍 qi2 huo4
unexpected calamity; sudden disaster

惹祸 惹禍 re3 huo4
to stir up trouble; to invite disaster

人祸 人禍 ren2 huo4
human disaster

天有不测风云,人有旦夕祸福 天有不測風雲,人有旦夕禍福 tian1 you3 bu4 ce4 feng1 yun2 - ren2 you3 dan4 xi1 huo4 fu2
fortune as unpredictable as the weather, every day may bring fortune or calamity (idiom); sth unexpected may happen at any moment

天灾人祸 天災人禍 tian1 zai1 ren2 huo4
natural calamities and man-made disasters (idiom)

巫蛊之祸 巫蠱之禍 wu1 gu3 zhi1 huo4
91 BC attempted coup d'etat against Emperor Wu of Han 漢武帝|汉武帝, beginning with accusations of witchcraft

幸灾乐祸 幸災樂禍 xing4 zai1 le4 huo4
lit. to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster (idiom); fig. to rejoice in other people's misfortune; Schadenfreude

因祸得福 因禍得福 yin1 huo4 de2 fu2
to profit from a disaster (idiom); some good comes out of a setback; It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

有福同享,有祸同当 有福同享,有禍同當 you3 fu2 tong2 xiang3 - you3 huo4 tong2 dang1
To enjoy blessings and endure misfortune together (idiom); for better or for worse

灾祸 災禍 zai1 huo4

战祸 戰禍 zhan4 huo4
disaster of war

招灾惹祸 招災惹禍 zhao1 zai1 re3 huo4
to invite disaster

肇祸 肇禍 zhao4 huo4
to cause an accident

罪魁祸首 罪魁禍首 zui4 kui2 huo4 shou3
criminal ringleader, main offender (idiom); main culprit; fig. main cause of a disaster