to prohibit; to forbid

to endure

strokes 13
strokes after radical 8
百无禁忌 百無禁忌 bai3 wu2 jin4 ji4
all taboos are off (idiom); anything goes; nothing is taboo

报禁 報禁 bao4 jin4
restrictions on the publication of newspapers; press restrictions

不禁 不禁 bu4 jin1
can't help (doing sth); can't refrain from

查禁 查禁 cha2 jin4
to prohibit; to ban; to suppress

封禁 封禁 feng1 jin4

关禁闭 關禁閉 guan1 jin4 bi4
to put in detention (a soldier, a pupil)

海禁 海禁 hai3 jin4
prohibition on entering or leaving by sea

呵禁 呵禁 he1 jin4
to berate; to shout loudly

监禁 監禁 jian1 jin4
to imprison; to jail; to take into custody

解禁 解禁 jie3 jin4
to lift a prohibition

禁不起 禁不起 jin1 bu5 qi3
to be unable to stand

禁不住 禁不住 jin1 bu5 zhu4
can't help it; can't bear it

禁受 禁受 jin1 shou4
to stand; to endure

禁地 禁地 jin4 di4
forbidden area; restricted area; (fig.) sth considered off-limits

禁毒 禁毒 jin4 du2
drug prohibition

禁伐 禁伐 jin4 fa2
a ban on logging

禁锢 禁錮 jin4 gu4
to confine; to imprison; prohibition; shackles; fetters

禁果 禁果 jin4 guo3
forbidden fruit

禁忌 禁忌 jin4 ji4
taboo; contraindication (medicine); to abstain from

禁忌语 禁忌語 jin4 ji4 yu3
taboo language

禁见 禁見 jin4 jian4
to deny a detainee visitation privileges

禁戒 禁戒 jin4 jie4
to abstain from; to prohibit (certain foods etc)

禁酒 禁酒 jin4 jiu3
prohibition; ban on alcohol; dry law

禁酒令 禁酒令 jin4 jiu3 ling4
prohibition; ban on alcohol

禁绝 禁絕 jin4 jue2
to totally prohibit; to put an end to

禁军 禁軍 jin4 jun1
imperial guard

禁令 禁令 jin4 ling4
prohibition; ban

禁脔 禁臠 jin4 luan2
exclusive property; forbidden domain

禁品 禁品 jin4 pin3
contraband goods

禁区 禁區 jin4 qu1
restricted area; forbidden region

禁食 禁食 jin4 shi2
to fast; to abstain from eating; to forbid the eating of (certain foods); a fast

禁书 禁書 jin4 shu1
banned book

禁卫军 禁衛軍 jin4 wei4 jun1
imperial guard

禁烟 禁煙 jin4 yan1
to ban smoking; to quit smoking; to prohibit cooking; prohibition on opium (esp. in China from 1729)

禁演 禁演 jin4 yan3
to prohibit performance

禁药 禁藥 jin4 yao4
drugs ban (e.g. for athletes)

禁夜 禁夜 jin4 ye4

禁用 禁用 jin4 yong4
to prohibit the use of sth; prohibition on use

禁渔 禁漁 jin4 yu2
ban on fishing

禁语 禁語 jin4 yu3
taboo (word); unmentionable word

禁欲 禁慾 jin4 yu4
to suppress desire; self-restraint; asceticism

禁欲主义 禁慾主義 jin4 yu4 zhu3 yi4

禁运 禁運 jin4 yun4
embargo; export ban (e.g. on weapons)

禁止 禁止 jin4 zhi3
to prohibit; to forbid; to ban

禁止核武器试验条约 禁止核武器試驗條約 jin4 zhi3 he2 wu3 qi4 shi4 yan4 tiao2 yue1
nuclear test ban treaty

禁止令行 禁止令行 jin4 zhi3 ling4 xing2
see 令行禁止

禁止驶入 禁止駛入 jin4 zhi3 shi3 ru4
Do not enter! (road sign)

禁止外出 禁止外出 jin4 zhi3 wai4 chu1
to forbid sb to go out; to curfew; to ground (as disciplinary measure)

禁止吸烟 禁止吸煙 jin4 zhi3 xi1 yan1
No smoking!

禁制 禁制 jin4 zhi4
to control; to restrict; to prohibit; prohibition; restriction

禁制令 禁制令 jin4 zhi4 ling4
prohibition; ban; law forbidding sth

禁足 禁足 jin4 zu2
to forbid sb to go out; to confine to one location (e.g. student, soldier, prisoner, monk etc); to ground (as disciplinary measure); to gate; to curfew; restriction on movement; ban on visiting a place; out of bounds; off limits; caveat

拘禁 拘禁 ju1 jin4
constraint; to detain; to take into custody

开禁 開禁 kai1 jin4
to lift a ban; to lift a curfew

令行禁止 令行禁止 ling4 xing2 jin4 zhi3
lit. if he orders you go, he forbids you stop (idiom); fig. to demand exact compliance with instructions; to ensure strictly obedience

屡禁不绝 屢禁不絕 lv3 jin4 bu4 jue2
to continue despite repeated prohibition (idiom)

屡禁不止 屢禁不止 lv3 jin4 bu4 zhi3
to continue despite repeated prohibition (idiom)

门禁 門禁 men2 jin4
guarded entrance

情不自禁 情不自禁 qing2 bu4 zi4 jin1
unable to restrain emotions; cannot help

囚禁 囚禁 qiu2 jin4
to imprison; captivity

取消禁令 取消禁令 qu3 xiao1 jin4 ling4
to lift a prohibition; to lift a ban

全面禁止 全面禁止 quan2 mian4 jin4 zhi3
complete prohibition; total ban

全面禁止核试验条约 全面禁止核試驗條約 quan2 mian4 jin4 zhi3 he2 shi4 yan4 tiao2 yue1
Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

忍俊不禁 忍俊不禁 ren3 jun4 bu4 jin1
cannot help laughing; unable to restrain a smile

软禁 軟禁 ruan3 jin4
house arrest

弱不禁风 弱不禁風 ruo4 bu4 jin1 feng1
too weak to stand up to the wind (idiom); extremely delicate; fragile state of health

失禁 失禁 shi1 jin4
(urinary or fecal) incontinence

网禁 網禁 wang3 jin4
Internet censorship

违禁 違禁 wei2 jin4
to violate a prohibition or ban; prohibited; illicit

违禁药品 違禁藥品 wei2 jin4 yao4 pin3
illegal medicines

武器禁运 武器禁運 wu3 qi4 jin4 yun4
embargo on arms sale

喜不自禁 喜不自禁 xi3 bu4 zi4 jin1
unable to contain one's joy (idiom)

宵禁 宵禁 xiao1 jin4
night curfew

性禁忌 性禁忌 xing4 jin4 ji4
sexual taboo

严禁 嚴禁 yan2 jin4
to strictly prohibit

幽禁 幽禁 you1 jin4
to imprison; to place under house arrest

终身监禁 終身監禁 zhong1 shen1 jian1 jin4
life sentence

紫禁城 紫禁城 zi3 jin4 cheng2
the Forbidden City; the Imperial Palace in Beijing; same as 故宮|故宫