second (of time); unit of angle or arc equivalent to one sixtieth of a degree

strokes 9
strokes after radical 4
飞秒 飛秒 fei1 miao3
femtosecond, fs, 10^-15 s

分秒必争 分秒必爭 fen1 miao3 bi4 zheng1
seize every minute and second (idiom); not a minute to lose; every moment counts

毫秒 毫秒 hao2 miao3
millisecond, ms

角秒符号 角秒符號 jiao3 miao3 fu2 hao4
double prime symbol (″) (math., linguistics etc)

每分每秒 每分每秒 mei3 fen1 mei3 miao3
all the time

秒表 秒表 miao3 biao3

秒差距 秒差距 miao3 cha1 ju4
parallax second or parsec or pc, astronomic unit of distance, approx 3.26 light years

秒杀 秒殺 miao3 sha1
(Internet) flash sale; (sports or online gaming) rapid dispatch of an opponent

秒针 秒針 miao3 zhen1
second hand (of a clock)

秒钟 秒鐘 miao3 zhong1
(time) second

纳秒 納秒 na4 miao3
nanosecond, ns, 10^-9 s (PRC); Taiwan equivalent: 奈秒

奈秒 奈秒 nai4 miao3
nanosecond, ns, 10^-9 s (Taiwan); PRC equivalent: 納秒|纳秒

皮秒 皮秒 pi2 miao3
picosecond, ps, 10^-12 s

三秒胶 三秒膠 san1 miao3 jiao1

微秒 微秒 wei1 miao3
microsecond, µs, 10^-6 s

争分夺秒 爭分奪秒 zheng1 fen1 duo2 miao3
lit. fight minutes, snatch seconds (idiom); a race against time; making every second count